Warriors: Why it’s a Special Series to Me! by Sparktooth

Sparktooth shares why Warriors has been a special series to them.

Art by Simatra (Tennelle Flowers)

Heyo bloggers! Sparktooth here with a very special article. Warriors has always stood out from the crowd of fantasy books. This series has really got to me sometimes. Full of unforgettable characters, who seem very real to me, even today; after I encountered them years ago. So here’s an article why Warriors is a special series to me, and how it’s influenced and helped me through my life.

When I read Warriors, it seemed like some things that happened to the main characters were kind of similiar to my life. And I’m not talking like I had to find the true colors of a killer(Tigerstar), but you’ll understand as I continue.

When I first found out about Warriors, I had moved to a new school where I didn’t know anyone. My class was at the library and I was wondering around the fantasy section because I LOVE fantasy XD. But I was bored because I had just finished the Harry Potter series and needed a new series to read. Then I saw the cover of Into the Wild. I had a friend who told me about the series once or twice, but I never really considered reading it. So I picked it up and began reading. The prologue instantly grabbed me. I was so interested to find out more about these ‘Clans’ and the cats who lived in them. When I continued reading, I had fallen in love with Firepaw’s character, because I could already relate to him. I felt like I was Firepaw, and my new school was ThunderClan. An outsider in a new environment. I made a good friend right away who totally reminds me of Graystripe. That’s one reason why I like him so much, ‘cause he reminds me of my good friend.

As the series went on, each book kept getting better to even better. Normally in a long ongoing series, the author and/or authors soon start to run out of ideas, and the later books aren’t as good. This isn’t true at all with Warriors. The Erin Hunters are geniuses! Every one of them! 😉

Anyway as the series went on more memorable characters came into the plot. Brambleclaw(star) trying to prove his loyalty, but finding it hard under the influence of Hawkfrost and Tigerstar. Squirrelflight and Leafpool, sisters with a bond who are close even when they’re far apart. Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf, the original three who were believed to have the stars in their paws. Dovewing and Ivypool, etc.
What I’m trying to say is that there are dozens upon dozens of characters that I haven’t forgotten, and not in just ThunderClan, either. All of these characters have stuck with me for a long time. This series even inspired me to start writing my own story!

I’m also gonna mention this: I almost never cry while reading or watching movies/TV shows. Warriors has made me cry a number of times, not only at death scenes. Scenes that weren’t death scenes have also made me cry. Like the one where Mistyfoot and Stonefur didn’t forgive Bluestar when Fireheart says she’s their mother to save her. Or when Bramblestar finally forgave Squirrelflight near the end of The Last Hope, and made her his deputy. I’m not saying I didn’t cry at death scenes, believe me, I sometimes bawled. The thing I really love about this is that it shows this series has really touched me sometimes. I truly care about the characters as if they were real, and am interested to see what they’re future brings.
So there are my reasons explaining why Warriors stands out, and why it’s special to me. I just want to say a thanks to the Erin Hunters for making this series. Also for you fellow bloggers: How did you first find the Warriors series? Does it stand out to you in a way? Thx for reading and I hope to see you later! 😀

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