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  1. July 27, 2018 at 12:47 am

    Here it is! Chapter 2!

    Note: Depending on feedback, I may or may not rewrite this chapter, because, to be honest, I think it is crappy. I’ve been suffering from the dreaded writer’s block, and I only wrote bit by bit, whenever I felt… idk. Luckily, my writer’s block is pretty much gone, so if this is as bad as I think it is, I’ll rewrite into something that is (hopefully) better.

    ~Chapter 2~


    Rose glanced outside. I missed one? A quick look determined it was not one, but two people she had missed. Two girls were strewn out on the ground, scratch that, a girl and a woman. The girl was tall, with long curly dirty blond hair in pigtails, long limbs, and freckles scattered on her face. Her apparel consisted of black pants that went to her knees, a barely visible bright turquoise t-shirt and black zipper jacket. The woman was a tall, pale-skinned brunette with icy blue-grey eyes framed by circular black glasses. She looked about twenty, and was wearing a loose grey t-shirt, jean shorts, sandals, and sunglasses over her glasses.

    Rose approached the woman with caution. “Hello, you are?” She held out her hand, partly in greeting and partly to help her up.

    The woman looked her over. “…Blanche,” she said after a few moments of silence. She grabbed Rose’s hand and pulled, getting up. She was significantly taller then everyone else, which could be both a benefit and a hinderance, depending on the situation. Rose turned to the girl, who had already dusted herself off, and opened her mouth. The girl answered her question before she could ask. “I’m Viviant.”

    Rose nodded silently, then smiled. “I was about to show everyone their rooms, so if you would come in, this is where you’ll be staying.” She gestured to the house.

    Viviant and Blanche exchanged looks. They followed Rose inside, where the others were waiting. Luana hopped up, gaping at Blanche. “Wow! You’re tall!”

    Blanche grinned crookedly. “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

    Rose felt a smile on her face as well. I can count on Luana to be light and happy, at least. She forced a neutral expression onto her face and cleared her throat.

    “I’ll show you all upstairs, so please follow me in an orderly fashion.” She swiftly glided up the steps, leaving room for all sixteen girls to climb the stairs. When they all had come up, Rose waved her hand to the left hallway. “This way, we have the rooms of Chiara, Luana, Viviant, Heidi, Rosita, Irissa, Esmeralda and Izarkia. Move on out, soldiers.” The girls marched to their rooms army style.

    Rose then waved her hand to the right. “Here are the rooms for Blanche, Ingrid, Willow, Isabelle, Raina, Azuliea, Rosita, Kelly, and Jasmine. Go on.” The other group nodded and stepped into the right hallway.

    Rose nodded at both groups. “I’ll prepare some dinner while you guys settle in.” And with that, she climbed down, leaving the girls to themselves.

    And each other, of course.

    Somehow, someway, there was enough space for everyone. How it was possible, nobody knew, not even Rose.

    Each girl walked into the rooms closest to them, or the rooms that hadn’t already had someone in them. Everyone got comfortable, and by the time lunch was ready, everyone had gotten settled in and rushed, walked, or ran into the kitchen, hungry for whatever Rose had cooked up. The kitchen was a faded pastel blue, with a counter and shredded seats, and the actual kitchen hidden

    Jasmine sniffed the air. “Mmmm,” she thought. “Smells yummy.”

    Chiara took a tattered seat up to the cracked and faded tile counter and waited, tapping her feet impatiently. “Hope this girl has some Cheetos, in case she isn’t the best cook,” she muttered under her breath.

    Kelly looked out of the cracks of a boarded up window, deep in thought.

    Luana happily bounced in her chair, eager to see what Rose had made, and hummed a little tune.

    Rosita sat calmly, looking really, really chill.

    Viviant sat near Luana, taking a liking to the cheerful girl.

    Irissa placed her head in her hands, wishing she had her earphones.

    Blanche sat clumsily in her seat, accidentally bumped her elbow into Luana. She apologized multiple times, even after Luana told her it was fine.

    Heidi glanced at the at the group. She sighed quietly, thinking about her own family.

    Esmeralda was bored and blew a hair out of her face. It took a few tries.

    Isabelle twirled her hair, silently thinking about talking to the others. She was rather curious about Rose and the others, especially Chiara, Luana and Jasmine. They seemed like a lively bunch, and Isabelle was attracted to the lively.

    Raina sat, wondering about what the other girls were thinking.

    Ingrid was seated a ways from the rest, glaring at anyone who dared glance her way. She was wary of these strangers, and didn’t trust any one of them. Especially that Rose character.

    Azuleia had shadows over her face, a quiet girl alone with her thoughts. Her eyes were constantly changing pools of storm grey – or is that jay blue? Nobody was really sure. What they were sure about was the fact that she looked a little like an assassin.

    Izarkia tapped her fingers on the counter, hungry and not as patient as the others.

    Willow leaned on the counter, tracing the patterns with her fingers. She had a wistful look in her eyes, as if she was remembering something.

    After what seemed like forever to some, or to the more precise, five minutes, Rose finally came into view, carrying three trays, one on her head and two on her hands. The trays were a shiny silver color, but what interested the girls more was the food. Veggie platters were lined up on one tray, another had chicken and other meats, and the final one, the one that was ever so delicately balanced on Rose’s head, had the drinks, most of them what looked to be a chocolate milkshake. Rose carefully lowered the trays onto the counter, her mouth in a small smile.

    “Hope you like these,” she announced. “They took forever to make.”
    She passed the food around and watched, hands on hips happily, as the girls gobbled down their lunch. Afterwards, she put away the plates and took a seat on the other side of the counter, in front of the girls. She cleared her throat in a professional manner, then stretched her hands out and formed a tent with her fingers.

    “Let’s get down to business.”

    Everyone had turned their attention to Rose, eager to see what she had to say. A few still had food on their faces.

    Rose took a deep breath.

    “As you know, I gathered you all here because I needed help. The Guardians have all disappeared, scattered and in hiding, and I need you guys to help me find them and bring them together again. I have searched around, and using the information I gathered I made a map of where I estimate the Guardians are taking shelter.”

    She took a scroll of rather new-looking paper and laid it out for the girls to see. It had numerous universes listed, with locations marked and little notes scribbled down in hardly legible writing that looked to be a mixture of cursive and print.

    Rose pointed her index finger to a rather large universe that was heavily marked. The middle of it contained large letters that formed the words known by most, if not all, of the group – Harry Potter. “My research indicates one of Guardians, Kathryn O’Brien, was a big fan of the Harry Potter universe, as she visited it the most often. That’ll be our first quest.”

    Chiara snorted. “Quest?”

    Rose frowned. “Mission? Goal?” She threw her hands up. “Whatever we call it, it’ll be the first place we go. I figured since most of us have been there before, we should know the territory well, so if anything or anyone finds us there, we should be able to handle it. Any questions?”

    About half the girls raised their hands.


    Izarkia cleared her throat. “Who are we looking for, exactly? What information should we acquire before we go into this universe?”

    Rose readjusted her hands. “Kathryn O’Brien is a 25-year-old woman with red hair, bright blue eyes, and a purple and blue amulet passed down to her by her grandmother. Source: The Guardian Archives, Volume 67. Luana?”

    Luana gave Rose a small smile and pulled her hand down. “Where are we going to look?”

    Rose didn’t smile back. “I’d think Hogsmeade would be a good place to start. Kelly?”

    Kelly took her hand down. “What evils were you talking about in your letters? Who are what could find us? I feel like we have the right to know.”

    Rose fidgeted with her fingers. The other girls took down their raised hands and an uncomfortable silence came over the group.

    After a moment, Rose spoke, voice clear and loud. “When I first went to the Archives, a huge library that looked like ruins but actually contained decades of valuable knowledge, I had to hide in the branches of trees. Below me, dozens of creatures – no, beasts, made of shadows and dark magic, with distorted and disgusting faces, guarded the entrance. It looked like they were intelligent creatures, and if you looked at the right angle you could see small earphone-like objects attached to their ears. I had to sneak in through a crack in the walls, and while I was entering I overheard a peculiar conversation between two of the guards.”

    The girls leaned in ever so slightly.

    “‘I heard The Queen has been brought back,’ murmured a large one. ‘Really? I thought The Doctor wouldn’t bring her back till later,’ muttered a smaller one. ‘Apparently what you thought was wrong.’ The larger one laughed heartily. ‘The Doctor is spontaneous, Jorge, as he should be, lest those pesky Guardians interfere with his work.’ I gasped quietly at this. The other one, Jorge, spoke up. ‘The Doctor, do you know him personally, Manuel?’ Manuel shook his huge head. ‘All I’ve heard is stories, stories of his glorious work. Bringing classic villains out of retirement, creating his own army, making us – the man is a genius! No one has seen him face to face though, except for his bodyguards and the Classics.’ At this time, I had already started to sneak away, and I didn’t hear anymore. I believe whoever this ‘Doctor’ character is, he is up to no good, making creatures like that.” She spat the last word like poison and brought her hands to her sides.

    The girls had mixed emotions spread out on their faces. Some showed skepticism, others showed disgust, and some just plain fear. It all created a rather uncomfortable atmosphere for the group.

    After a few moments of silence, Luana cleared her throat loudly, causing several pairs of eyes to turn on her. “I have an idea on how we can bond together. If we’re going to go against some huge army, we should at least do it together, as a team! And the first step to flawless teamwork is trust. Sleepover in my room!” She curled her hand into a fist and pumped it up.

    The other girls looked at each other. Jasmine, Chiara, Isabelle and Irissa were the first to step up, smiling broadly.

    Blanche, Rosita, Heidi, and Raina came next, nodding their heads. Viviant, Esmeralda, and Willow were close behind. Luana grinned.

    Izarkia looked around awkwardly. She really didn’t want to… but it might be nice? This is why I don’t work with groups. Or have friends. Their both too confusing. The girls turned their heads to Ingrid while waiting for Izarkia’s answer.

    Ingrid shook her head. “No thanks,” she declined with icy politeness. Her gaze was turned down as she got off her chair and hopped up the steps, eager to get away from those watching eyes.

    Azuleia got up as well. “Hard pass.” She walked to her room in the silence that followed her words. A few moments later, Izarkia decided.


    Luana squealed with happiness, wrapping Izarkia in a big hug. “Yay!”

    A rather annoyed expression crossed the crushed girl’s face. “Get off me.”

    “Sorry.” Luana dropped her promptly.

    Then the large group trained their eyes on Rose, waiting for her answer. Luana held out her hand invitingly, smiling warmly. “So? You in?”

    Rose felt heat creep onto her neck. She didn’t like this kind of pressure, she never did, and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to go. But this was her chance, a rare chance to make actual, real life friends. It was worth a shot, right?

    “Yes, I’m in.”


    hmmmm on a scale of zero to ten, how cringe was that assault to the eyes? Eight maybe?


    • July 29, 2018 at 4:20 pm

      “Isabelle twirled her hair, silently thinking about talking to the others. She was rather curious about Rose and the others, especially Chiara, Luana and Jasmine. They seemed like a lively bunch, and Isabelle was attracted to the lively.”

      Rosie, you nailed my character 😉

      Your writing is so amazing, you’ve never failed to impress me yet 😛 I liked this chapter!


    • July 30, 2018 at 12:39 am

      suprisingly I didn’t find any spelling errors! I read through it twice, once to read it and once to proof it, and to my knowledge it’s all going good!
      Except you put a though it quotation marks 😛
      “”Jasmine sniffed the air. “Mmmm,” she thought. “Smells yummy.”””
      Also that nailed me on the head – I can smell anything from a mile away 😛
      Not really, that’s more with sight and sound w/ me
      But I would be the one to day that – I smelled the milkshakes >:3

      • July 30, 2018 at 12:54 am

        *thought aloud
        I’m pretty sure I meant that 😛

        Yay! Thanks!

        surprising I know!! No worngly speeled wrods?! Aazming!


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      “Rosita sat calmly, looking really, really chill.”
      You got it.

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      Good job, Rosepaw! 😀 This is great! Is it too late to sign up?

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      • August 11, 2018 at 10:56 pm

        Sadly, it is, Bracken :,C

        *single tear falls*

        Thanks for the compliment though 😀 and if you’d like to help write or edit, you’re free to become a writer/editor! 😀


        • Hawthornclaw (kit) the unicorn
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          Hey Rose, if you ever want a chapter where they go into some 60s or 70s tv show, you know who to call.

        • Brackenpaw (light)
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          Awww, dang it this is what happens when you go camping. *single tear* 😛 Uh, sure I’ll help, what do you need me to do?

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    That was great! Don’t say what you do is bad, it’s great!

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    Name (human): Sunny Daise
    Nickname: None
    Age: 15 years old
    Gender/Pronouns: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual(this is my first character that is not straight. Yay for me.)
    Backstory: After her parents died in a fire(she was at a party that time)she ran away to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and found out her ability to teleport. She spends her time going through different fandoms, though she spends most of her time in the MCU and Kingsman.
    Appearance: Sunny is a tall, slender girl who looks a bit older than she actually is. She has long blonde hair, emerald green eyes, and slender body shape.
    Personality: At first, she might appear cold and reserved, but when you get to know her, she’s a fun and nice person to hang out with. She is a good fighter, and if you wrong her, there is a very high chance you will get your [censored] kicked. She is also quite the fangirl.
    4 Outfits-One for day, one for night, one for swimming (since we will probably do something with mermaids a mermaid appearance too) and one for formality:
    Day-a yellow t-shirt with a sequined M on it, that can change colors from blue, yellow, and red to silver and white. She wears jeans, running shoes, and sweatshirt or a coat depending on the weather.
    Night-Generally old shirts and shorts that she can still wear, just old.
    Swimming-Do we have to do this?
    Formality-a white-and-blue dress.
    Likes: Exploring new fandoms, listening to music, and hanging out with her friends, cats
    Dislikes: Violence, homophobes, racism, sexism, and people calling her a traitor
    Hobbies: Listening to music, running, exploring
    Fandoms (extremely important): Warriors, Wings of Fire, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Percy Jackson, Kingsman
    Fears: Death, Horror Movies, Pennywise, Guillotines, headless people, and disgusting gore
    BlogFriends: Rosesong, Brackenlight, Cheetahspark, Jasmine
    Strengths: Fighting, running, and fandom knowledge
    Weaknesses: Seducing, coming up with plans, and thinking on her feet

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    Hi Rosepaw! What’s up? 😀

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        August 13, 2018 at 10:48 pm


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    So… what’s up? Flamekit (my little brother) is exited for LEGO Ninjago Season 9. 😛
    Also have you read Destinywish’s Prophecy? ITS SO BEAUTIFULLY AMAZING IT WILL MAKE YOU CRY
    When are you going to make more skits?
    Should I stop pestering you with questions now? 😛

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      Ugh just ignore this…

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    Hey Rose when’s the next chapter?

  7. Rosepaw isn’t logged in for some strange reason
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    Because of current events (coughgonnamakeagraphicnovelcoughcough) I’m putting this on hiatus until further notice.


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      Thanks! Sorry if I seemed impatient, I’m just so excited!

      Busy watching Stranger Things

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      oooOoooOoohhHhHhhhHhhhhh :0

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    Hi I’m new to blogclan


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