Why Ivypool Should be SINGLE by Sky

Sky argues that Ivypool should’ve remained mate-less.

Art by BRlCK

Hello, BlogClan. By the time this is published, Darkest Night will probably already have been published. (Embertsar edit: And you are correct :P) Oh well. Maybe it won’t connect with Ivypool so much. Anyways…

I’m here to go against popular liking and say that I DISLIKE IVYXFERN. Okay? They’ve barely had any encounters AT ALL, and I imagine Fernsong being one of those people who act all tough and stuff. I personally think that warriors can do much better than the ship known as….*shudders* IvyXFern.

But that’s not exactly the point of this article. I hate all Ivy ships except IvyXHawkfrost, but even then, I don’t nearly like IvyXHawk as much as Ivypool SINGLE.

Now, let us count: modern ThunderClan she-cats without mates or crushes.

How many did you come up with? One? Two? Exactly. We need some strong, independent women in ThunderClan, and Ivypool is PERFECTLY SUITED for the role.

She’s strong, independent, goal-oriented, and brave. I cannot imagine her leaning against a tom, not even once.

Now, snapping into reality of warriors.

It’s pretty obvious that the silver she-cat with kits is Ivypool.


Either the silver she-cat is, surprisingly, some other cat, OR Ivypool is a single mother.

Simple as that.

We haven’t seen a single mother since the first series, with Frostfur and her mysterious mate and Brindleface who asked Whitestorm to help her have another litter after Redtail’s death.

We’ll just say that it’s been a long time since we’ve had a single mom, and Ivypool, one of the most capable warriors we know, will be perfect for the role of a single mother.

Think about it!

There was no tom in the vision, was there, unless I read wrong? No tom! So maybe that symbolizes Ivypool being single!

I absolutely adore that idea because I can’t get the idea of miniature Ivypools out of my mind. I think that Ivypool would be that tough mom who loves her kits but is strict to them because of that.

I also think that a single mother will give a boost to the complexity and differences of cats in warriors. I mean, honestly, is anyone bored of reading about those “perfect couples” that have a happy life and have, say, a kid that dies before one of them breaks into tears when the other dies? Having a singular she-cat like Ivypool will make her and her kits more interesting and a more compelling read.

Plus, if Ivypool gets a mate, even though she’s my favorite character, I will be severely disappointed and not read any scenes of her while she’s a queen nor any scenes of her and her mate. Period.

All in all, we really need a more complex queen and couple, and more interesting kits. Since Ivypool is a relatively major character, unlike Frostfur, we might get to see her kits growing up without a father. Wouldn’t that be interesting?


Signing out,

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  • I think Ivypool should be a single mother, though I think it is cool that Fernsong would be willing to go to the nursery so Ivypool doesn’t have to stop patrolling and hunting.


    thank you for writing this! I’ve always loved that Ivypool was single, and I really hope it stays that way! (though im pretty sure fernivy is a thing LIKE NO THERE IS A PROPHECY ABOUT YALL BEING RELATED) Back in the valentines day times of 2015 I wrote a story about how Ivypool was like YO IM Single or whatever (but I couldn’t submit it because it didn’t work) I t made a lot more sense writing it. But I am really glad that she has been so independent throughout the series

    • YES!!!! This was a really good article and I AGREE SO MUCH!!!! Thank you, Slippaw!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  • You guys need to calm down. If you’ve read AVoS, you’d know that Fernsong isn’t tough and is compatible with Ivypool. He lets her have her independence while all the same being a shoulder to lean on.

    HawkxIvy is incredibly unhealthy. Why do people ship this?

    • Because they actually have the most development of the Ivy ships.

      We’re not in a frenzy. I’ve read AVoS. And that’s precisely it!!! Fernsong is a softie!!! He brings no fire to Ivypool. Around him, her personality totally changes into some kind, soft she-cat.

      • Well different cat personalities do bring balances to each other and that’s good in relationships (sometimes). I wouldn’t say you’re all in a frenzy, but maybe obsessed?? 😛

      • What development do they have, though? There was never any indication of something romantic between them in the books. He was her mentor initially, and then when she realized his true intentions, she began to fear and hate him, and then he tried to kill her during the battle. With Fernsong, it’s been shown clearly that she has a romantic interest in him. With Hawk and Ivy, there was never any indication of that, and he manipulated her to try and make her hate her own family. Wish is right, they’re not a healthy relationship at all.

        • I never said that I shipped them. But if I had to pick, IvyXHawk it is.

          With Fernsong, I’ll ask the same question. What development do we have? And what did we even really know about Fernsong before Darkest Night?

          • I wasn’t responding to you shipping them, I was responding to the assertation that they had development as a couple, which I don’t get at all.

            We don’t have a ton yet, admittedly, but I think there’s room for more development for them in the future. And we didn’t know a lot, but they’re in the background at the moment, which is true of pretty much every character except for Twigpaw, Violetshine, and Alderheart right now.

            • A good point. However, even background characters got at least a bit of developmental spotlight. FernXIvy had none.

              I just wanted to make a point that, since Ivypool has a mate now, Fernsong should die so that she can be a single mom.

              • Not necessarily. Plenty of background couples had never even shared a line of dialogue, let alone gotten any development. I don’t think Goldenflower and Tigerclaw were ever shown having a conversation, any plenty of other couples have the same problem. Fernsong and Ivypool have more than them – we’ve seen them hunting together and flirting a bit before becoming mates, and now we’ve seen them discussing their future and Fernsong being willing to move into the nursery.

                Aw, no, I don’t want Fernsong to die. I want to see him being happy as a stay-at-home dad while Ivypool goes off to hunt and remains the strong, independent sort of warrior we’ve seen before, with her mate and kits not changing that aspect of her personality.

                • Alright, so I’ve gotten into plenty of debates in which someone has asked us to agree to disagree. We’ve made our points, so let’s part ways knowing about the other’s opinion.

                  I’m pretty sure Tigerstar manipulated her into having his kits or did something not good for little kids to know about, which is why they had no development – because there wasn’t any XD.

                  The trouble is that every single she-cat in warriors who has ever gotten a bit of feature is getting a mate. I don’t see a mate as a reward or anything.

                  We can have another stay-at-home-dad. In my opinion, Fernsong turns Ivypool into a softie she-cat that I don’t want to see or read about.

                  • Oh dear, Tigerstar’s pretty awful, but I’d like to think he’s not /that/ awful. O.O Besides, if he’d done something like that, I think he would’ve been exiled a heck of a lot sooner. 😛 Nah, I personally like to think that they were never in love, it was just a relationship to have kits on both sides. Goldenflower admired and respected how strong a warrior Tigerclaw was, and thought he’d make a good father for her kits, and Tigerclaw though Goldenflower was a talented hunter with a good head on her shoulders that would make a good mother for his kits. Hence the lack of angst from Goldenflower when her mate was exiled. 😛 But that’s just my personal headcanon. ^^

                    Oh, I definitely don’t think getting a mate should be seen as a reward. I just want Ivypool to be happy, and I think that Fernsong makes her happy, and she makes Fernsong happy. 🙂 But no, mates should never be seen as prizes to be won, as something that someone earns the right to own. That’s how you wind up with entitled little jerks like Ashfur. 😛

                    I haven’t seen any sign of Ivypool growing softer. 😛 She seems as tough and as strong a warrior as ever. Having a mate and children doesn’t automatically make someone weak. 😛

                • Um, Fern x Ivy has had development, even if it wasn’t a lot.

                  I personally do not get the hate with this ship but -shrug-. It’s my favorite in AVOS.

    • Woah, okay so in the beginning I was on board with you Sky, about Ivypool not getting a mate. That was until I put some thought into it and realized Ivypool never really got to show her more emotional side. She always had to be tough with no shoulder to lean on or any cat to confide in like Dovewing did. The only time you could ever get a hint of her emotional side was pretty much her thoughts, or voicing her concern to Dovewing about why her and Tigerstar shouldn’t have been together. Hawkfrost was an evil cat, not to mention a DEAD tom, which would have never worked out in a relationship with Ivypool anyway. He was terribly toxic, and with his and the other Dark Forest warriors training, molded Ivypool into the cat she is today. If Fernsong is gentle enough to bring Ivypool out of her shell and make her happy (Ivypool is my absolute favorite by the way), then I don’t mind them being together.
      I just don’t think it’s a good time for them to have kits at the moment with ThunderClan being so full.

    • I know you didn’t mean to offend anyone, but saying “you need to calm down” to someone’s opinion invalidates their points and can be very hurtful. ^^

  • I know this has nothing to do with the topic at hand, but WHAT THE DARK FOREST HAS GOTTEN INTO BRAMBLESTAR’S MIND???????????

    I love Bramblestar and all as ThunderClan leader, but he really needs to shape things up, specifically in naming ceremonies. I mean, FERNSONG??? LARKSONG??? WHAT THE STARCLAN IS GOING ON???? Bramble, you’re a creative cat, so SHOW IT! When you named Lionblaze’s kit like he was a she-cat, I thought Ivypool had become Lesbian! COuldn’t you have done Fernwhisker? Larkfoot? It’s that simple.

    Sorry about the ramble. I just had to get it outta my head.

  • I don’t care as long as it is still a good series, I personally think Ivypool deserves a mate after all she’s been through.

    Also, have you noticed the warriors wiki is listing Fernsong as Ivypool’s mate?

  • Ok, ok. Here I go, defending IvyXFern.

    They have SO MUCH potential! They flirt with each other in the first few AVoS books, and finally settle down together in book four!
    They’re both very, very kind. Fernsong loves Ivypool for who she is, and she loves him back.
    Their age difference is NOT THAT BIG. It’s like two years, MAYBE three.
    That’s not big at all!
    Also, just because she has a mate doesn’t mean she wouldn’t still be a strong female character!
    That had NOTHING to do with having a mate AT ALL!
    So there you have it, folks! That was me, defending IvyXFern. 🙂
    Turtle 🐢

  • Since it was published SO long ago, She had fernsong as a mate, and he stayed in the nersury as a parent. AFTER they could eat meat of course. THe siver cat is (i think) DOVEWING

  • I like Fernsong x Ivypool, but the books basically never showed it! I’d be happier with more of the ship or no ship at all.

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