Cadvent Day 9

The 9th of December is always a special day for me because it’s Josh’s birthday. He’s away this year, having a great time at university, but I’d like to wish him lots of love and a very happy birthday. Let’s celebrate with some fabulous seasonal cats. ❤️

Bramblefire has created this wonderful fan art of Crowfeather. It captures him beautifully, worrying for the holidays. Thanks, Bramblefire.

Thanks, Swanfeather, for sending a link to this cat. Look at the furry face! He clearly knows exactly what he wants for Christmas.

Shadowpaw sent in a link to this adorable kittypet who seems to be still deciding what he wants Santa to bring. A sugar mouse perhaps?

Finally, I adore this gif. Leafskip found it. It’s wonderful. Thank you!


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