Why Ivypool and Dovewing Cannot be the Third Cat by Sky

Sky debates whether or not Dove and Ivy were the true third cats.

Artwork by Blazedestroyed

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If you’re like me, you probably consider every part of warriors. You think in the brains of each cat and try to understand them. You think about why things happened. And you count generations.

Here’s a few reasons why Ivypool and Dovewing cannot be the third cat.


Cloudtail = Kin of Firestar
Whitewing = Kin of Firestar’s kin
Dove and Ivy = Kin of the kin of Firestar’s kin

See? The prophecy says, “Kin of your kin,” not “Kin of the kin of your kin.” This means that Dovewing and Ivypool simply cannot be the third cat.

I guess that, somehow, the Erins lost count of generations or kin or something? I can’t say what they were doing myself.

Maybe it’s because of age, and the new third cat has to be of the same generation as Lionblaze and Jayfeather. As in, Whitewing would be too old. It’s also possible that this was to test readers’ reading skills? I don’t really know.

Anyways, here are some individual reasons:


She couldn’t handle ANYTHING. At all. She complained NO MATTER WHAT.

“Oh no! I have powers! Nuuu, nuuu…. i cannot handle this!”


Okay, maybe I overdid it a bit. Okay, a medium lot. But you get the point.

Hey, she was okay in the prophecy(I guess). But she really couldn’t have been in it.


She was awesome as a spy – brave and loyal. Being in the prophecy would have made her, overall, less interesting and complex. Plus, who needs a prophecy when you’re a spy? XD Seriously, wouldn’t it kinda be… ruining….. if Ivypool was in the prophecy? We’d probably like her a lot less. Then again, one has to wonder what may have happened….. Haha, that’s a topic for some other people for another day.

Add on to that the fact that not being in the prophecy shaped her character a lot. And we wouldn’t have a spy if she was in the prophecy… we also would [probably] see the Clans crumble underneath the DF because they didn’t know anything.

So, there concludes my article. Please don’t flame or yell(too loud ;)), but I am open to debate. 😀

Thanks for reading!

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