Cadvent Day 18

I can’t believe it’s the 18th already. I hope you’ve started gift wrapping. My tree is up and there are presents under it already. Wishing you much light and warmth at this dark time of the year ❤️

We start with Blueheart’s dog Danny. Danny is very handsome and your Christmas tree looks fabulous! 🎄

A happy Hanukkah from Hazelpaw. I hope that if you’re celebrating Hanukkah, you are having a wonderful time 💕

Another BlogClan pet now. Lionfire’s dog Buttons. (Buttons is an awesome name for a dog). I love the seasonal flourish you’ve added to his picture.

Swanfeather found this gorgeously beautiful picture for us. This kitty looks perfectly at peace and very excited all at the same time. Cats are truly zen.

Here is Willowflight’s dog Spike. What a gentleman. I didn’t realise so many of you were dog lovers! I’ve been wondering whether to get a dog to replace Hazelburrow now he’s at college. I’m not sure Flower would approve. 🐱


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