Warrior Names for Those Without Them by Brightkit

Brightkit gives warrior names to some characters who never got theirs in their lifetime.

Art by Graystripe64

Hiya, BlogClanners! I have attempted to submit two articles before, but that didn’t quite work out, I think, because they had too few words. So I decided to finally make an article with the right amount of words. And I had the idea of…*drumroll* warrior names for those cats who don’t have them! So, first off:
Snowkit–I think he might have been named Snowhawk after the hawk that had carried him off, or maybed Snowheart, because of the courage, honor, and kindness I think he’d have if he survived.
Tadpole–he would have been named Frogpounce, because of his enthusiasm and confidence. (Did anyone else cry when Tadpole died? :()
Hollykit & Larchkit–I don’t know much about Hollykit and Larchkit, but maybe they would have been named Hollystripe and Larchfall.
Mosskit–Poor, poor Mosskit…she had such a DARN SAD DEATH! I think she would be named Mossfrost or Mosscloud, because those suffixes remind me of a cold leaf-bare day. Or maybe Mosslight, because I consider Mosskit as a pale light of hope in the darkness; it’s her personality.
Adderkit & Blossomkit–Remember them from the field guide Cats of the Clans? I think Adderkit would be named Adderstrike, because he seems sort of arrogant and aggressive but loyal. Blossomkit might be named Blossompool because I imagine pure white blossom petals floating in water, or Blossomshine.
Ravenpaw–Ah, Ravenpaw’s warrior name is the most frequently discussed. I would say Ravenwing, because he’s a flighty and fast cat sometimes, or Ravenwind, because it’s like a raven gliding on the wind peacefully, which represents Ravenpaw’s relaxed and happy self.
Shrewpaw–For him, I would say Shrewdusk because he’s a calm and logical cat. Maybe Shrewnose, because he’s curious.
Seedpaw–I think Seedpaw died for no reason and was an amazing character. I think she would be Seedfire because she’s confident and bold.
Swiftpaw–Swiftpaw would have been named Swiftstorm, because he was such a promising young cat and his fight against the dogs was desperate and devastating, like a storm. Man his death was so depressing.
And lastly…Crookedstar’s warrior name if he had not had his jaw injury.
I think it would be Stormlight, because his personality is like the soft golden light of the aftermath of a storm.

Welllp, that’s it! Feel free to comment whatever you like 😀

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