Don’t Let People Get Between You and What You Love by Willowpaw

Willowpaw shares a message to all BlogClanners about their love of Warriors.

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Hi everyone! Some of you may remember me, but its not likely considering I was never popular or consistently active on blogclan though I hope to be now. My name is willowpaw (or willowpaw is BACK!) This article isn’t about a certain character or arc, in fact this article is about my experience with being shamed for my love of warriors and how you should never let anyone else’s judgment get between you and your passions.

Ever since I started reading warriors in second grade, Warriors was my life blood. The characters, the plot, I even loved to draw everyday in second grade. (though my art is still horrible) I couldn’t stop thinking about it during school, summer, winter, spring, fall. It was always there, making my life better and more exciting. I started collecting all the books and filling millions of notebooks with my strange cat drawings. And as I got older, I started to be more interested in the community, watching maps and pmv’s, joining blogclan here, even getting a cheep drawing tablet (30$) that I still use today. Years of warriors experience helped me get a couple friends into the books and answer all their questions. But around 5 years of warriors being the one thing I lived for, my brother started making fun of me for my Warriors obsession. At first I ignored it. He’d done it before, he made fun of me for liking the game animal jam, calling it a ‘baby game’. But then everyday he would taunt me and tell me that warriors was immature and dumb, and that nobody would like me if I continued liking it.

Everyday he would pester me and make fun of me, until I couldn’t take it. I threw away the notebooks, I took my book collection and put them in a plastic trash bag and hid it in a large cabinet in my desk. Every time my brother mentioned warriors I would scoff and say how dumb and stupid warriors is and how I cant I believe I was ever into them, though the whole time I wish for nothing more than my warriors books. This went on for almost a year, until I snapped.

I saw the Celeste map that featured apprentices. I watched it sneakily when my brother wasn’t around and realized how much I missed that part of my life. It took me a while but I finally mustered the courage to go and confront my brother I told him.

“—–, I like warriors and its time you started accepting me for who I am and stop trying to change me to be somebody you like better.” He looked at me funny and then said.

“Okay, I understand.” and walked away. And then the next day, I walked out of my room with into the wild in my hand.

The message is, to never let somebody else get in the way of your passions. Its time to stop worrying about what other people think and start loving what you love.
With love -Willowpaw

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