Cadvent Day 22

Only 3 days to go! So exciting!

Here’s Skypaw’s beautiful kitten, Snow! A perfect kitten with a perfect name for Cadvent 🙂

And here is Lionfire’s chicken Midnight! Very handsome, Mr Chicken!

Foxtail has an adorable dog called Jemma. She looks like a corgi. Is she, Foxtail? She’s giving Santa a little help today. Thanks, Jemma! ❤️

Sawnfeather found this delightful pic of a cat in a tree. So cute! And such big round eyes!

Do you remember Minnie? She was a member of BlogClan for a long time. She got in touch this year. You’ll be pleased to know she’s well and happy. And she sent me a picture of her newest cat, Rusty 🙂 I wonder who he’s named after? 😘


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