3 Reasons Why I dislike Crowfeather! by Fernfrost

Fernfrost shares reasons for why they dislike Crowfeather.

Artwork by Lithestep

Howdy! I’m Fernfrost (or Ferny I mean whatever ¯_(ツ)_/¯) and I’m here to talk to you about why I dislike Crowfeather. Now, please don’t take offense to this. This is my first article, so I barely know what to do. I’m just stating my opinion. Thanks k bye
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Number 1 – His Love Life
So we all know about (or at least have heard of) Leafpool and Crowfeather. They “loved” each other. Same with Crowfeather and Feathertail. Also Nightcloud. (Gosh Crowfeather chillax…) But what ticks me off is that two of them were like high school crushes. With Leafpool, he was like, “Oh hi you are cool let’s be mates and have kits although it’s against all we know.” while with Feathertail he was like, “My life stinks and no one can save it. Oh hi, who are you? IDK BECAUSE I LOVE YOU NOW OMG!!!” (Accurate representation) So… Nightcloud. What is she to him? A way to prove loyalty. He never loved her. Everyone’s always saying, “Oh but it’s Nightcloud’s fault because she’s mean.” But what they don’t think about is that their relationship is only existing for Crowfeather’s gain.

Numero Dos (Number Two) – His Ignorance
As exhibited in AVoS and TNP, he is very prickly, even when, say, Bramblestar AND Squirrelflight (leader and deputy) need to see Onestar, he immediately denies them, DESPITE them being much higher ranks. I know he was just following Onestar’s orders, but come on. They shouldn’t apply to parties with the leader and deputy. Just a little opinion.

Number Three – His Personality
I have already said this, but he is SO prickly. He never talks to anyone (at least in TNP) and hates EVERYONE on the journey. He never talks to anyone, and when he does, he is a jerk. Despite being an apprentice (at the time), he acted SO important, like HE was the most important.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed! Please tell me what you think about this in the comments. This is my first blog post, so please don’t criticize me too much! Bye!

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  • I think that Crowfeather was emotionally unstable and an outcast when he returned to WindClan. And plus, why would Nightcloud accept the offer?

    • Because she however did love him I think. Well, she mostly just wanted some cat to love her and this was her chance, except it didn’t turn out the way she thought. 🙁

      • Nightcloud wanted to have kits. She was stated to not really like Crowfeather, but pretended to so she could have kits.

        • Bramblefire, I find that hard to believe. If Nightcloud wanted him for kits, why would she care if he flirted with Leafpool? Or why she would nuzzle him, even though he denies her? She also tells her son how much he hates her. So how she be pretending?

            • Well yeah, if you like someone in warriors, you probably want kits with them. So she wanted love after all, so I think you mean her original intention was to have kits.

                • Her behavior is normal for someone who doesn’t get any love from their husband/wife. Crowfeather is the cause of her behavior, so you could blame Crowfeather as the root of the problem.

                • It is from experience, certainly not. Just because she felt Crowfeather didn’t love her, didn’t give her an excuse to treat Crowfeather like he belonged to her everytime he was around Leafpool or convince Breezepelt to hate Crowfeather. Nightcloud isn’t some innocent snowflake. She’s also the problem. Not to mention, she always was bitter and violent around the other clans even before Crowfeather so it obviously isn’t just him.

                • My argument is that Nightcloud’s behavior is also unacceptable and that she’s also at fault to some degree. She can’t be acting how she is.

                • Nightcloud encouraged her son to hate his father, was overly aggressive to everyone and pretended she owned Crowfeather. She was also openly hostile to Leafpool when she didn’t need to be.

                  • When did we ever see a shred of evidence of her encouraging Breeze to hate his father? That was never shown. She was too possessive, yes, but I’d definitely say she has a right to be angry when Crowfeather ignores her and her son in favor of the mate and kits that he gave up.

    • Totally agreed, Sky. Crowfeather is one of my favorite characters, tbh. 😀

  • His personality is just like that. And I think he truly loved Leafpool. He’s gentle to the cats he loves.
    Great article though, Ferny! 😀

  • I honestly think a lot of people like prickly characters (aka Jayfeather). I guess I do too.

    My problem with Crowfeather is that I keep seeing him as Dustpelt (I love Dustpelt) which makes me like him more. It seems really weird though, but I am weird.

    According to the Warriors code, there is something in there that says something like “the leader’s word is law”. Crowfeather was just following it.

  • Wonderful article, Ferny! I totally agree with you! 😀 Well, I don’t hate Crowfeather but he’s not my favorite (except for the fact that I’m so psyched about his SE that’s coming out; but I’m usually just excited for new books in general so…….XD). I totally agree with you on the Nightcloud part. However he is indeed gentle with the cats he loves but I also agree with how it’s like, “Oh I love you so I’m gonna be gentle with you only and no one else cause you are the only one who can make my life worth living” and such and such. It seems as if whenever he does end up loving someone, he ends up hurting that cat one way or another or the relationship itself hurts him (or them both).

    Nice job! 👍🏽

  • In his defense, of course doesn’t excuse what’s he’s done, he’s been through a lot. He lost most of his family, both of the cats he truly loved, and his clan didn’t really like him. When he went on the journey in the New Prophecy, he was about to be a warrior, but nope, he has to go on a journey. It didn’t help when Leafpool left him or Feathertail died. Crowfeather was left alone without anyone really. From what is seen in the books, his own mother barely pays attention to him and Breezepelt and Nightcloud aren’t much better. And about him and his relationships, many other cats have had multiple mates and just because someone has multiple partners doesn’t make them bad. There’s many people in today’s world that have had multiple partners in life and that’s fine and normal. Not saying he should have been disloyal, but multiple partners throughout his life isn’t terrible.

  • He definitely isn’t my favorite! My article is waiting moderation, it is my first 2!

  • I think that Crowfeather truly did love Leafpool. Also, why should he care that Squirrelflight and Bramblestar are of higher ranks? They are of a different Clan, and he was merely following his leader loyally.

    Plus, what’s wrong with being prickly? Some people seem hard outside, but soften up, just like Crowfeather.

  • Can definitely agree with the Nightcloud part that it was so that his loyalty wasn’t undermined.