Cadvent Day 17

Hey BlogClan! Are your chestnuts roasting on an open fire yet? Let’s start today with some fan art!

Butterflyflower drew this adorable picture πŸ™‚ Tigerheart keeping warm. You’re very wise, Tigerheart.

Kindheart found this cute little kitten on the web. I love this picture.

And here is another of Lionfire’s pets. Not a chicken this time but the love of her life, a very beautiful cat called Dotty! ❀️

Shimmerfrost has decided that Cadvent needs guinea pigs, and I think she’s right. Especially festive guinea pigs πŸŽ„They are wonderful!

And our last picture today was found by Wavesplash, because you can’t have too many cats in trees at this time of year. πŸŽ„πŸŽ„So cute!


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