Why Ashfur is NOT the father of Dovewing and Ivypool by Fawnpaw

Fawnpaw examines the genetic family tree of Dovewing and Ivypool.

Artwork by Clearbreeze

Hey BlogClan, I made an article here to tell you why Ashfur isn’t the father of Dovewing and Ivypool.

For some reason, some people came to believe that Ashfur was the father of some of the main characters in Omen of the Stars, and I personally have no idea why.

Whitewing, (from what I remember), never showed any interest in Ashfur, and Ashfur certainly didn’t seem to show interest in Whitewing. One of the arguments with people that say Ashfur is the father, is Dovewing is gray, and Ivypool is a silver tabby, but Birchfall is brown and Whitewing is, well, white. But lets look into the family tree of the two, shall we?

Whitewing’s mother is Brightheart, whose sister, Cinderpelt, has gray fur.

Birchfall’s mother is Ferncloud, who has a speckled gray pelt, and Ferncloud’s mother is Brindleface, who has a gray tabby one.

Dovewing and Ivypool could’ve got their gray fur from both their mother and father’s side of the family, plus the Erins aren’t the best with cat genetics in the books, so literally any cat could be the father of Dovewing and Ivypool. And its been confirmed by the Erins MULTIPLE TIMES that Birchfall is the father, so why think that its Ashfur? There is no reason why Ashfur would be the father, especially with the whole thing with him and Squirrelflight going on, so there is no reason why this should exist. Another argument is that Ashfur has blue eyes, and so do Dovewing and Ivypool, but let’s at the family tree again, shall we?

Cloudtail has blue eyes, Cloudtail’s daughter is Whitewing, whose daughters are Dovewing and Ivypool, who also have blue eyes.

Dove and Ivy most likely got their blue eyes from Cloudtail, their grandfather. Again, Ashfur is certainly NOT their father. Sure, they have the same colored pelt, but so do cats on both of their parents families. I mean, Ashfur’s SISTER, who has nearly the exact same pelt color and markings that he has, is Dovewing and Ivypool’s grandmother! And sure, Ashfur has the same color eyes of Dove and Ivy, but so does Cloudtail, their grandfather!

If Ashfur truly found love with Whitewing, he would’ve moved on and stop with his whole tantrum with Squirrelflight and trying to kill her family.

This is Fawnpaw, with another article, signing out!

(Hope you liked it! <3)


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  • Huh. I thought only Brackenfur was Cinderpelt’s sibling.

    T h e m o r e y o u k n o w

    • Brightheart and Thornclaw were her siblings as well. Cinderpelt and Brackenfur were apprenticed before Brightheart and Thornclaw because Bright and Thorn were recovering from being kidnapped by ShadowClan.

      • Bracken and Cinder were apprenticed at 5 moons, which is ironic considering they’djust defeated brokenstar.

  • Thank you for making this! I get so frustrated when people say this, I’m like, he’s not the father! XD If he was, there would never have been a fire scene!

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