Luxury Tour Through Tallstar’s Revenge by Sorrelpaw

Sorrelpaw shares their opinion on Tallstar’s Revenge.

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

H h h h i!! I am Sorrelpaw (Sorrelstream) aka Sorzi as you should probably know by now. In case you don’t, I might add that I am Mapleshade’s #1 fan and I do not like PebbleXHawk. I am also Darktail’s #1 hater. And I just reread Tallstar’s Revenge last week.

As a matter of fact, this article is going to be a 360 degree tour on my opinions of the book. You might be thinking, what in the name of StarClan is a 360 degree tour? I don’t mean a literal tour. I just mean, an article on my opinions. But it’s a 360 degree article. Because it shows just about everything I think about Tallstar’s Revenge. Most unfortunately, I’m in a hotel right now so I do not have the book with me, but I will try my best with this article despite that. Let’s take a look first at my friends’ thoughts about Tallstar.
Sizzlepaw: TallXJake. All the way.
Tawnyfern: Haven’t read his SE yet. Sizzlepaw’s hogging all the Warriors books! But he seems nice. And kind of weak. Though. Riverkit: He’s so niice! And I love how he loves Jake.
Honeypaw: Omg Tallstar?!?!! Love him! Fangirling over TallxJake omgomg! Totally shipitshipit. TaLL X JakE (aKa fiRepufF’s DAD) omG,,,

Please excuse Honeypaw. She’s the biggest shipper of TallXJake I’ve ever seen. But she isn’t the only one! Most of my friends, when I asked them what they thought about Tallstar, responded that they loved Tallstar X Jake (who, in Honeypaw’s words, is ‘Firepuff’s dad’). If you read his SE, you’ll see that during some point in his journey to kill Sparrow, he begins to grow fond of Jake. And once he does, he doesn’t stop. In the extra manga adventure at the end of the book, he looks at Firestar and sees how alike he is to Jake. Tallstar remembered Jake with fondness until the very end (and I’m sure he thought about Jake in StarClan too). This is only one reason why I totally ship Tallstar and Jake.

Another reason is obvious. Who is Tallstar? WindClan leader. Who is Jake? Li’l ol’ kittypet. What gender is Tallstar? Tom. What gender is Jake? Tom. Gee, what do you call two toms who love eachother? Ahem, I kind of hate this word because it’s terrible, but,, gay. It feels really nice to have an LGBTQ appearance in Warriors. It’s simple. It’s fair. I like it. Many people do.

Now, imagine Tallstar had never ever met Jake. Would he still accept Firestar? We all know that sometime in Tallstar’s Revenge this StarClan cat came and told Tallstar that his best friend’s son would join the Clans or something like that. Tallstar knew that Firestar was Jake’s son. But what if he hadn’t? Tallstar did not like kittypets before he met Jake. He would most likely have been hostile towards Firestar, which would have resulted in a number of things. So I ship TallXJake.

I also like Shrewtooth. It’s really cute and funny, you know? When Tallstar becomes the leader Tallstar tells Shrewtooth that he wouldn’t be Wormcat anymore and instead would be Wormstar XD. I can’t explain, really. I just think it’s really funny.

AND TALLSTAR. I like Tallstar. He’s like Hawkwinggg. Oh really I got made deputy?!?! And all that stuff. He’s nice. And it is totally forgivable that he felt close to Firestar, you know, Firestar being Jakey’s son and all that. He was really nice to Firestar until the end.

There’s a lot of other things I like, but it would be too long to list them all here. I’ll just conclude by saying that this was a nice SE. It’s not THE best (Moth Flight’s Vision gets that honor), but after rereading it I think it would level up a little bitling.Yep. Okay now I’m ending this. (I want to watch TV. Hotels are great because of TVs.)

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  • yesssss TallXJake =D
    Too bad Jake couldn’t be in StarClan =P

  • Nice article! TallXJake was never confirmed IN THE BOOKS because Warriors sell in countries who don’t support it, but it was definitely implied as well as a nice touch.

  • I skimmed through this cause I don’t want any spoilers for Tallstar’s Revenge ^^

    Also, gay used to mean (and still does but…) “happy” or something like that but not we’ve changed it. A rainbow used to represent promises and such (Christians will get what I mean). Now it means lesbian or LGBTQ. We’ve changed a lot of things over the years. Quite interesting to think about.

    • Languages evolve over time, it’s just one of those things that happen, words take on new meanings as people shift how they use language over time. It doesn’t make any definition more right than the other, it’s just how language works. 🙂 Like how “thou” used to be the informal way to address someone, and “you” was more formal and respectful, but now that “thou” has faded from use, “you” is both the formal and informal way of addressing someone.

  • nice article. i ship it on every level possible lol
    and gay is a happy word. 😀