My Top Five Favorite Cats by Otterpaw

Otterpaw shares their favorite cats and why they like them.

Artwork by CosmisSkunk

Hi! Otterpaw here, and I’ll show you my top five favorite cats and the reasoning why.

5- BLAZE (From Tigerheart’s Shadow)
If you haven’t read Tigerheart’s Shadow, go ahead and skip this one, because I don’t think you’ll get this. Blaze is a cute character, and his bond with Spire is adorable! The little kit is strong and thoughtful to other cats. As in Tigerheart’s Shadow, it says he’s a strong hunter, and I bet he’ll make a great warrior to ShadowClan!

I feel like Violetpaw is a sweet cat, and I can tell even though I think she hurt Twigpaw one time or something, she really cares for her sister. The bond between Twigpaw and Violetpaw is just so cute, and she’s definitely one of my favorite characters.

This character doesn’t get a lot of praise, but I think he’s amazing! Brackenfur is wise, a strong warrior, and Bramblestar’s Storm, it said he was also good at building dens. Brackenfur has done many things for ThunderClan, and he’s a character that doesn’t get enough praise that he needs!

Many, MANY people like Ivypool, and I completely agree. I think she is a smart, sneaky character and nothing like Dovewing, which I kind of think is a Mary Sue. I like how strong Ivypool is and even though she trained in the Dark Forest, she’s a great character and she is a character that really stands out for me!

Before I tell you my favorite character, here’s some honorable mentions:

And in first place for my favorite cat… drum roll please!!!

I know a lot of people don’t like her, but she is the first character I memorized the name of. At first, my sister was on warriors wiki, and I asked, ‘Who’s Squirrelfight?’ Sure, I called her Squirrelfight and not Squirrelflight, but as I read the books, I realized how sassy and stubborn she is, kind of like me. I liked her character and how she developed through the books.

Thanks for reading! See you next time, if I make another article!

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