Happy Clanniversary, Iceflower!

Wowee zowee, whoopee powee (aka, don’t let me have access to a keyboard 😛 ) Today, we have a certain BlogTeam member’s clanniversary. . . Care to guess who it is?

Black? Check. White? Check. Lime eyes? Check. Fluffy? Absolutely check.

Thaaaaaaaaat’s right, it’s our Iceflower’s clanniversary! And how many years has she been on the blog for?


Would you look at that? The backgound is books 😉

Two years already, Icy? It feels like, well, it just feels like forever! Well, I know you’re going to somehow bite me back with this (perhaps with waffles 😉 ), but the blog decreed that you needed a post! ~Embix

Happy two year clanniversary, Icy! Onwards to many more years on the blog!

Happy Clanniversary, Icy <3 It’s been lovely having you here and you are an amazing human being 🙂 -Flo

(and yes, I have no idea how clanniversary posts are formatted 😛 I tried my best!)

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