Cadvent Day 12

Woohoo! There’s snow here still – not a lot, but still enough to make my world look beautifully wintry. I hope you each have a special treat planned today. I think we should have small treats every day. Which is why I’m sharing theses with you.


Thanks, Stoatpaw for sending this link in. A lovely way to celebrate the beginning of Hanukkah.

This is Iceflower’s dog Scarlett. She’s adorable! Wook at the wittle nose! ❤️

Shiverfur sent in a link to this lovely drawing. I’m not sure whether she created it or simply found it on the web. Isn’t is great?

I do know that Moonpaw created this! I can imagine all the kits in the nursery keeping their eyes tightly shut on Christmas Eve. Which warrior do you think would make the best Santa?

And finally Fire and Ice – a warm kitty sent in by Swanfeather and a chilly cat sent in by Wavesplash. I love them. Thank you!



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