Were the ancient clans real by Cloudpaw

Cloudpaw wonders if TigerClan, LionClan, and LeopardClan actually existed in far past of the Clans.

Art by Fellsing

Hello everyone! I’m Cloudpaw, and this is my first ever article on BlogClan. Today I’m going to talk about TigerClan, LionClan, and LeopardClan. As we all know, the warriors believe that these three ancient clans once ruled the forest. But are they real?

Beware: SPOILERS FOR DAWN OF THE CLANS AND SOME OTHER BOOKS!!!!!!!!( sorry I wasn’t specific about that. I loose track of what happens in each book sooo…. I’m sorry!!!!!! It’s not my fault I have a bad memory)

Part one: How could they fit in with the storyline?

So. Let’s get to the article already! I don’t understand how these clans could possibly fit in with the storyline in Dawn of the Clans. The cats come from the mountains, to settle in the moor, and eventually separate into SkyClan, ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, and ShadowClan. How could they possibly be descended from lions, leopards, and tigers? As far as I know, they don’t live in mountains. Therefore, it just doesn’t make sense.

I think that the only way that they could be decended from LionClan, LeopardClan and TigerClan is if these ancient clans lived around the lake. That would make more sense, but the cats say that these clans lived in their forest territories. Plus, they didn’t even know about the lake or the mountains. Also, the cats in Dawn of the Clans didn’t mention these clans once. These clans are just not possible.

Part two: Where did the idea come from?

So, since these clans could not possibly exist, how did they come up with these stories? Maybe Thunderstar, Skystar, Windstar, Riverstar, and Shadowstar decided that none of their descendants should know about how the clans came to be. Perhaps it was a story told to the kits. I think that would make the most sense. I can see it happening- cats growing up believing these stories, and soon nobody remembers the truth.
However, these are only theories. What do you think? Do you have your own theories? Please tell me!
Thanks for reading my article. I really, really hope you enjoyed it! (Don’t let that make you say you like it if you don’t. I really want your honest opinion)

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  • I think that the very ancient Clans were real. They were a LONG time ago, and lived where they pleased – tales say that they roamed the world. Plus, it’s very likely that each Clan was made up of the species in the Clan’s name, and the cats of warriors are cats – not great cats. So once cats developed from leopards, tigers, and lions, they spread out.

  • Well, the cats actually first came from the lake, then journeyed to the mountains to become the Tribe because of Jay’s Wing and because some thought that Twolegs would destroy their home. Then part of them left and moved to the forest where they became/made the 5 Clans. 🙂

    This article is interesting to think about though!

  • Interesting. I’ve never really thought much about the subject, but I agree with your theory. It makes sense and would be really interesting (though I doubt it will be) to be addressed in the books.

  • Actually, Cloudpaw *SPOILERS FOR POWER OF THREE* the cats lived around the lake long long before they went to the mountain. Plus, Dawn of the Clans is about how the Clans came to be, not how the cats in general evolved.
    It is truely possible that the clan cats are descendants of lions, tiger and leopard. (Although the first domestic cat ever was a cheetah).

  • I think they did exist. You know, in the lake where the tribe came originally from. And the ancients came from the tribe as we all know..

    And as for the forest, it was 100% possible too. Loners, rogues etc.

  • This really was pretty interesting to think about! I agree on the fact the ancient clans were probably just a myth told to kits, but the five leaders still get talked about in legends of how the clans came to be. I think that some elders probably came up with the idea so they would have some good stories to tell to kits.

  • Perhaps the stories of the past became so exaggerated and diluted that the true story is lost. I figured it wasn’t true since they actually came from the lake. They didn’t always live in the forest. The again, there are probably many theories.

  • Nice article! I also wrote up an article about this same topic but never submitted it. Anyway, I believe that these great Clans were real, in the form of the 3 ancient Tribes. Now you may be thinking, three ancient Tribes? We only know of one Tribe, the Tribe of Rushing Water that resides in the mountains. (Well, besides the Tribe of Endless Hunting.) But it is mentioned somewhere (possibly by Rock?) that there were originally 3 Tribes. So it is possible that from generation to generation, tales of the 3 Tribes were passed down until eventually all objective memory of the Tribes was gone and the Clans only had exaggerated stories and myths about them, as we know the Tribes eventually became the Clans we know today. However, this still does not explain how the Clan cats know about leopards, tigers, and lions. But it could have some connection to Bravelands, the new Erin Hunter series.

  • I think they DID rule the forest long ago. Maybe the first clan leaders brought in a kitty pet as a warrior, and that kitty pet went to a zoo, seeing their ancestors. Since every cat has abilities like leopards, tigers and lions, they came to the thought that the cats ruled the forest BEFORE twolegs came… Just my theory!

    BTW, I wonder why there was only Tiger, Leopard and Lionclan ONLY. Like, why not Pantherclan, Pumaclan and other big cats? Just wondering!

    • Well, a panther is just a Black Leopard, and Pumas are actually considered “Small cats”, but I do still wonder why no JaguarClan, CheetahClan, etc.

  • Nice article,Cloudpaw😸
    But I think the ancient clans were real. Maybe before the ancient cats lived in the lake territory, they lived at some other forest that lions, tigers, and leopards existed.
    Or maybe long long ago when they were not even settled in any territories, some of them walk passed a city😹 and saw photos of these big felines through the window, and found they looked similar, then thought they were the ancient group of cats. When the clans settled the clancats heard about the story again and thought the big cats were some kind of clans? I don’t know😹

  • Nice article, I think that the ancient clans are just stories because leopards, lions and tigers can’t live together

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