Reactions to Deaths in the Prophecies Begin by Sparktooth

Sparktooth shares their reactions to some of our favorite character’s death.

Artwork by Mizunoakira

Hello there, bloggers! Sparktooth is back! So for this one, I wanted to do an article a little different than I normally do. I’m gonna write a reaction article about deaths in the original arc, or in other words the Prophecies Begin. 😉

MAJOR SPOILER WARNING!!! Of course, that would be obvious after reading the title.

Redtail: As everyone knows, Redtail was murdered by Tigerclaw(star) near the beginning, but that’s not what we know at first. Anyway, since I didn’t really know his character, other than the couple of lines he said in the prologue of Into the Wild, I wasn’t that shook up about his death. I mean I was sad, but not too sad (if that makes sense lol).

Lionheart: I was actually very sad about this death. Poor Graystripe took his mentor’s death really hard. Lionheart was a great character in my opinion and I wish he could have stuck around longer.

Spottedleaf: I’m talking about her first death when she was killed by Clawface. Her death really shocked me, I never saw it coming. This is a big grudge I always hold against Clawface. I also liked her character too and was kind of starting to ship FireXSpotted, but that was before Sandstorm came into the picture XD. Anyway, her death surprised me.

Whiteclaw: Again, I didn’t really know his character, so I don’t have much to say about him, except that it was sad Graystripe felt so guilty and responsible for his death.

Silverstream: Before GrayXMillie was introduced in Warriors, I actually really liked GrayXSilver. Silverstream’s death was the first death that caused me to cry a little. Graystripe was devastated, and poor Cinderpelt was depressed, thinking she could have saved her. The scene made me a little teary.

Brokenstar: The scene where Yellowfang killed him with deathberries was very shocking! But I completely understand why she had to do it, especially after reading Yellowfang’s Secret. It was the only way she could ride the Clans of the blind, murderous leader once and for all.

Patchpelt and Halftail: These two deaths were very heartbreaking, because Fireheart(star) and Yellowfang tried bravely to save them. I have to admit I liked Patchpelt a little more than Halftail, because I knew him character slightly more, but it’s not like we knew them very well to begin with.

Yellowfang: SO SO SO SAD. Yellowfang ties for my favorite character along with Graystripe. Her death made me cry. Poor Fireheart(star) was trying to tell her how much she was needed in the Clan, and took her death very hard. Oh man, I sometimes tear up just thinking about it.

Bluestar: Bluestar died a very noble death, sacrificing her life to save ThunderClan from the dogs. The scene where she makes peace with Mistyfoot(star) and Stonefur before she joins StarClan is so sweet. I was glad that they forgave her before she died.

Swiftpaw: Swiftpaw needed to show he was ready to become a warrior, and prove to Bluestar he was worthy. I really liked his character and wish he would’ve survived. His warrior name could’ve been Swiftpath, because he was eager to travel down the path to being a warrior. I mourned him along with Lostface(Brightheart) and the Clan.

Snowkit: This death was really sad. A deaf character in Warriors would’ve been really interesting.

Stonefur: He died a very brave and noble death. The fight was so unfair. Tigerstar began to get concerned that Stonefur would win the fight against Darkstripe and sent Blackfoot(star) to finish him off. He was a great character, and I wish Stonefur could’ve somehow won the fight (even though it was pretty clear he wouldn’t). 🙁

Whitestorm: Once again, I loved this character. His death made me cry.

Tigerstar: I was very glad that this murderous killer was gone from the forest. Although I have to admit his death was so unpredicted and shocking, when Scourge ripped all nine of his lives with a single blow. Instead of experiencing just triumph that he was dead, I also felt very stunned and even sad, that Tigerstar could’ve helped take down Scourge, but then they would’ve had to kill him anyway so maybe it’s good Scourge took care of him XD.

Scourge: I never expected the final battle would be against the leader of a gang of cats in Twolegplace. When Scourge was first introduced in The Darkest Hour, I didn’t like him and was glad Firestar took him down. But after I read The Rise of Scourge, I thought he was a great, misunderstood character! So then I felt very sad about his death.

So there’s my opinion for you on deaths that occurred in the original arc! How did you feel about some of these? Comment below and be sure to read my article next time! 😉 😀

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