StarClan Discussion: Who will they choose as their mates in StarClan? by Sparktooth

Sparktooth presents us with a humorous take on a greatly debated topic.

Art by Sirmaril

Heyo bloggers! Sparktooth is back! I’ve been busy for a while and couldn’t find much time to write articles. So enjoy this one XD. I got to help judge a special (and ridiculous, if you don’t believe me just read this XD) StarClan discussion: Who will these cats choose for their mates when they join StarClan? Here we go:

*Starry cats gather around the Moonpool*
Bluestar: Cats of StarClan! We are gathered for another special meeting! Time to discuss who these cats will choose as their mates when they die! Joining us is Sparktooth of BlogClan!
*Sparktooth runs in and sits, but then realizing no cat is cheering*
Yellowfang: What’s wrong with you people!? CHEER!
Mousefur: I’ve never seen or heard of this cat before in my life.
Sandgorse: Why are you so worked up over this?
Stonefur: Yeah, Yellowfang, how come you aren’t cheering?
Yellowfang: YAY SPARKTOOTH!!!!!!!!!!! *Jumps up and down and claps*
Longtail: I don’t even know what BlogClan is!
Bluestar: Pfft, everyone knows what BlogClan is. *Leans over to Lionheart and whispers* Do you know?
*Lionheart shrugs*
Hollyleaf: ‘Cmon people! We’re getting off the topic. The first cat we’ll be discussing is Crowfeather. Do you guys think he’ll pick Feathertail or Leafpool? Sparktooth, why don’t you start?
Sparktooth: I honestly think he’ll be happy with both of them, and neither will be jealous. They can live in StarClan for eternity happy with each other.
Yellowfang: I TOTALLY AGREE!
Mousefur: That’s boring! It’s more fun to argue. TEAM FEATHERTAIL! That Leafpool has made too many mistakes if you ask me.
Leopardstar: Yeah, I’m with Mousefur!
Longtail: What do you people have against Leafpool? CROWFEATHER DESERVES HER MORE THAN A RIVERCLAN CAT!
Sparktooth: Why don’t we ask Feathertail her opinion?
*Feathertail stands up*
Feathertail: I actually agree with Spark-
Yellowfang: YAY I’M NOT ALONE!
Sandgorse: Yellowfang! Be quiet! Feathertail, you have to greet Crowfeather when he comes to StarClan so he chooses you!
*Cats begin to bicker*

*Later after all the fighting cats were silenced*

Bluestar: Anyway…Next up: Graystripe! Will he choose Silverstream or Millie?
Sparktooth: TEAM MILLIE FOR THE WIN, BOI! *Pulls out Team Millie fan gear, T-shirts, giant Millie head, and Team Millie signs*
Mousefur: You’re rooting for a kittypet!? Get this strange ginger cat out of here!
Sparktooth: Hey! Millie is a loyal ThunderClan WARRIOR! Are you rooting for Silverstream!?
Silverstream: Hey!
*Sparktooth and Silverstream stare awkwardly at each other*
Sparktooth: Sorry…
Mousefur: I don’t really like either of them. Graystripe needs a better taste.
Silverstream: HEY!
Stonefur: Don’t worry Silverstream! I’m on your team!
Hollyleaf: Millie doesn’t stand a chance. Pretty much the whole fandom and most of the StarClan cats are on Silverstream’s team.
Silverstream: Wait…How come I never knew about this!?
Sparktooth: I WILL NOT GIVE UP!
Bluestar: I’m actually on team Silverstream. And not just because she’s the daughter of my mate’s brother.
Oakheart: I’m actually on team Millie…
*Cats stare at him*
Sparktooth: Welcome to the club! *Rushes over and gives him some Millie fan gear*
Silverstream: Oakheart! How dare you betray me!? You’re my uncle!
Bluestar: I thought you were different, Oakheart. You are no mate of mine. *Turns away dramatically*
Oakheart: Wait…WHAT!?
Sparktooth: Don’t worry, Oakheart! I’ll get Bluestar to forgive you! *Rushes over with a sheet of paper* Read this.
Bluestar: *Looks over* ‘My Second Millie Defense Article: Why I favor GrayXMillie over GrayXSilver,’ you expect me to read this!?
Sparktooth: Just try it.
*Bluestar reads it*
Oakheart: Hooray!
Silverstream: *sigh*
Longtail: Pfft, whatever.
*Several cats read the article. Now half hate still hate Millie and half don’t*
Mousefur: I still don’t like either of them.
Sandgorse: You can be that way. SPARKTOOTH GIVE ME A TEAM MILLIE SIGN!
Lionheart: People, people! Let’s calmly discuss our opinions.
*Cats calmly discuss their opinions*
Bluestar: Well we were going to discuss if Firestar would choose Cinderpelt or Sandstorm but… I don’t think we have time.
Firestar: Wait, Cinderpelt is just my friend!
Sandstorm: Firestar is already up here with me! YOU NEVER TOLD ME ABOUT YOU AND CINDERPELT! *slaps Firestar*
Firestar: Sandstorm, it’s not what you think!
*Sandstorm chases Firestar through the group of cats*
Bluestar: Ok then…that will end this discussion. Give a thanks to our guest, Sparktooth!

So yeah…that was my interesting discussion with StarClan. Wow, who would’ve thought StarClan cats fought that much?
Who do you think those cats will choose when they join StarClan? I haven’t read AVOS yet so if those cats have already died in that series than…oops XD. Thank you for reading! 😀

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