Staghearts looks at his favourite kits by Stagheart

Stagheart ponders the destiny of his favorite kits.

Well kits, there an interesting part of cat life, loved and hated by all. I myself love kits, the adorable words, funny actions and even better views on life… Let’s get started shall we?

Well rusty of course. The one that never gave up, the one that gave up everything to live with cats he knew nothing about. He sure was courageous and that’s why I like him. He decided that thunder clans attitude towards him wasn’t good enough and defended himself against a Tom twice his size and proved he was valid for clan life.

Birchkit, the kit that didn’t understand
Birchkit it started out life tough with his two sisters dieing and him mother struggling with grief. He come through and met a friend Cody who looked after him when his mother couldn’t. When Cody leaves the clans he doesn’t understand why his friend left him. But he soon makes friends with shadowclan’s tallpoppy’s litter of kits. When the clans find the lake and decide again he dosnt understand why his new friends where leaving him. And yet he came through it to become a good fiend, mate and father to his friends and family.

Eaglekit, the special one
Well I really hope that Eaglekit and her siblings are special in some way and do something important in thunderclan, mainly because I like their names.

Perchkit, the perch curse
Why is that every cat with the beginning name or perch dies early on in the books? I like the beginning name perch and wish that there was a surviving member or perch club. It makes me wonder but also saddens me that we don’t know who his father is, I don’t think any cat should grow up without a father. I wonder how his other siblings died? But this kit died early on in his life but was happy to still be living even in Starclan, I think we could learn a thing or two from the kit.

This concludes my look at some of the most interesting and some of my favourite kits.
I think kits are sometimes not mentioned enough. It sometimes bugs me when kits are born between books. Because I like the process of just after the kits are born, especially the naming process .

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