Cadvent Day 1

Welcome to Cadvent, BlogClan’s special celebration of the days leading up the the Holidays!

I hope you’re feeling snowy, and that you have a mug of cocoa-with-whipped-cream in one paw and a string of popcorn in the other, because the countdown begins now!

I’d like to wish everyone in BlogClan a fantastic Cadvent ❤️ Thanks to you all for being here and making BlogClan such a lovely place to be 🤗

I think Iceflower and Wavepslash are going to rule Cadvent this year because they have sent in some wonderful links!

Let’s start with these:

Thanks, Iceflower for suggesting this very seasonal kittypet 🙂 Cats and baubles go together like holly and ivy 🎄

Thank you, Wavesplash, for sharing this pic of a cat who’s not going to get cold this year. Am I the only one who can imagine Millie knitting scarves and mittens for the kits and apprentices?




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