SquirrelXAsh: Why it Didn’t Work by Sparktooth

Sparktooth takes a look at Squirrelflight and Ashfur’s relationship.

Art by warriorcatsunite

Hey bloggers! Sparktooth here! As some of you probably know, I don’t really like Ashfur, and I am glad Squirrelflight chose Brambleclaw(star) over him. However, there are some people who think Squirrelflight should’ve chosen Ashfur for her mate over Brambleclaw. I disagree to this. Why do you ask? Well the answer in is this article.

This contains spoilers for things mainly about things in Sunset through Sunrise.

I have to admit that I liked Ashfur at first. I thought he was pretty sweet and a great character. But it instantly vanished when Squirrelflight got back together with Brambleclaw. Squirrelflight being mates with Ashfur when she loved him as no more than a friend would be wrong. She wouldn’t be truly happy. She loved Brambleclaw, and he felt the same way. Therefore they have every right to be together. But Squirrelflight made it very clear that she wanted to be friends with him. He refused and immediately gave her a lot of hate.

“‘Look, Ashfur.’ Squirrelflight’s voice told Brambleclaw that she was trying hard to hold her temper. ‘I really care about you as a friend, but I don’t want any more than that.’ ‘But I love you!’ Ashfur protested. More hesitantly, he added, ‘We’d be great together, Squirrelflight. I know we would.’ […] ‘I’m sorry,’ Squirrelflight went on. ‘I never meant to hurt you, but Brambleclaw–well, I think StarClan has destined us to be together.’ ‘I don’t know how you can say that!’ there was a hint of snarl in Ashfur’s voice.” —Sunset, pgs. 61-62.

He started being very angry and unreasonable. When Bluefur(star) admitted she didn’t have the same feelings for Thrushpelt, he accepted it; but still stuck by her side and helped her as a friend. If Ashfur truly loved Squirrelflight, he would do the best to make her happy. Instead, he starts treating her like rubbish. As the series goes on, he just ignores her completely. Until that infamous, unforgettable scene in Sunrise.

Near the end in Sunrise, Ashfur attempts murder on Squirrelflight’s so-called kits, (Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf) to make her feel how he did when she ‘dumped’ him. I don’t remember if he was the one who started the fire, but I do remember the fire scene. Ashfur traps Squirrelflight’s kits in the fire to attempt murder. Squirrelflight tells him that they were Leafpool’s kits to save their lives. Ashfur claims his quarrel had always been with her, not Brambleclaw. He’s so mad at her, he trapped her in a fire!? Why couldn’t he have accepted it and stayed friends with her? To be honest, if Ashfur felt that depressed when Squirrelflight dumped him, that’s pretty creepy.

So that’s why Ashfur and Squirrelflight would’ve never worked out. Do you agree on my opinion on Ashfur? Or not? Tysm for reading again! 😀

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