Bluestar: Tale and Defense by Sorrelpaw

Sorrelpaw shares their opinion on one of the most well-known of ThunderClan leaders, Bluestar.

Official artwork by Wayne McLoughlin

Who was Bluestar? She was the eager young kit who wanted to become to best she could, she was the determined young apprentice who went into WindClan to raid, she was the broken warrior who mourned for both mother and sister, she was the leader who lost faith in her ancestors, but she was also one of the most noble leaders of all time.

Yesterday, I was asking my friend Sizzlepaw on his opinion about Bluestar. He immediately said, “I hate her! She’s a terrible old leader. I don’t see why you feel so great about her.” He did not like Bluestar, and when I asked him why, he said that because of when Bluestar sank into depression and faithlessness, she accused Fireheart for being disloyal and talked about him, saying “A traitor leading a Clan of traitors.” and she completely lost faith in StarClan.

Okay, that’s very true, and to anyone who didn’t really know her, it would seem that she was a terrible leader, becoming enlightened only when she was rescued by her children. Now, re-read that sentence. “it would seem that she was a terrible leader, becoming enlightened only when she was rescued by her children.”

Becoming enlightened only when she was rescued by her children.

This is the main reason why I’ve always liked Bluestar. I believe that she only went ‘crazy’ because she couldn’t see her children anymore, and that she missed Mosskit. Think: ever since she was young, Stormtail had kind of ignored her. And then Moonflower, her mother, died, followed by Snowfur. She suffered so much losses! But then she found Oakheart, and she felt glad and overjoyed. THe night they spent at Fourtrees was amazing, it was one of my favorite scenes. But then, her dead kin appeared on the Great Rock, and she knew she couldn’t keep meeting with Oakheart. So she left him heartbroken and went back to her own Clan.

But soon afterwards, she discovered she had kits. And they were Oakheart’s. She loved the kits, she really did. She did not want to give them away. “I will love you forever, my precious kits. Thank you for spending this moon with me.” –Bluestar’s Prophecy, Page 483. But she knew she had to. She gave up so much for her Clan! And Mosskit died. Another life to grieve for. Bluestar suffered so much. But she led her Clan well.

She gave up her kits, her most beloved kits, just to protect her Clan. Nobody could ask for a better leader. Yes, she sank into faithlessness, but that was only to be expected. StarClan had taken away so much of the cats she loved, they had taken away two loyal deputies Lionheart and Redtail. You would’ve thought that after taking away so many cats whom Bluestar had loved and trusted they would have warned her of Tigerstar’s treachery.

But no, they didn’t!!!!!!!!!!!! It was natural for Bluezar (super-typo) to feel hostile towards them.

I feel like I should’ve made this longer. But I’m out of time.

So bye!!

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