Cadvent Day 23

It’s Christmas Eve Eve! Let’s start the festivities with some seasonal fan art by Juniperpool!

An adorable BlogClan kitty next! This is Foxtail’s cat. I’ll let Foxtail tell you about her.

“This is my cat Xiao Xiao (shee-ow)! 😀 Her full name though is Xiǎo Lán Yǎn Jīng (lahn-yahn-jee-ng) which means “little blue eyes”  in Mandarin Chinese, though they sometimes look huge (like) Cinderpelt’s)! She’s very social and talkative and very affectionate. She used to be very shy but when our beloved black at, Jett, died, I think she started to become lonely so now she’s more outgoing and stuff (though she hates the outside. We tried it one time and she just froze and raced back inside the house!). She’s a Siamese tabby mix of some sort (which explains her loudness and her “big” blue eyes. She likes to yowl at night while she plays with her small mouse “baby”), haha.” Foxtail

Echolight found this brilliant pic of an enthusiastic Christmas kittypet. I imagine this is how Flower would look in a Christmas tree.  <3

Swanfeather found our next picture. Can you tell that I’m rather fond of kitties in Christmas trees? 🙂

Nest we have an unusual BlogClan pet. I think it’s a hermit crab! It’s Iceflower’s pet, Sheldon. (Shel-don! Genius name!)

Leafskip found this adorable kitty gif. Sparkles! I hope your holiday is feeling sparkly because tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Best Day of the Year! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Christmas Cakestar


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