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My Second Millie Defense Article: Why I Favor GrayXMillie over GrayXSilver! by Sparktooth

Sparktooth compares Graystripe’s relationship with Millie with the one he had with Silverstream.

Artwork by DrakynWyrm

Hello, hello, hello, bloggers! Sparktooth here with another article! I’m here to defend Millie again, but this time I’m doing it a little differently. I’m going to be defending Millie’s character and her actions, but also adding something else. Instead of only focusing on her relationship with Graystripe, I’m gonna compare it to GrayXSilver, and explain why I like him with Millie better. And I’m not trying to make you love GrayXMillie over GrayXSilver, I just want you to at least feel a little sympathy for Millie, and understand why I like GrayXMillie better.
I know what you Silverstream-lovers are thinking right now: “SILVER 4 THE WIN! SPARKTOOTH WHY CAN’T YOU JUST BE NORMAL AND EXCEPT SILVER IS BETTER!?” (lol). Well, just read this article first before commenting, and also I will remind you this is my opinion. 😀

This may contain spoilers. Just putting it out there for you all. 😛

Alright, I’ll start by defending Millie’s actions. First off, when Millie first met Graystripe, she had no idea about his past life or Silverstream. She just liked him, and was interested to learn about his past and make him feel at home at his new place. Graystripe was really depressed at that time. He was just taken away from his Clan, his friends and family, the only life he knew and loved. Not to mention before that his beloved mate died, and his only daughter did not too long before that, also. Then Graystripe’s son, Stormfur, lives in RiverClan away from him. Poor Graystripe needed a family, and someone to love as much as he loved his old family. So Millie came along, and showed she had the instincts of a warrior. Slowly, Graystripe began to realize his true feelings for her. The reason he most likely hesitated is because he felt guilty about loving another cat after his former mate’s death. Kind of like Crowfeather when he fell in love with Leafpool; he felt guilty about liking Leafpool after Feathertail’s death. So Graystripe probably felt the same way, if not something really similar. Millie never intended to ‘replace Silverstream’ or ‘steal Graystripe.’ She was in love. No cat can help who they love. Has any cat ever helped who they love in the series? So why do people hate Millie for that?

Okay, now for a big, severely-debated topic: A lot (and I mean, a LOT) of people claim Millie ‘forgot about Blossomfall and Bumblestripe after Briarlight’s accident’ or ‘doesn’t love all her kits equally’ or something like that. Well let’s put ourselves in Millie’s pawprints. A mother loves their kits more than anything in the world. Briarlight has almost died three times in total: twice as a kit, from greencough and an adder, and then when she crushed her backbone. It would seem very hard to imagine her not being more worried about her kits after that, particularly Briarlight. Remember, Millie was used to living a soft, quiet life as a kittypet. She’s not used to injuries. So Briarlight being so close to death many times made her frantic, and blind to most other things. No caring mother would want to see their kit hurt or in pain. Rainflower is hated for ignoring her injured kit(Crookedstar) and giving all her attention to Oakheart. So why do people hate Millie when she’s looking after her dying kit?

Okay one last thing before I start comparing with GrayXSilver, why do people make such a big deal about her yelling at Blossomfall? Blossomfall was being foolish, running around in the caves when she knew it was dangerous. All of ThunderClan thought Hollyleaf was killed by them, and Blossomfall knew that; but she went anyway, dragging Ivypool with her. Millie had more than a right to yell at her. Your parents probably yell at you sometimes, and do you hate them? Queens normally get the reputation of being so sweet and gentle, and always talking quietly, etc. Millie’s love for her kits seems a little more realistic to me.

Okay now it’s time time you’ve been waiting for! Why I like GrayXMillie over GrayXSilver. Let’s get right into it:
At first, I admit I liked Graystripe and Silverstream’s love story. They both met with the knowledge that, if they were discovered, they would lose respect, possibly rank, and, even, their home. But when Millie came into the picture, I thought their couple was more realistic and relatable. It wasn’t like love at first sight. At first, they bonded together to travel back to Graystripe’s home. The couple took time, books, and effort to build the relationship between them. That alone seems more realistic.
So now I’m gonna list some things that people say when arguing over GrayXMillie and GrayXSilver, and share my opinion on it.

“Silverstream sacrificed her life! Millie never did anything to show loyalty and love for Graystripe!”
Silverstream’s death was a tragic accident. Even StarClan never intended for it to happen. Millie gave up the only life she knew to be with Graystripe, even when she wasn’t certain if he felt the same way yet! That shows a lot of loyalty and love for him. I know Silverstream also went behind her Clan’s back to see Graystripe, but a lot of other cats have done that, too. How is Silverstream different from them?

“Graystripe loved Silverstream’s kits more than Millie’s!”
When Silverstream died, Graystripe wanted to honor her memory by having his kits grow up in her Clan. But he also didn’t want to leave them to grow up without knowing their father. So he went with them, because a good father always stays and looks after their kits. I’m sure he would’ve done the same for Millie’s kits if she had died as well. But she didn’t, so then they could raise their family together.

“Graystripe only mated with Millie because she looked like Silverstream!”
A lot of the time, when people get remarried, their spouse usually looks a lot like their previous one. Maybe Millie sometimes reminded him of Silverstream, and what’s wrong with that? Graystripe most likely needed someone to remind him of the times that he shared with his past mate. And Graystripe also truly loves Millie for who she is, that’s confirmed in the manga.

Well, that’s gonna wrap it up for this one! Did your opinion on Millie change even the slightest bit? Or now do you understand why I like GrayXMillie better? Thanks for reading! 😉

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  • Hey, thanks, Sparktooth! I was slowly starting to go with the people who thought Millie “stole Graystripe from Silverstream” but thanks to you, that’s not happening! I like Millie now, you helped me realize what a good cat she was. Although I still can’t decide if I like GrayxSilver or GrayxMillie better, and I personally think Graystripe would choose Silverstream over Millie in StarClan if he doesn’t feel awkward about being mates with a cat who is much younger than him since StarClan cats can’t age. But anyway, thanks for sharing your opinion on Millie!

  • The reason I ship Millie x Gray is bc I hate them both (and bc the name’s sound much better together)
    1 Graystripe favored Feathertail over Stormfur just because he looked like Silverstream! Which is a selfish reason
    2 Millie gave all of her love and affection to Briarlight only because she was the one hurt, even though she should have been thinking like a real mother and given some love to her other kits, which she didn’t because she was being selfish (also, she didn’t know Blossomfall went into the tunnels, she just snapped at her bc she didn’t really care and thought she could do something better with her time)

    So the two things that Graystripe and Millie have in common are being selfish. No… I have not read Graystripe’s manga but I don’t think it will change my opinion

  • Wait, the two looked alike, here what they looked like
    Millie is a small, short-furred light gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes,
    Silverstream is a silver-and-black tabby she-cat with blue eyes
    So they both have blue eyes and are a form of grey. HOW IS THAT ALIKE?

  • Silverstream is my fave cat in warrior cats so wen i read the 1st and 2nd book with millie i started hating her. (Btw u can probebly tell that my fave is silverstream becoz of my username) . But now that i read this i dont hate millie anymore!

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