Millie is a Good Cat: Here’s why by Fawnberry

Fawnberry lists reasons as to why Millie was a good cat.

Art by Tegan09

whY HELLO THERE! I’m Fawnberry. Or fawnpaw at the moment. And today, I’m gonna tell you why I LIKE MILLIE! Yes, yes, I like Millie. Shun me. And I’m going to show you why ALL YOUR ARGUMENTS ARE INVALID! Also, this is just my opinion.

‘She doesn’t really love Graystripe. And Graystripe doesn’t love her.’
Um… That is quite invalid. If you’ve read the final Graystripe manga, you can see that she does in fact love Graystripe. Also, why would Graystripe ask her to be his mate if he didn’t love her? After Graystripe’s request to be her mate, she says something along the lines of “Graystripe, to be with you… That’s what I wanted from the moment I met you.” So, he does in fact love her, and she loves him.

‘She’s a horrible mom!!’

No. Correction: ‘She’s a overprotective mom.’ She loves all her kits equally. When Briarlight got injured, she was so worried about her, she shut her other kits out without knowing. She wanted Briarlight to live, to thrive as much as she could after her fatal injury. You may argue by pointing out the fight with Blossomfall, but no. Millie had accidentally shut out her other kits, and the way I see it, she felt bad about the fight as soon as she realized.
Millie is going to make an amazing grandma, since she really DOES care for all her kits.

‘Graystripe only chose her because she looked like Silverstream!’

Well, I’d like to point out that in the MANGAS, Millie is a cream tabby she-cat. So if that wasn’t a mistake, although I’m pretty sure it was, Millie looks nothing like Silverstream. And even if Millie does, Graystripe definitely did not choose her for that reason alone. Sure, that might’ve been ONE of the reasons, but he most likely chose her for her attitude, her kindness to him, and many other things. Millie and Graystripe have been mates since The Sight, which is actually quite a long time. They still show affection to EACHOTHER in the elders den, and neither of them have died yet. I am sure Millie will try as hard as she can to have her grandchildren know her, since we really do need another grandparent-grand kit relationship. Yellowfang and Silverflame was adorable.

Well, anyways, I’m done now! Next up:

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  1. Sundance
    December 19, 2017 at 7:39 pm

    I’m jumping into the line of fire 😛

    I think Millie’s one of the most misunderstood character’s in the series. 😅 A lot of the hate she gets seems to stem from one instance with Blossomfall. Which begs the question, would your parents not reprimand you if you unnecessarily endangered your life? Yes, Millie may have been harsh, but she was overwhelmed with concern, and she was right that Blossomfall’s actions were irresponsible, and deserved a rebuke. Also, let’s not forget it happened once. Which doesn’t compare to the amount of times a parent, on average, yells at their child.

    In addition, if my sister was in a terrible accident and paralyzed from the waist down for life, I would understand if my mother showed her endless support and Velcro-ed herself to my sister’s bedside for days, weeks, months, thus not giving me any attention. That is normal. I — an able-bodied adult with a successful, independent life — wouldn’t then get jealous and spiteful of my mother and start training with murderers in hell. Lastly, I think it’s important to remember that we’re seeing their relationship mostly from Blossomfall’s point of view, who perceives herself as being neglected. Not many of their prior and later interactions are featured in the books either to really get a sense of their overall dynamic.

    This quote . . . “As she reassured her Clanmate, Ivypool guessed that this was how Hawkfrost had won Blossomfall over: by giving her the chance to get as much attention as her sister, Briarlight.” . . . also makes me wonder if Hawkfrost took advantage of their crippling mother-daughter relationship by fueling Blossomfall’s misguided beliefs that Millie hated her. Honestly, I’d be surprised if he didn’t.

    • December 19, 2017 at 8:00 pm


      I AGREE COMPLETELY!!! EVERY WORD YOU SAID!!!! I’m on neither side, because they both made mistakes, and I HATE how people focus on that one incident. It’s like, there is one fight, and suddenly someone is completely awful.

      This could very well happen to me in my later life, me being the ‘Millie’. I know I will make so many mistakes that I can relate to Warriors. Not one fight in your life should dictate how people see you.

      ReginaXRobin Forever

    • Snowflakes Falling From Icy Sky
      December 19, 2017 at 9:26 pm

      I’m pretty much agreed on the second long paragraph. However, I can’t agree at the same time. Everycat is different, and Blossomfall seems to like attention and support. If you’ve read Jayie’s comments, even a twenty-year-old would be crushed if their family suddenly turned their backs on them. My parents would scold me and, normally, they do exactly what Millie did. And trust me – IT HURTS. Both physically because you’ve just been hurt and mentally because you’ve been scared out of your wits. But your parents yelling at you adds on the emotional blow – it really does feel like they don’t care.

    • Oakwhisker_FTW
      December 19, 2017 at 9:40 pm

      Agreed!! And even if Millie’s argument with Blossomfall wasn’t necessary, are parents not allowed to screw up sometimes? The fact itself that she was willing to leave her housefolk to be with Greystripe, and then devote herself to a life in the nursery (which, mind you, is NOT fun at all), is proof enough for me that Millie is a wonderful character and does not get nearly enough credit for all that she does. Neither does Daisy, either. Just because they aren’t Warriors doesn’t mean they’re not providing in a substantial way to the Clan.

      Sporks are weird :/

    • All Spark wants for Christmas is a New Front Tooth (Sparktooth :P)
      December 20, 2017 at 2:08 am

      Totally agreed, Sundance!

    • Coral
      October 4, 2018 at 1:04 am

      One problem with your argument, Millie did not know that Blossomfall endangered her life or took any risks. She was in camp, unless Millie has powers that enable her to see things going on in the forest there is no way for her to know what Blossomfall did that morning for all she knows Blossomfal may have come across a fox. All Millie knows is that Blossomfall went out on patrol and came back hurt.

      Nothing Millie said to Blossomfall was about reprimanding her for endangering her life “Where have you been?’ Millie snapped. ‘You’ve wasted a whole morning when you could have been hunting!’ Glancing back at Briarlight,…’Your sister would give anything to be able to help feed the Clan!”(Hunter 254-255) Warriors: Omen of the Stars: Sign of the Moon. It was inappropriate to bring up Briarlight. It is not Blossomfall’s fault her sister is injured. Not to mention it was insensitive to Briarlight, for her mother to use her condition against Blossomfall. Millie made an assumption that Blossomfall wasted the morning. How does she know her daughter wasted the morning, if she was in camp the whole time?

      Millie was out of line humiliating her daughter in front of the entire clan. There is a difference between justified disciplinary action and humiliating a person.

    • RuruTheUwU
      December 17, 2019 at 12:51 pm

      THANK YOU. I absolutely agree. Blossomfall is an adult, not a kit- and therefore doesn’t need her mother’s attention 24/7.

      berrynose = berrybae

  2. Stormsong
    August 11, 2019 at 5:20 pm

    YAAAAAS! Great article!
    This is exactly why I like Millie!
    I like Millie X Graystripe WAY better than Graystripe X Silverstream, a big reason being because Graystripe hardly knew Silverstream (and only saw her so many times) compared to Millie before they became mates, you know? Well, I’m pretty sure that’s the case, anyway.
    I HAVE A THEORY: I definitely don’t think Millie is the best mother, but she was just overly worried about Briarlight, and it made her annoyed when Blossomfall got hurt (I’m talking about that one time mentioned by others before on this page), because she was probably secretly worried that Blossomfall would end up like Briarlight and/or that Blossomfall wasn’t as hurt as Millie expected and she didn’t need to pay attention to it compared to Briarlight’s injury.
    No offense to those who think otherwise. 🙂

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