Suggestions for Super Editions by Cherrystorm

Cherrystorm lists some cats they would like to have super editions about.

Art by Kytes

Let me start off with some Super Edition Character recommendations!

I’m going to do a cat from each of the Clans

ThunderClan – Brackenfur

This has been an ongoing suggestion forever. Brackenfur is an unfortunately underrated character in the series, and I think he has a fairly interesting backstory, I would preferably like the SE to go from his apprenticeship to his retirement or death. Seeing how he handles Cinderpelt’s accident and death, his reaction to Sorreltail’s death, and how he came to love Sorreltail! I think this will be one of the most popular super editions!

ShadowClan – Crowfrost

Alright, Crowfrost was another underrated character. But he became one of my favorites in A Vision of Shadows. He is a loyal and kind cat, and it’s sad to think he died of Yellowcough because someone *cough* Onestar *cough* wouldn’t give them lungwort. I would like to see how he reacted to his Clan dying off, and some of his backstory!

WindClan – Breezepelt

Alright, so we are getting one on Crowfeather, so why not Breezepelt? I would like to see his side of the story, and how he came to be so cold-hearted. Breezepelt is one of my most hated characters, but I can’t help but be interested. How did he react when he found his half-siblings were ThunderClan? What made him attack Poppyfrost? Did he have to deal with WindClan after the battle with the Dark Forest?

RiverClan – Willowshine

I think this is the most interesting character in RiverClan. This Clan is one of my favorite Clans and needs more attention. Willowshine is a fairly intriguing with how she dealt with training with Leafpool, and I’ve heard rumors of her having a crush on Jayfeather ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

SkyClan – Micah

Well, he is short-lived, but I think he has one of the most interesting backstories. I would like to see how his kithood went and how he felt with SkyClan. I would also like to see his death in his own view. Also, SkyClan again doesn’t get much attention, so I would like another Dawn of the Clans book with SkyClan.

Honorable Mentions – Half Moon, Fallen Leaves, Oakstar, Reedwhisker, Harestar, Needletail

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  • WILLOWSHINE WILLOWSHINE WILLOWSHINE IS MY FAVORITE CAT EVER yeah i used to ship willowpaw and jaypaw

    Great article, by the way!!!

  • How about an Super Edition on Onestar? Onewhisker to realizing that Darktail came to the clans and well this isn’t a spoiler page so I can’t say exactly so I hope you know what I mean. It would bring light to Onestar because I don’t think anyone has liked him since he became leader.

  • I just submitted an article about a super edish on Brackenfur, but I’m scared how the Erin’s are going to make him die, or if he’ll become an elder with his former mentor Graystripe

  • So yessssssss i love Brackenfur he is my favourite characters!!! i agree with Willowshine and Crowfrost. Also for Fallen leaves Half moon and a good one… Needletail! Yeah i really like what you suggested for some super editions! good job!

  • I completely
    agree with Brackenfur having a super edition. And hazards on Needletail super edition. What about a Sandstorm super edition? Maybe Sorreltail or Poppyfrost?😜

  • I dont get why ppl want a brakenfur one.willowshine would be interesting and even though i hate breezepelt i would want a super edition of him. I feel like it makes more sense to him to hv one and not crowfeather. I would like to see wht happened after the last hope where crowfearher told him to leave. OOOH i just thought of an idea whilst writing this! HE COULD HAVE JOINED DARKTAIL IN VOS. He doesnt like his name cuz it was given to the two parents he hates and changes it to someone else.

    I like crowfrost and he is my fav deputy. I wanna see his backstory. The few lines where he is made me really like him (prob cuz he is the only smart on with common sense in the whole lake)