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Sorrelpaw imagines an event in Warriors from the Twoleg perspective.

Artwork by Wildpath of ShadowClan

YGreetings, I’m Sorrelpaw. Also known as Sorzi. Today I shall present you with another lovely article. Before we begin, let me first warn you against spoilers for SkyClan’s Destiny (and possibly I’ll make minor mentions of other books).

Have we got that clear? Yes? Okay. So.

{{Startspoiler}} 😛

So a lot of Warriors fans have already read up to Shattered Sky, the third book on A Vision of Shadows. SkyClan is back, but can they stay? (I haven’t read Darkest Night yet, so if something happens there that I don’t know about, forgive me).

We all know that long, long ago SkyClan lived with the others Clans in the old forest, but were forced to leave after being defeated by Redstar’s Clan, ThunderClan. So Cloudstar led the hungry, defeated Clan to a different place, a gorge. There, they lived for a while, but during Spiderstar’s rule the Clan was defeated once again, this time by rats.

SkyClan was lost and broken until Firestar and Sandstorm came and rebuilt the Clan, naming Leafstar as leader. And then SkyClan prospered. I was always intrigued and interested in the history and future of SkyClan, and I enjoyed all the books about them, especially SkyClan’s Destiny. SkyClan’s Destiny is my second favorite super-edition. (My first favorite is Moth Flight’s Vision).

But I haven’t come here to talk about which books are my favorite, I’ve come to present an article “about warriors but by twolegs in warriors”. I know, it’s confusing. So for now we’ll backtrack and go back to talking about SkyClan’s Destiny.

In SkyClan’s Destiny, my favorite scene was where Leafstar and the others came up with a plan to rescue a twoleg kit who was found hurt and crying in their territory. The cats came up with a plan and used contents from the girl’s backpack to lure her parents to her and rescued the young twoleg.

To the SkyClan cats this was probably not a big deal, but after reading it, I wondered how twolegs would react. Immediately, I guessed that the twoleg would write a news article talking about the marvelous intelligence of cats.

So in this article, I’ll write out the news that I imagine the twolegs involved with Leafstar’s plan would. So here goes. (The names I used in this article were made from Bananagrams and are completely fake. They are, however, incredibly funny and will make you laugh for ages.)

Forest Feline Shows Incredible Intelligence In Rescuing Girl

Yesterday, parents of 10-year-old Livri Argpet Tookie were frantic when their child vanished during one of her exploration expeditions. When search parties could not locate the girl, they gave up hope, but a small cat showed amazing cleverness by laying a trail of Livri’s belongings to where the girl laid, hurt and injured..

Snodi Tookie, the mother, was the first to sight a young tabby she-cat entering their garden. Snodi attempted to chase the cat out. However, Gab, Livri’s fathe had seen that the cat held Livri’s hat in her jaws, and quickly refrained Snodi from further ill-treatment of the cat. After being alerted by Gab of this occurrence, both of the Tookies acted more kindly to the brown-and-cream cat. Holding the hat in her jaws, the cat left their garden and led them across a road where they found Livri’s hairband. Moving on, the couple discovered Livri’s other possessions spread in what looked like a trail, and at the end her backpack hung in a spot near where the injured girl herself lay. Upon finding Livri, the couple went nearly mad with joy and instantly called emergency service.

Livri is in hospital now, recovering from her shock, but her wounds may take longer to heal. Doctors have a positive view about her case, though, and Doop Smery, a well-respected doctor, expects her to be well again in within two weeks at most.

Once Livri’s parents had been assured of their daughter’s wellbeing, they immediately raised the subject of the cat who had led them to where Livri had been found. They expressed their hopes that the cat could be captured and tamed as a pet for their dear Livri, but were refused by Faund Snitripod (aka The Egg Dude), saying that if such an intelligent cat should be allowed to live on their own and survive with her skills. His comment raised other opinions, many of which suggest the fact that there are other cats who are beyond the normal cleverness of felines.

“Really,” Gab Tookie informed reporter Teb Qqrrvetto, “It was amazing. We have no idea how the cat thought up of that. It could the the eight miracle of the world!” And their neighbor, the old “cat lady” Igee Qatyseed, expressed similar thoughts when interviewed by Jidditi Ufis. “I didn’t see it happen,” Said Igee, “But it sounds really amazing. Cats are marvelous creatures, no doubt.” Many of the public agree with Igee, and only a few hours ago a new opinion was raised.

Some of the younger children are fans of a book series called “Warriors”, and upon hearing this incredible news the young readers wonder if the tabby cat could be a character straight out of their favorite books. There is a lot we don’t know about cats, but one thing is certain: these felines are not dumb animals.

Written by: Sorrelpaw

Yay. There we go. I’m a terrible news writer, so don’t blame me for the sheer horribleness 😛

However I’d like to bring your attention to my brilliant Bananagrams-made names. Snodi Tookie, Gab Tookie, Livri Tookie, Doop Smery, Faund Snitripod (aka the Egg Dude), Teb Qqrrvetto, Igee Qatyseed and Jidditi Ufis. Some credit must go to my friend, Whitespots.

Ah well. Thay is all for this article!


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