Defending BloodClan and Thinking About What May Happen To Them by Metalclaw

Metalclaw shares their thoughts on BloodClan and what future they had after the first arc ended.

Art by CascadingSerenity

Hello Metalclaw here, I’m a new member and I’m gonna be defending blood clan and I’m gonna do that by counting good-bad points…

1. So in series 1 at the last book is where they first appear. Tigerstar brings bloodclan to the forest thinking that he can command them, appears he couldn’t. When he does scourge kills him saying that only he can command them. i believe he mostly killed tigerstar because he hurt scourge as a kit. SUPER GOOD OF SCOURGE(tigerstar was a bad cat anyway so it was good to kill him) so 1 good point to bloodclan.

2 the erins placed bloodclan like evil heartless invaders. they where just trying to get a better home. in twolegplace prey was scarce so they where forced to eat out of the carbage. we would also not like to eat garbage. and the clan cats where with less than 70. the bloodclan cats with at least 300. so better the clan cats dead than the bloodclan cats. another good point to bloodclan

3 in bloodclan a lot of cats are bad and kill cats without beeing sorry. an example is scourge ordering jumper and hood to kill there own sister( and barelys) and they just do it. buttt thats because they have no wright and no wrong. one time firestar thought: what would we be without the warrior code. then everyone could just steal and kill whenever they wanted. it would be a great chaos! well bloodclan doesnt have a warrior code so its not their fault there so evil and mean. no point for this one just to profe that firestars stupid.

4 scourge is actualy a hero he is the one that held bloodclan togetter as willie says in ravenpaws path: it has been hard living in twolegplace since scourge died. to many cats trying to be leader of bloodclan. thats why where gonna start our own clan! so firestar must be a killer in bloodclan world( i dont like firestar anyway, i hate him!) so this is another good point to bloodclan

so this is the end of my article. i hope you think that bloodclan isn,t evil anymore. thankue for reading and i hope you liked it. bye bye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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