Five Fun Moments: Sharing Opinions by Sorrelpaw

Sorrelpaw shares their favorite moments from the series. 

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Greetings, I’m Sorzi. Or Sorrelpaw. I’m here yet again! Oh yes I certainly do like to type out articles.

Mousefur, dear reader, Mousefur. The grumpy, fussy old she-cat. I still remember reading the original series and seeing Mousekit playing in the nursery and I can recall thinking, Oh Mousefur was actually a frolicking young cat once! But that has no relevance to this article today.

The scene we will focus on, however, is when Spiderleg is asked to teach some battle moves to the elders before the Dark Forest battle. It’s really kind of ironic though, because Mousefur used to be Spiderleg’s mentor, and then in that final battle Spiderleg taught Mousefur. Spiderleg taught Mousefur what Mousefur taught him. How interesting. Indeed. After reading that bit for the first time, I kept wondering what Mousefur said when Spiderleg tried to teach her stuff. Didn’t Mousefur protest at being trained by her own former apprentice?

That’s my favorite Mousefur Moment.

Next we have Silverstream. In Fire and Ice, there was a battle that included rivaling ThunderClan against RiverClan. Silverstream attacked Firestar (Fireheart, at that time) and Graystripe is like “Noooo Silverstream, Fireheart’s my bestie!” and Silverstream, “Gasp oh nooo I attacked Graystripey’s best friend!” It’s just so funny! For me, I mean. It was kind of sad that Firestar attacked Silverstream afterwards by accident. Silverstream must’ve felt so confused! Maybe she even thought Graystripe betrayed her, first telling her not to attack Fireheart and then when she jumped back Fireheart attacked her and Graystripe didn’t say anything at all.

On to the stage next, we have Bramblestar. In Midnight. Squirrelpaw got stuck in a bush full of thorns and a Brambleclaw come along and sees her. Squirrelpaw explains that she was chasing a vole under the bush and didn’t notice that there might not be room for her to follow the vole through the bush. And–here’s the funny bit–Bramblestar ‘helpfully’ points out that there is no space for her to squeeze through.

I thought it was so funny! Like, Bramblestar, can you not see that she’s already stuck? Of course she already KNOWS that there isn’t space for her to squeeze through! Silly Bramblestar XD

(Of course, Squirrelpaw quickly made that known to Brambleclaw)

Next up we have the all-amazing Hawkwing in his own Superedition! Okay, I’ll be honest and say that this isn’t much of a fun thing, just a confusing observation. I’m sure that there are many others who share my doubt and criticism of this topic. And the topic is… Hawkwing discovering that he loves Pebbleshine! It’s really strange because it was DARKTAIL who told Hawkwing to recognize his love for Pebbleshine. Darktail the incredibly evil monster of a cat! I’m extremely doubtful. It took a EVIL ROGUE to make Hawkwing discover his affection for Pebbleshine? *Doubtful glances* This is one reason why I do not ship PebbleXHawk by the way.

And finally let us welcome Brook Where Small Fish Swim. Brook insisted on leaving the Tribe WITH STORMFUR when Stoneteller kind of exiled Stormfur and went with him to the Clans. In RiverClan, Stormfur insisted going with HER when they kind of got exiled. It’s kind of funny. Eh.

Well, that’s that! And now farewell!

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  • Yes Squirrelpaw stuck in a bush was hilarious!!!! And Brambleclaw “laughing” at her and her hissing indignantly at him to get her out. ^^
    Haha great article, Sorzi!

  • Cool! Here is my favourite bit:

    ‘”Cinderpaw flicked her tail in amusement. “He’s keen,” she remarked. “Once he’s apprenticed, he’ll learn quickly.”

    Fireheart made a noncommittal noise in his throat. Cloudkit’s energy reminded him of Cinderpaw when she was first made an apprentice. Except Cinderpaw would never have taunted a helpless cat like blind Brokentail.

    “Well if he’s my apprentice, he’d better start listening to me,” he muttered.

    “Oh, yes?” Cinderpaw gave Fireheart a teasing look. “You’re a really tough mentor – all your apprentices will be trembling in their fur!”’

    Forest Of Secrets p107

  • Nice article! My favourite Mousefur moment however was when she called a clan meeting.
    Squirrelflight: “What’s going on? Hey Brackenfur! What’s happening?”
    Brackenfur: “Mousefur just called a clan meeting.”
    Brambleclaw: “Mousefur called a clan meeting? Can she do that?”
    Brackenfur: “She’s done it”

  • One of my favorite moments is when Hollypaw is watching Crowfeather and Breezepaw, and she thinks “blah, blah, yeah, glad hes not my father” And I’m just thinking, HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great article! One of my favorite parts is when Briarlight’s leg is hurting and doesn’t tell Jayfeather. It goes like this: (I think)

    *Jayfeather enters the med cat den*
    B: Hey Jayfeather, my leg hurts
    J: *grumpily* Why didn’t you tell me earlier?!
    B: *sheepishly* I didn’t want to bother you

    The only thing is I ship HawkxPebble. Look at my siggie