Analyzing Scourge: Was He Really That Bad? by Sparktooth

Sparktooth analyses Scourge’s character. Spoilers for the “The Rise of Scourge” manga!

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The time has come, bloggers! Sparktooth has produced another article! 😀 So I’m going to be debating Scourge: the evil tyrant and leader of the dreaded BloodClan. Just so you all know, I honestly think Scourge is misunderstood. I’m not saying I think what he did isn’t wrong, because it was. But Scourge gets a lot of love and hate, and I think he doesn’t deserve much hate.

I’ll pretty much be spoiling everything that happens in The Rise of Scourge! This is your only warning *narrows eyes.*

Scourge was born as a little kittypet named Tiny. He was the runt of the litter, and was always small his whole life. Like when Tigerstar makes the comment “He’s no bigger than an apprentice,” when he first sees Scourge. Anyway as Tiny grew up, his siblings, Ruby and Socks, both were really mean to him. They said things like:

“We don’t like him!”
“But Mom, he’s such a little pipsqueak!”
“It’s no fun to play with him!”

Which really hurt poor Tiny. All he wanted to do was play with them! I know a lot of people hate Scourge claiming ‘he became a murderer just because of being bullied.’ But his littermates constantly insulted him when he was right there, and always made him feel left out. To make things worse, they were his siblings! Not some other cat who was just being mean, they were his own brother and sister. Ruby, in my opinion was the worst. When a ‘twoleg kit’ came to choose cats for pets, Tiny didn’t go anywhere near them. Ruby seriously stated that he would be thrown in the river because the twoleg would choose her and Socks, and not Tiny. She did nothing to try and help that be stopped! They didn’t even care if they got seperated from him or if Tiny died! So maybe this was more than just bullying.

But being harassed by his siblings isn’t the only thing that turned Tiny into Scourge; that was just barely the beginning. If Scourge’s siblings bullying him was the only thing that made him evil, then I wouldn’t be defending him in this article right now. 😛

So Tiny ran away from home, and wandered into the forest. I’d like to take this moment to mention how much Scourge and Firestar are alike. It’s no surprise they’re half-brothers. They both don’t fit the life of a kittypet, and they both were curious enough to explore the forest. If the ThunderClan patrol Tiny came across offered him a spot in the Clan, I wonder if Scourge would’ve become leader like Firestar! He could’ve been Tinystar or something. But unfortunately, that’s not what happened. Thistleclaw allowed Tigerpaw(star) to attack Tiny, even though he was a defenseless kit! And Tiny was already in a rotten mood. He had recently ran away from the only place he knew to avoid being thrown in the river. So when he was attacked, the terrible memory haunted his thoughts, and followed him to Twolegplace.

When he got there, after a while he gets teased for not being able to get his kittypet collar off. I’m guessing it reminded him of Socks and Ruby, and he just wanted to be rid of it. I can’t blame him. So when the tooth gets stuck in the collar and some cats ask about it, Scourge probably saw it as an opportunity for cats to look up to him. And as the story goes on, he soon becomes very respected by the loners and strays; known to be so tough, he could beat up a dog without touching it! Do any of you blame Scourge for leaving his name, and old life behind him? At his old house, he was bullied, seen as nothing. But at Twolegplace, cats respected him, feared him, and trusted him with their problems. Scourge wanted to show he was more than just a runt. After all those moons of being misunderstood, he had a hunger to make sure every cat gave him proper respect.

I’m not saying that meant it was okay for Scourge to begin killing or separating families. The path he took to prove himself was very dark and blood-soaked. But Scourge was blind to everything else. He just wanted to show he was powerful, and went too far trying to do so. That comes into play when he kills Tigerstar. That was the cat who attacked him, treated him horribly. Scourge just killed him. He did, knowing it was the one thing he craved most: Revenge.

Now, none of you fellow bloggers better follow Scourge’s pawsteps if you feel the need to prove yourself XD. I was just trying to show that Scourge may be evil, but he is also misunderstood. An evil tyrant leader with a rough past. Scourge is one of my favorite characters. Only because of his backstory. It is fascinating in my opinion, because it makes such an interesting debate. What do you think of Scourge now? Thanks for reading! 😉

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  • Uh….Yes…I love Scourge….And he is NOT evil….Yes….He is a cold blood killer….And a strong, and brave warrior….But he is not evil. What he did what was wrong? He killed Tigerstar! One of the most evil cats! And yes….He wanted to take a territory from the clans…. It istnt nice…BUT NOT EVIL! And search in the google ,,Eyes of A Raven Page 17″
    See? How evil is Firestars face! I think its a misunderstanding. Scourge istnt evil, but not full good. He deserve better than dark forest that sure!

  • I llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllove Scourge. I seriously read Darkest Hour and Rise of Scourge. Like a gajillion times