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I’ve noticed that when I look up “Leafstar”, there’s always been at least one article ranting about how much (insert person here) hates Leafstar. I think it’s sad that if your a fan, and your just looking for an informational article about her, or some pictures, you have to see “I hate Leafstar!”

But I’m going to talk about how much I love Leafstar.

1. Leafstar
2. Why They Hate Her
3. Reasons To Back Her Up
4. Reasons To Love Leafstar
5. Funny/Good Leafstar Pictures and Videos


Leafstar has two descriptions, a mottled pale cream-and-brown tabby she-cat, or a brown striped she-cat. I personally like cream-and-brown, so that’s what I think of her as.

She is not a very popular or liked character, but she ranks number 2 on my top fave leaders list. First is Bluestar.

Reasons They Hate Her

#1: She makes terrible names/She has naming problems
#2: Her mate is Billystorm
#3: Her personality
#4: She’s part of SkyClan
#5: “I just dislike her”

Reasons to Back Her Up

For number one, she does actually make pretty cool names. You may think their messed up, but I do think some of them are cool. I do get why you wouldn’t like Harrybrook or Snookthorn, but those are only two names. Think of everyone in the Clan.

I think Pebbleshine, Blossomheart, Bellaleaf, Rileypool, Hawkwing, Cloudmist, Cherrytail, Sparrowpelt, Clovertail, and Rabbitleap are all pretty cool names. There are tons of other SkyClan cats with great names, too.


For number two, I get it, you don’t like Billystorm.

That doesn’t mean Leafstar can’t either. She might like his personality, and you may not. You don’t have to take it out on Leafstar! It’s just a mate, it says nothing about her personality!

Or maybe you don’t like it because of what Echosong said, “He’s a daylight warrior!”
Yes, he is a daylight-warrior, but Leafstar can still love him!

For number three, yes, you may not like her personality. There’s nothing wrong with that.

But like every leader, she was a lot of weight on her paws, so be patient with her. She is probably really stressed.

For number four, why dislike her because she’s part of SkyClan? That doesn’t mean she won’t ever play a bigger role in the books.

And being part of SkyClan says nothing about her personality. It says nothing about her mate, says nothing about ANYTHING. This is a completely unjustified reason to dislike her.

For number five, you can’t just say you dislike her. Please back it up with some reasons.

Reasons to Love Leafstar

#1: She is a leader
I know this may sound dumb, but some people like she-cat leaders, so I’ll just put this here.
#2: She’s unique
She is unique. For some reason, she just stands out. She is not like the other leaders, but in a good way.
#3: Her personality
She has great personality! Once she opens up to a cat, she is nice and caring 🙂
#4: Fur coloring
This is just a small reason to just like her. You don’t have to love her!
#5: Anything You Want
You can love her because of your own reasons!

Funny/Good Pictures and Videos of Leafstar

This is just to lighten the mood.
First, we have “How Could This Happen to Me – Leafstar and Billystorm edition”

It’s really funny. And I know Leaf and Billy do love each other, but this person was creative and thought outside the box!

There is also a remix to it, if you liked the original:

Video title is self-explanatory.


That’s it for now, folks!

I’m not forcing you to love Leafstar, I’m just voicing my opinion :3

Fan Articles


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  • I used to be okay with Leafstar, but now, I really dislike her. She should be at least a bit grateful of how the clans allowed SkyClan to stay. She should be more patient with Tigerstar. Just think. How would she feel if she was Tigerstar, only trying to help her clan grow strong again. I say that Leafstar is just not grateful, and I wish that at the scene where Leafstar just says that SkyClan will leave, Firestar would float down, and yell and demand her to be more grateful to the clans to accept them. Sure, StarClan made them, but they should show a bit more gratefulness that ShadowClan could spare some land for them to live in. If I was Leafstar, I would have allowed them to hunt, but not hunt in some areas where there are more prey. She’s not unique. She’s not patient enough to at least be more patient and reasonable with Tigerstar and wait for Tree to come up with a good idea to help both of the clans. Instead she goes: “URGH! They are not showing respect to me, so OFF we go, SkyClan! Back to the gorge!” Don’t forget, it was a Firestar that started SkyClan. It was a Firestar that helped you to become a clan-cat. It was a Firestar that made you leader. Be more grateful. Instead she thinks that the clans should stop working on their problems and concentrate on THEIR problems. Sure many clans do that too, but she’s new, and she could at least say it more kinder! I personally don’t like how she names Warriors, like, who names a warrior Bellaleaf or Billystorm? Even a kit could come up with a better name! I hate how she isn’t grateful to the ShadowClan and keeps on giving up. And in SkyClan’s destiny, she shouldn’t immediately get mad at Sharpclaw. He is her deputy, and Firestar said that he would be a good choice. OF course he would be loyal to his clan! Think logically for ONCE, Leafstar. If he is loyal to his clan, he must have a reason to his actions. I just hate SkyClan cats. I mean, when the ShadowClan cats in a patrol was not EVEN in SkyClan territory, Leafstar orders her cats to attack! And when Violetshine couldn’t hold on to Scorchfur’s back, she apologizes. No, you shouldn’t APOLOGIZE to Hawkwing, you should APOLOGIZE to the ShadowClan cats. It’s not nice, and warriors don’t attack each other when they are not doing anything wrong! They’re acting like a bunch of rogues who want revenge on some cats who weren’t doing anything at their time! So, please. Show a bit more respect for other cats. If she isn’t their leader, I say everything would have been better. She throws temper too much. She yells at Finleap because he wanted to come and visit his sick kin. I would do the same thing with my own sister. And if I was her, I would have be more kinder. I mean, how would LEAFSTAR feel if she was somewhere else, and comes back to SkyClan because she wants to see her sick kin? I would have completely understand why she would do that. So please, I hope you understand why I don’t like her.

    ~ Winterdove
    Hey, please don’t take this to heart as this is my opinion and beliefs!

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