An Analasys of Longtail by Sparktooth

Sparktooth takes a closer look at Longtail.

Art by warriorcatsunite

Greetings, bloggers! Once again Sparktooth has written an article. For some random reason, I wanted to write an analysis of a random character who didn’t have big role in the story; but was still important. The first cat who came to my mind was Longtail. So now we have this article.

Poor Longtail. I think this cat had a very rough life. I’ll start when he’s first introduced in the series: the battle when it’’s him against Rusty. Until that time, no kittypet had ever joined any Clan. And ThunderClan had no idea how special Rusty was. So Longtail challenged him, and was surprised by how much warrior instincts Rusty had. As Rusty grew to be a warrior and soon the noble leader Firestar I know and love, Longtail soon respected him. Not to mention, I also know he was one of Tigerstar’s closest supporters…at first. But that changed. Longtail had no idea about Tigerclaw’s scheme, or about Darkstripe taking any part in it. So the betrayal of two of his closest friends must have really left a scar; not all scars are visible on the outside. But Longtail stayed true and remained loyal to his Clan. But Longtail always was loyal to the Clan, and stuck to the warrior code.

“‘But it won’t be as fresh as it is now.’ Darkstripe looked back at the squirrel. ‘And we’ll hunt much better after a decent meal.’ ‘The warrior code says we can’t eat until the elders and kits have been fed,’ Longtail reminded him. His pelt was starting to prickle as if ants were crawling through it. ‘How will any cat know?’ Darkstripe murmured. He narrowed his eyes until they were amber slits. ‘You won’t tell, will you?’ His voice was barely a whisper; Longtail could hardly hear him. ‘I…I…’” -Enter the Clans, pgs. 218-219.
Darkstripe, and Tigerclaw, would scare Longtail into going along. We all know Longtail could be a little cowardly at times. So he would go along with it. But he still was a courageous warrior, and broke free of their harassing. He was also brave enough to face them in battle in The Darkest Hour.

Now to the part where Longtail goes blind. He had to move to the elders den at a really early age, and obviously felt so useless. Let’s not forget he didn’t have a mate or kits, and his parents, Patchpelt and Robinwing, were both dead. So the guy must’ve been very depressed. Longtail felt so useless he even offered to stay with the elders when the Clan was gonna leave to find a new home. I was glad he came along and survived. Longtail lived a nice, peaceful life in the elder’s’ den, and loved telling kits and apprentices stories. I, for one, was really sad when he was killed. And Mousefur took his death very hard. Did the scene make anyone else cry? I feel like I’m the only one lol.

So, I think I’ll stop here. I hope you enjoyed me analyzing Longtail. Should I make another article analyzing a random character? Once again, thank you for reading!

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