Breezepelt: Misguided or Truly Evil? by Sparktooth

Sparktooth takes another look at Breezepelt and his character progression throughout the series.

Art by Warrior-Junkie

Heyo bloggers! Sparktooth is finally back! This article is going to be focused on a severely debated character: Breezepelt. Some people love him, some hate him; others have a ‘meh’ opinion on him. I’m very neutral about Breezepelt, and can’t really decide if he’s just misunderstood, or truly evil in his heart. So I will reflect and analyze his life and choices, and then you can comment which one you think he is.

Breezepelt is the son of Crowfeather and Nightcloud, half-brother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf. While growing up, Crowfeather really neglected him, which caused his mother to shower him with attention to make up for Crowfeather’s absence. But Breezepelt’s birth was both a good(because all kits births are, right?) and bad, because his parents didn’t truly love each other. I believe Crowfeather mated with her to prove his loyalty to WindClan. I don’t blame him, with Leafpool and Feathertail gone, his Clan was all he had left to live for. This tended to make him cranky around Breezepelt, which Breezepelt thought meant his own father hated him. Because of this he had a thirst to prove himself. Kind of like Scourge, he wanted to prove himself so bad he was blind to everything else; so that he followed it down the wrong path. Breezepelt did the same thing, if not he did something very similar.

He soon began to walk in the Dark Forest during dreams. Cats in there, such as Tigerstar, trained him.
“Breezepelt clawed the ground. ‘I can fight harder.’ Tigerstar nodded. ‘You have more reason than most.’ A growl rose in Breezepelt’s throat. ‘You have been wronged,’ Tigerstar meowed softly. Breezepelt’s young face looked kitlike in the gloom. ‘You’re the only ones who seem to realize that.’ ‘I have told you that you must seek vengeance,’ Tigerstar reminded him. ‘With our help, you can take revenge on every cat who has betrayed you.’ Breezepelt’s gaze grew hungry as the dark warrior went on.” —Fading Echos, pg. 4.

Tigerstar made him feel understood, and that taking revenge was the right way to go. I know a lot of people would say he’s misunderstood. But there are other cats in the series who went through the same thing. Crookedstar’s mother neglected him, like Crowfeather neglecting Breezepelt. And Mapleshade tried to trade him in the Dark Forest, like Tigerstar with Breezepelt. Crookedstar grew to be one of RiverClan’s greatest leaders, even faced with all those challenges. Breezepelt chose ambition, which isn’t a very wise choice. Tawnypelt walked out on Tigerstar when he summoned her to train, Breezepelt could’ve chose to walk away. But he chose to go with it. This decision shows Breezepelt let his anger take over him. Especially when he attempted to silence Jayfeather. That isn’t a very good trait in any cat, or person in real life. But then again, I can see what drove him to do that. Tigerstar kept manipulating him into thinking the world was against him.

So, what decision have you come too? Is Breezepelt misguided or truly evil in your opinion? I’m excited to see what you have to say! Thank you for reading! 😉

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  • Maybe Breezepelt was influenced and spoiled by Nightcloud, which would have affected his view of life, but he chose to be truly evil and I feel no pity for him because of that.

    • I agree. But she probably spoiled him because he was their only son and crowfeather was being the type of daddy that doesn’t love the kid so she tried to make him happy. But ya I guess he was truly evil by himself his mom nightcloud could have helped but no he turned out to be a bully

  • He’s definitely not a good guy. He’s not the worst cat in the books but he’s hardly innocent. He was a violent rage driven cat that mocked cats for dying, bullied others, was an all around traitor, and attempted murder. Breezepelt is not misunderstood and he’s a literal traitor. A parent neglecting a child shouldn’t drive them to murder and have that be justified. He’s an edgy murderous lunatic that doesn’t deserve that much sympathy.

          • In the earlier books in The Power of Three, Crowfeather can be seen saving Breezepaw’s life, worrying about him, and trying to carry him back to WindClan in The Sight. Crowfeather also was seen just talking to Breezepelt, true he ignored him a couple times, but he never set off to abuse him.

            • I don’t recall any instances of him worrying over Breezepaw, just yelling at him and ignoring him. Just because he didn’t set out to abuse him doesn’t mean he didn’t.

              • When Breezepaw was buried in the collapsed tunnel(?) in The Sight, Crowfeather fought to free Breezepelt and then I think it was Lionblaze, noticed Crowfeather offering to help NIghtcloud carry him, but she refused to let him. Obviously, in the earlier books, he did care to some extent.

                • Of course, it doesn’t erase what Crowfeather’s done, but he did try. Breezepelt was also determined to never give Crowfeather a chance and he was evil. Coming from experience, it’s neglect to some extent, but Nightcloud’s not innocent either. She was aggressive and fed Breezepelt hate-filled things about his father, some true, some not.

                  (No disrespect by my arguments either. Hopefully, I don’t come across as rude.)

                  • Again, I don’t recall him trying at all. Wanting to help carry someone who’s unconcious doesn’t equal being a good father. And I don’t see any evidence of Breezepelt never giving Crow a chance. There were several moments where he was clearly looking for Crow’s approval, but got snubbed. And Crow may have claimed that Night was feeding Breeze hate, but we never saw any evidence of that other than his claim. We were only ever shown Nightcloud being a loving, if over-protective, mother. If she was bitter about Crow not being an emotionally present mother, I think she has plenty of justification for that.

                • I agree with Bramble. I get that any Clanmate would carry another Clanmate, but you can see Crowfeather trying. He’s not innocent from being a bad father to Breezepelt, but he is certainly not fully to blame. Nightcloud snubbed Crowfeather just as many times as he snubbed her. And Breezepelt did everything for revenge. Sure, Crowfeather might be the root problem to all this, but Nightcloud should not have fed Breezepelt hate.

                • Yes, exactly! Nightcloud only ever kept encouraging him to be his best and that he is “the best.” Nightcloud had a right to be angry and snub Crowfeather. Honestly I feel like that Crowfeather really needs to have a break from love. They never end well.

                • OF COURSE, Crowfeather didn’t love Nightcloud. I may be wrong of him to mate with a desperate she-cat just to prove his loyalty before snubbing her and his kit, but that doesn’t give Nightcloud the right to tell Breezepelt that Crowfeather was terrible just because she was salty. Heck, she didn’t even love him that much! Maybe it wasn’t outright stated that she fed him hate, but it’s implicated strongly that she trash-talked about Crowfeather behind his back.

                  • When was it implied? The only time I heard anything like that in my memory is Crowfeather’s accusation of her doing such, and that’s not exactly proof.

  • IMO, he’s evil.

    He’s a spoiled brat who thinks everyone has to love him (I both blame Nightcloud and Breezepelt himself for this). Crowfeather wasn’t even neglecting Breezepelt; they have been seen talking a lot. Crowfeather even saved Breezepelt twice (The Sight And Outcast), as well as Jayfeather saving him (The Sight), yet Breezepelt decides to repay them with hate. If you ask me, Breezepelt never deserved redemption.

    • Yeah, that’s totally true. The funny thing is, Ebony and Sky’s opinions on Breezepelt is how I feel about Blossomfall. She THOUGHT her mother hated her, like Breezepelt thought about Crowfeather. The anger caused them both to train in the Dark Forest, except Breezepelt was manipulated more by Tigerstar and his anger to show he was more drove him to start attacking cats. Of course, nothing will ever completely excuse his actions. But I feel like his actions are somewhat, maybe understandable. But other characters went through much worse things and never drove to the dark side. Argh! I can never make up my mind if I think he’s evil or not XD.

      • IMO, Blossomfall is way better. First off, Millie brushed passed Blossomfall a lot. At least Breezepelt had Nightcloud! Graystripe pretty much neglected his second litter of kits, leaving Bumblestripe and Blossomfall alone. The reason why I think Blossomfall was pushed more is because I’ve always seen her as more close with Briarlight, and having all the attention on Briarlight must be shocking. There’s also the fact that Blossomfall is very different from Bumblestripe. Secondly, if Breezepelt is understandable, then Blossomfall shouldn’t get hate.

    • O.O
      HE IS SO MISUNDERSTOOD! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;(

      I totally disagree.

      I love him so much. I loved him from the moment I met him (the fourth apprentice as I read that before into the wind 😛 whoops) and always felt sorry for him. It was all Crowfeather’s fault, and no one can deny it. 🙁

      As an apprentice, you thought that he was going to be such a great warrior. But then Crowfeather came in. In Outcast, “Breezepaw, stop it. Breezepaw, you shouldn’t have done that! Breezepaw! What’s wrong with you? Breezepaw . . . can’t you be a normal apprentice?” And worst of all, “Breezepaw, why can’t you be like Lionpaw?”
      How would you feel if 98% of the warriors fans hated you because your dad hated you? It’s just so sad. He never knew that he was turning evil, until the battle was announced! He chose to fight beside them because they were nicer to him than Crowfeather ever had been. He didn’t know what to do. I really want to do an article on Breezepelt. All of his wrongs were mistakes becase of Crowfeather.
      *curse you Crowfeather, Heathertail, Smokehaze and Brindlewing*

  • Breezepelt and Crowfeather did chat, but they were mostly arguments, orders, or complaints. Sure, Crowfeather might have saved Breezepelt but he probably wouldn’t want Nightcloud to freak out more and she might have given him a stern talk about why he didn’t at least try to save her son (so there’s that option). Crowfeather was trying to prove his loyalty (at that time)! Anyway, about Breezepelt, I did make a defense argument about him but that doesn’t necessarily mean I love him. But I don’t hate him either. Children with “neglecting” parents tend to be that way. Of course there’s the contradiction on Tallstar and Crookedstar, but they were different cats! Everyone is different! Two people could both have neglecting parents, but that doesn’t mean that they both have to take/accept it the same way. Their minds are different and even the circumstances are. Crookedstar was neglected because his mother didn’t like his looks. Breezepelt was “neglected” because Crowfeather never paid attention to him except in scolds and such which made Nightcloud baby him into the little brat he was and is now. We shouldn’t judge someone if we haven’t walked their journey. Crookedstar was never in Breezepelt’s shoes and vise versa. In plus, Tigerstar and the other DF cats were luring/helping Breezepelt become evil. Mapleshade was just trying to make Crookedstar believe all the deaths that happened were his fault and she was also just trying to give him power. Breezepelt wanted revenge so the DF cats used this to persuade him and stuff. Crookedstar never wanted revenge. He was fine with power since he wanted to prove himself but he never had any thirst for revenge. That revenge went on Mapleshade because of what she did (kinda) and well since Mapleshade wanted revenge in Crookedstar and all of Appledusk’s kin as well.

    Sorry for the rant. I know that seemed like a defense comment but I only was pointing out a few things. Like I said, I don’t love Breezepelt, but I don’t hate him. Choosing the DF was wrong and I agree with that. He did choose his own actions. But he isn’t the worst villain in warrior cat history. I’d say he was misguided into becoming evil which made him…well, evil. His whole family is a mess (including half siblings, etc.). Crowfeather was grumpy, fell in love only to lose her, fell in love again and kind of lost her too, he then was trying to prove himself and all that happened. Nightcloud just wanted someone to love her and have kits but it turn out the way she had expected. Breezepelt’s parents were insecure and that insecurness got “passed down” to him and made him a spoiled little evil jerk. I would continue but I think I’ve said enough. 😛
    I will now close this long comment with:
    Breezepelt is a very complicated character and lots of us don’t know if we should hate or love him while others are very firm on their decision (which leads up to my point that he’s very confusing and complicated!).

    My fingers are now gasping with relief that I’m finally done 😛

    • I’m hoping we’ll see more of him in later books (especially in Crowfeather’s Trial), and maybe he’ll change his ways. I know a lot of people will still hate him for what he did, but I personally would be open to him redeeming himself. 🙂

    • OF COURSE everyone is different, but Breezepelt truly did chose to be evil. As far as I can tell, Crowfeather was snubbed just as much as he snubbed. Breezepelt had an overly-doting mom, at least. I don’t see how Crookedstar, Tallstar, and Breezepelt are different situation-wise.

      Everyone can be different, sure, but there’s no denying the fact that Breezepelt fully accepted the help from his evil mentors and tried to kill an expectant queen, a medicine cat, and a few warriors just for his own revenge.

      • He was filled with hate. Hate turns into revenge. His parents made him like this. Crookedstar at least had a loving father. Breezepelt had a horrible father and a over-protective babying mother. He had no one to turn to. That’s why he joined the DF. If you don’t remember, DF cats feed off of this sort of thing. They made Breezepelt eviler than he would have been without them. Okay now I honestly don’t want to debate anymore. Someone else can argue with you but it’s not gonna be me 😛

        • As far as I can tell, Breezepelt had no complaints about Nightcloud. He even seemed to enjoy his babying mother. At any rate, he was already revengeful before joining the DF and tried to frame a medicine cat for the death of a queen and tried to kill a warrior all for his own revenge.

          • Well, true. But I was just saying that both parents were a bad influence and so he went off to join the DF because his life is just a wreck and his whole family is a wreck and Breezepelt in general is (a) 笨蛋 😛

  • I always saw him as pretty evil, but I often feel sympathetic towards him, so I don’t think he is as murderous as the Dark Forest cats. And if he redeems himself, then I guess he might just scrape into StarClan. That or he’ll do an Ashfur.

  • Truly evil, he is not mistunderstood, watch moonkitti’s video on everything bad Breezepelt has ever done

  • There’s no reason to feel sympathy for a cat like Breezepelt who tried to kill, learn to kill, and frame just for his own revenge. He is WAY evil, and even though Crowfeather may be the root of all his problems, Nightcloud is to blame just as much.

    • Breezepelt: Wow I get fought over a lot.
      Me: Indeed you do.
      Breezepelt: Which side are you on?
      Me: Uh…..I don’t care honestly though I would defend you if I had to.
      Breezepelt: At least someone wants me.
      Me: Uh I never said that.
      Breezepelt: ……..
      Me: Not that I hate you though
      Breezepelt: 🙂
      Me: But that doesn’t give me any excuse to forgive you for what you’ve done.
      Breezepelt: ☹️
      Me: Now don’t you give me a pouty face! It’s your fault you got yourself into this mess!
      Breezepelt: But why am I hated so much?
      Breezepelt: I don’t want to talk about it.
      Me: *huffs* Suit yourself.
      Breezepelt: ……….I’m sorry.
      Me: No.
      Breezepelt: I’m sorry!
      Me: No! Nothing you say will make anyone forgive you!
      Breezepelt: Yeah I know.
      Me: So?
      Breezepelt: You forgive me though, don’t you?
      Me: No comment.
      Breezepelt: Don’t you?
      Me: This conversation is over.
      Breezepelt: But –
      Me: Bye!
      Breezepelt: Aww but –
      Me: *is gone*
      Breezepelt: Mousedung.

  • He is spoiled. But my opinion quite changed a bit in the ‘Crowfeather’s trial’ though.
    But still, he choosed his own path and he deserved any ending that caused him.
    Good article!