Why Ashfur went Mad by Maplepaw

Maplepaw theorizes about the cause of Ashfur’s behavior.

Artwork by Moonkitti

Hi Blogclan
Today I will be working out which character might have influenced Ashfur going mad.

1. Fireheart/star

Okay so the first thing that Fireheart did that might of influenced the fire scene was he literally put the idea of revenge in Ashfur’s head by letting him avenge his mothers death in dangerous path by being chased by DOGS. Bearing in mind that Bluestar DIED in that chase it was a really stupid idea to let apprentices be chased as well.

Later on in his life Firestar gave Ashfur Lionpaw as an apperentice LIONPAW every cat in the clan must have known that Sqirrelflight had dumped Ashfur and had kits with Brambleclaw. But of course Firestar would just go and rub it in to Ashfur that his ex had kits. Great idea Firestar.

2. Squirrelflight

Well this one is kind of obvious. She dumped Ashfur and had kits with Brambleclaw (who in my mind was a much less loyal warrior, go SquirrelxAsh!! ). My personal opinion is that when Ashfur said to Sqirrelflight that he didn’t want to be friends he was testing her but when she just agreed he took it that she didn’t even care about him as a friend. But that’s just my opinion.
Oh and also in Ashfur’s mind her existing would be something that made him go mad.


Brambleclaw had kits with Sqirrelflight. Enough said there.


He must have had some part in convincing Ashfur to completely betray his clan and try to kill Firestar, Hawkforst is really good at manipulating cats.


Ferncloud is Ashfur’s only living sibling ( I’m not going to count Cloudtail) and she has been so busy having an uncountable amount of kits and is almost never seen talking to Ashfur. It would definitely make you very angry if your sister had loads of kits when you didn’t have any and she doesn’t even talk to you when you live in the same place.


He killed Ashfur’s mother. That would make any one go mad.

7.Any Nursing Queens and their mates

They had kits. Ashfur didn’t have kits

Anyway that is the list Ashfur still has no excuse for going mad but these cats might have helped the madness along the way.

Anyway here is a YouTube video that help me feel sorry for Ashfur and made me right this post

Please watch it Sqirrelflight x Ashfur for the win


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