Superpower Cats by Sorrelpaw and Sizzlepaw

Sorrelpaw and Sizzlepaw share three other powers found in the series.

Art by snowyfoot3000

Sorrelpaw: Hullo, hullo. I am Sorrelpaw.
Sizzlepaw: Hi, and I am Sizzlepaw!
Sorrelpaw : You should be kinda familiar with us because we’ve done an article before!
Sizzlepaw: Yep, we are the Sizzle Sorrel pair!
Sorrelpaw: The Sizzling Sorrel 😛
Sizzlepaw: Haha I like that. We are the Sizzling Sorrel!!
Sorrelpaw: Indeed we are, my friend.
Sizzlepaw: Okay come on Sorzi, you haven’t introduced the topic yet.
Sorrelpaw: Oh, do I have to introduce the topic every time? Well, I suppose I do when my partner it’s too lazy to do it. Sizzlepaw: Stop being so anooying.
Sorrelpaw: ‘Anooying’?
Sizzlepaw: It’s a typo, okay??
Sorrelpaw: Okay. Now just stop whining and introduce the topic.
Sizzlepaw: Okay, okay you don’t have to be so aggressive.
Sorrelpaw: Mhm. I know. But with a friend like this one, I have to have some aggressiveness.
Sizzlepaw: Whatever. In this article we’re going to share our opinions on powers.
Sorrelpaw: You mean we’re going to have an argument on powers.
Sizzlepaw: Yes, we are going to start arguing sooner or later because that’s what best friends do, after all.
Sorrelpaw: You’re right, but only to some extent.
Sizzlepaw: Whatever.
Sorrelpaw: Okay now let’s just get on with it. This copy and pasting is getting a bit hard.
Sizzlepaw: Riiight. So.
Sorrelpaw: So what?
Sizzlepaw: We’re going to discuss powers, remember?
Sorrelpaw: Right. So powers. By powers we do not mean the powers in Math like 12 to the power of 0 or 100 to the power of 123. We’re not talking about that. We’re talking about powers like extreme abilities. Like the ability to be able to preform tasks pronounced difficult, or even impossible, to regular minds without specialty.
Sizzlepaw: What she means is powers like Dovewing’s or Yellowfang’s.
Sorrelpaw: …yyup that’s exactly what I mean.
Sizzlepaw: The powers we’ve chosen to talk about are 7 to the power of 8 and 24 to the power of 2.
Sorrelpaw: He’s just joking. I mentioned that we won’t be doing any Math today.
Sizzlepaw: Yes I was joking.
Sorrelpaw: The powers that we’re really going to talk about are Yellowfang’s, Goosefeather’s and Dovewing’s.
Sizzlepaw: I still don’t get why we have to do Goosefeather.
Sorrelpaw: He’s an epic character!
Sizzlepaw: No he isn’t. Nobody likes him besides you.
Sorrelpaw: A lot of people like Goosefeather! If you don’t believe me, go read my article on Defending Goosefeather and see exactly how many people post comments saying that they agree!
Sizzlepaw: Oh, they posted the comments just to make you feel good.
Sorrelpaw: That’s not true! And anyway, good comments sometimes aren’t as good as comments of disagreement.
Sizzlepaw: Which you seem to understand very well because you keep making comments of disagreement.
Sorrelpaw: That’s almost right, but it’s way off topic. We haven’t come to argue about my BlogClan habits.
Sizzlepaw: You lured me into doing so.
Sorrelpaw: *Rolls eyes* When you’ve finally become mature enough, I will be waiting here for you to continue this article with me.
Sizzlepaw: Okay, okay. But still, we shouldn’t do Goosefeather’s power.
Sorrelpaw: Why not? His power was very important.
Sizzlepaw: I’ll believe you if you tell me why.
Sorrelpaw: I could write a whole article on this! But I’ll state the more important parts.
First off, Goosefeather’s gift enabled him to become Cloudberry’s apprentice earlier than normal, which made Moonkit/paw/flower jealous. His power was therefore probably what started the whole Moonflower-hates-Goosefeather thing.
Secondly, without his power he could’ve become one of the greatest medcats of all time,because we all know that he was actually pretty skilled in his job, just distracted by his countless visions.
But on the other hand, his power was really important because it could be what stopped Mapleshade from destroying him.
“Mapleshade looked surprised. ‘Of course. I hate every cat in ThunderClan, and I will not rest until I have had vengeance on every last one. ‘But-but you helped me,’ Goosefeather stammered. ‘You showed me how to fight after the badger attacked me, remember? That wasn’t vengeance.’ Mapleshade’s eyes gleamed. ‘I have no need to punish you,’ She growled. ‘You are doomed already. StarClan has seen to that.'” –Shadows of the Clans, page 173.
Yup, his power saved him from dying, and it was better for ThunderClan to have him alive than dead alongside Cloudberry. Sizzlepaw: Nah. Please: You should save that for another article Sorzi.
Sorrelpaw: Good idea. Isn’t it strange that I haven’t thought of that before?
Sizzlepaw: Are you trying to be sarcastic?
Sorrelpaw: Oh, my dear Sizzle, you are so young and so inexperienced. Since when have you heard of anyone trying to be sarcastic? You’re either sarcastic or you’re not.
Sizzlepaw: I’m older than you anyway.
Sorrelpaw: Yes, indeed you are, Sizzle-who-is-four-months-older-than-Sorzi.
Sizzlepaw: Huh.
Sorrelpaw: Never mind. We’re not yet halfway into the article and we’re already up to the best friend joke antics (BFJA). Sizzlepaw: Oh yes the famous BFJA.
Sorrelpaw: Famous indeed! Anyway Sizzle, start focusing on Yellowfang.
Sizzlepaw: Haha sure. Yellowfang’s power was to sense other cats’ pain.
Sorrelpaw: Indeed it was. Quite magnificent, if you ask me.
Sizzlepaw: Yep.
Sorrelpaw: Let’s examine this power by first exercising the ‘what if’ theory.
Sizzlepaw: The ‘what if’ theory as in ‘What if Sorzi fell off a cliff?’
Sorrelpaw: Not funny.
Sizzlepaw: Okay okay. Are you sure you aren’t being too aggressive today Sorzi?
Sorrelpaw: Pretty much sure.
Sizzlepaw: Well you really are being quite aggressive if you ask me.
Sorrelpaw: I never asked you 😛
Sizzlepaw: Calm down will ya, girl. And think about Yellowfang.
Sorrelpaw: I wish you’d thought of Yellowfang earlier on instead of arguing so much.
Sizzlepaw: Did I mention that you’re being pretty aggressive?
Sorrelpaw: Well, I did seem to catch something about that.
Sizzlepaw: BFJA.
Sorrelpaw: Duh.
Sizzlepaw: Okay so Yellowfang’s ‘what if theory’ was ‘What if she never got her power?’ and the result would be ‘The Last Battle would never have happened. Ferncloud would be alive and she and Dustpelt could be reunited blah blah blah.’ Sorrelpaw: The Last Battle would never have happened?
Sizzlepaw: Yes, because without Yellowfang’s power she most likely would not have had to break the medcode to have kits with Raggedstar. She could have had kits with him like any normal queen so Brokenstar would not have been so cruel because I think Brokenstar only went bad because of the way he was born. Without Brokenstar the DF would be nothing. I repeat nothing so yeah TLB would never have happened.
Sorrelpaw: Then what of the prophecy? There was this guy in StarClan during Featherwhisker’s visit to them who said that a ShadowClan medicine cat would bring trouble or something like that, and that was waaaaaay before Yellowfang even got apprenticed!
Sizzlepaw: What?
Sorrelpaw: Then what of the prophecy? There was this guy in StarClan during Featherwhisker’s visit to them who said that a ShadowClan medicine cat would bring trouble or something like that, and that was waaaaaay before Yellowfang even got apprenticed!
Sizzlepaw: I’m not asking you to copy and paste it… I’m asking you to explain it.
Sorrelpaw: Okay. Gimme some moments to type it out…
Sizzlepaw: Never mind, I think I understand. It’s a good argument.
Sorrelpaw: Thanks so much Sizzle! I’m eternally grateful.
Sizzlepaw: Now I will retaliate.
Sorrelpaw: Yayo
Sizzlepaw: It was possibly StarClan who gave her the power. We can still assume that she did not get the power for the what if theory because we can assume that StarClan did not give the power.
Sorrelpaw: Oh. That’s correct, but why would you give a power that made Brokenstar evil? And the DF to exist?
Sizzlepaw: Because they needed to make sure it happens as it was destined to happen. Brokenstar was destined to have lived, he will happen.
Sorrelpaw: Ah, that’s a epic reason. But now you are also arguing for Yellowfang’s power and not just against it. By supporting StarClan’s decision, you are supporting her power. Why? Because I could defend the power also by saying the exact thing you just said.
Sizzlepaw: What…?
Sorrelpaw: Never, never mind. Let’s get on to Dovewing.
Sizzlepaw: Er alright if you say so.
Sorrelpaw: I insist.
Sizzlepaw: Then I won’t do it.
Sorrelpaw: Why not? You agreed a second ago.
Sizzlepaw: Literally, four seconds. But I would do it if you said so, and not if you insist.
Sorrelpaw: Seriously? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever read.
Sizzlepaw: Huh.
Sorrelpaw: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 2017 BFJA Competitions! Witness your favorite pairs of friends have stupid arguments! Support your favorite group with a special BFJAFlag! Let the games begin…
Sizzlepaw: …
Sorrelpaw: Once upon a time, there lived a kitty called Dovekit. Dovekit could hear better than any of her Clanmates and when she became an apprentice she finally learned that! Then she became a warrior and tried to save the world! When she lost her powers she grew devastated but continued serving her Clan with loyalty! And then she went off on a journey with Tigerstar! XD
Sizzlepaw: The way you say it makes her seem like a Clan leader.
Sorrelpaw: #VoteDoveyClanLeader
Sizzlepaw: 2k17
Sorrelpaw: Meowmeow.
Sizzlepaw: Meow yourself.
Sorrelpaw: Whatever.
Sizzlepaw: I like Dovewing’s power.
Sorrelpaw: Dovewing’s Power?
Sizzlepaw: Dovewing’s Power. A new superedition. A book that sums up OoTS, Tigerheart’s Shadow, AVoS and Dovewing’s Silence!
Sorrelpaw: Can we get this done quickly? My mom’s yelling at me to start my homework.
Sizzlepaw: Okay. Let’s finish here.
Sorrelpaw: We never said anything about Dovewing!
Sizzlepaw: I SAID I like her power.
Sorrelpaw: Me too. But was it worth it, to have the power? She felt so sad afterwards.
Sizzlepaw: I thought you supported her?
Sorrelpaw: I support her, for sure, but perhaps not having the power would’ve been easier on her (and Lion and Jay). pSizzlepaw: Yeah but then OoTS’s purpose would be dead.
Sorrelpaw: True. But it still seems kinda cruel to make Dovewing suffer so much loss just so the purpose of OoTS wouldn’t be defeated.
Sizzlepaw: It’s only a character in a book, you know, you don’t have to mourn over her.
Sorrelpaw: Characters in books have feelings too, you know.
Sizzlepaw: Yeah but it’s just a book, you got what I mean?
Sorrelpaw: Well, yeah…
Sizzlepaw: Yeah, I like how you’re thinking but yeah Dovewing is just a character. Do you get what I mean?
Sorrelpaw: I think so.
Sizzlepaw: Right. So I think her power was totally great and on the positive.
Sorrelpaw: Not all pawsitive (cat pun, excuse me) though. I mentioned some drawbacks.
Sizzlepaw: Yeah but Dovewing is just a character from a book.
Sorrelpaw: Well thanks for reminding me Sizzle, but I’d kinda worked that out by myself.
Sizzlepaw: Ah.
Sorrelpaw: Anyway I gtg to do my homework!
Sizzlepaw: Oh no Sorzistream…
Sorrelpaw: So bye 🙂

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