[image description: Silverstream walks in a blue forest with a river beside Millie who walks in a pink forest]

Analyzing Graystripe’s Ships by Sky

Sky looks at the relationships Graystripe developed throughout his life.

Artwork by DrakynWyrm


Today, I will be analyzing two ships: GrayXSilver and GrayXMillie.

As about half of you know, my preferred ship is GrayXSilver, and I prefer the cats in the ship as well.


Silverstream, the often fussed-over single living daughter of Crookedstar, and Graystripe, respected warrior of ThunderClan. Seems like an odd pair, right?

First off – this couple was willing to sacrifice their rank and status in their Clans for each other. If the Clan had found out, Silverstream would be… scorned for life. A leader’s daughter, breaking the code. Graystripe FOUGHT FOR HIS LOVE WITH SILVERSTREAM against his BEST FRIEND.

Secondly, these two just have… A LOT in common, at least personality wise! They’re both kind, clever, slightly obnoxious, sarcastic, and stubborn cats.

Thirdly, Graystripe played a lot more attention and care to his kits with Silverstream than his kits with Millie. In addition, Millie almost looks exactly like Silverstream. Millie, like Poppyfrost, was probably a mate-reminder mate. It’s sad but seems rather true.


First off, I just don’t like the love with these two. They’re like…. friends. Simple friends, barely as close as Firestar and Graystripe.

Secondly, Millie was just a bad mother. Graystripe sorta floated apart with her, silently, when she started being Rainflower2. I get that Briarlight was injured, but that doesn’t give Millie rights to yell and embarrass her daughters! When Blossomfall came out of the tunnels with Ivypool, Whitewing asked Ivypool is she was alright before gently scolding her, while Millie flew off the handle, not even checking to see if Blossomfall was okay. Briarlight doesn’t even need that much attention, and she didn’t want it! If anything, Millie was HURTING Brairlight by fussing over her because Briarlight knew how hurt her siblings were.

Thirdly, Graystripe obviously loved Silverstream’s kits better. I feel like, Millie was Silverstream remembrance, but his kits all looked pretty different from Feathertail and Stormfur.

AND….. that concludes my article! No flaming, please.

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