BlogClan Holiday Gift Exchange: The Big Reveal!

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⭐ Reminder that if you haven’t finished your gift yet, there’s still time! Feel free to do it anytime within the next 1-2 weeks, and I’ll add it to the slideshow. ⭐


    • Of course! 😀 Foxtail did your gift, Juni (aka me XD)!

      My sister said it was like a Romeo and Juliet thing so sorry about that if it’s sad. So uh…..let’s see it means like…..

      The berries: A wedding gift or something.

      The girl didn’t take the gift because, well, sometimes you have to wait for the right time. The guy was hoping she would but until he died before she did (idk he had cancer or whatever). Once you realize you love someone, the question is asked if you’d die for that person? And if you would, then that is true love kinda.
      When the man died, he came back as a fox if that makes sense or like a guardian spirit. He guarded the berries with his life, hoping that the girl would finally accept his proposal. In the poem, it says that “it was then that you took those berries” meaning that I guess when he died she finally realized that she really did love him and would actually die for him. When she ate the berries, they turned to holly berries (red like blood) which are poisonous. This represents that she killed herself to be with him if that makes sense cause she loved him so much. 🙂

      Idk if that even made sense or not, lol. Of course I used a man and woman cause that’s what I believe, but you can always change it if you want. It was like a traffic, beautiful love story.
      Sorry I gave you something sad but I hope you liked it!

      If you’ve noticed, I included both juniper berries and a fox due to our names cause you’re my buddy ^^ I wrote this while I was in Israel on my phone. As you can tell I couldn’t draw anything for you while I was on vacation and running around from place to place so sorry about that. Hopefully this poem was good enough. 😊

    • Thank you so much, Brownie! IT IS BEEAAUUTTIIFFULLLL!!! 😍
      (I added it to the slideshow, but I also decided to leave it in the comments section to make sure Jetclaw sees it, and so everyone else can easily marvel at your amazing artwork! 😀 )

    • No worries! Life gets busy . . . we understand entirely. ❤
      I am sure Stoat will love your gift! (I sure do — it’s beautiful! 😀 ) While I’ve added it to the slideshow, I’m leaving the link to it here in the comment’s section too, to increase the chances of her seeing it.

    • Same 🙂 I almost completely forgot about it and I would feel horrible if I didn’t get wollow’s present in at all 🙂

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