Why Tigerclaw’s plan failed by Sparktooth

Sparktooth takes a second look at Tigerclaw’s original plan from the first book, Into the Wild.

Art by Onesoldier

Hey, hey, hey, bloggers! Today Sparktooth proudly presents another article! I was rereading some scenes in Into the Wild for my article about Longtail; and I read the part where we discover Redtail was dead. Since I’ve read almost all of the series, I knew it was the beginning of Tigerclaw’s scheme to become leader, and he would eventually rise to the deadly Tigerstar. But I began to think of the flaws he had in his plan. What were the major mistakes Tigerstar made while using the worst of his ambition to become leader?

*Spoiler Alert* Read at your own risk. Also I’m gonna be calling Tigerstar “Tigerclaw” in this article; because I’m gonna be talking about his plan when he killed Redtail so he could be deputy, and eventually leader.

Tigerclaw should’ve known better than to think he’d be Bluestar’s top pick for the role of deputy. I think we all know Bluestar thought of him as a fearless, courageous warrior, but not the right one to lead ThunderClan. And I’m pretty sure Tigerclaw knew that, too. So had to seem like the top warrior in the Clan to catch Bluestar’s attention.
“‘How did this happen, Tigerclaw?’ Bluestar demanded from her position on the Highrock. Tigerclaw let the scruff of Redtail’s neck fall from his mouth. He looked steadily at Bluestar. ‘He died with honor, struck down by Oakheart. I couldn’t save him, but I managed to take Oakheart’s life while he was still gloating over his victory.’ Tigerclaw’s voice was strong and deep. ‘Redtail’s death was not in vain, for I doubt we’ll see RiverClan hunters in our territory again.’” -Into the Wild, pg. 43.
I have to admit, Tigerclaw had some pretty smart moves in his plan. The way his dialogue is worded in this scene makes him sound very noble. But there’s also a way he said it that made his story sound the smallest bit ‘farfetched.’ Here’s how: We all know about Bluestar’s relationship with Oakheart. Tigerclaw didn’t; but he did know that Bluestar knew Oakheart longer than he did. Bluestar could’ve believed he was stretching the truth when he said “while he was still gloating over his victory.” But she decided it wasn’t worth mentioning, or that it didn’t matter, but it had to be something like that. All I know is that she knew Oakheart a little better than that. Not to mention in the Warrior Code, it states “Victory does not require death.” Tigerclaw killing Oakheart in revenge might’ve made Bluestar feel a little doubtful making him her deputy, too. If I was Tigerclaw, I would’ve changed the story so it sounded like this:

“He died with honor, struck down with Oakheart. They were writhing on the ground fiercely, and crashed into Sunningrocks, sending rocks showering over them. I couldn’t save him, but I managed to dig up his body from under the rocks. Redtail’s death was not in vain, for I doubt we’ll see RiverClan hunters in our territory again.”

*Stunned silence.* See? Doesn’t that sound way better fit for a cat to be deputy? It would make sense in case if RiverClan mentioned finding Oakheart’s body under a heap of rocks. It sounds as though nobody killed anyone. If Tigerclaw worded it a little differently, he could’ve become deputy then and there. But it’s good he made mistakes, or else ThunderClan’s future would not look good.

One last thing before I conclude: Ravenpaw. He witnessed Redtail’s murder, and is Tigerclaw’s apprentice. Tigerclaw scaring the apprentice into not telling was probably his only option besides killing him, and that would certainly be bad. But it was the way he scared Ravenpaw that made his actions too obvious. Firestar certainly noticed when he was an apprentice. When he took Ravenpaw to Barley’s farm so he would be safe, Tigerclaw had a chance to hide what he did. But you know what, he just made it more obvious about his treachery.
“As the rest of the Clan began to melt away back to their dens, Tigerclaw pushed past Fireheart. The ThunderClan deputy slowed as he past and hissed quietly into his ear, ‘Don’t think you can outwit me, kittypet. Be careful what you tell Bluestar.’ A cold shiver ran down Fireheart’s spine.” -Into the Wild, pg. 271.
He could’ve just acted normal and maybe eventually Firestar would’ve thought Ravenpaw had dreamed it or something. But like I said before, it’s good he made mistakes so Fireheart could rise to be Firestar, and Tigerclaw wouldn’t be Tigerstar of ThunderClan. Oh and in the Warrior Code, it said a warrior has to have trained at least one apprentice to become deputy. Tigerclaw wasn’t even finished training Ravenpaw yet! So of course he wouldn’t be Bluestar’s first choice.

So, what would you have done if you were Tigerclaw? Do you agree with the mistakes I pointed out? Thx again! 😀

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