When Will the Clans Become a Civilization? by Freespirit

Freespirit ponders whether the Clans will become civilizations, much like our own.

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The clans. The things that we live in and breath and grow. These cat societies that live under us twolegs nose. But when will the cats finally become a civilization?
Whether or not you think evolution is real, you must admit fire is one of the key aspects of life. No fire, no us. But the clans have never cultivated fire or used it, save for that one time with Ashfur. The clans, in short, are still cats first and foremost. So they can’t cook food and are shown to not like cooked food. But does this mean they aren’t a civilization?

No. It doesn’t. According to the first website I found during a google search, civilizations must have the following things,
1Centralized Government
2Organized Religion
3Job Specialization and Social Classes
4 Arts Architecture and Infrastructure
And 5 Writing.
Just to note writing appears to be a lose subject, as the Aztecs had no true writing system, but still are a civilization. Now do the clans have these? Lets find out!

Centralized Government means that power must be in the hands of a few people (or people elected by the people, in a democracy,) It also refers to who can make and I force laws in a society. Do the clans have this? Yes! Yes they do!

The clans each have there own leaders, who meet togetherness one a moon to share news. They also can make new laws to govern the clans and each leader is required to enforce the main laws and any other laws they might make such as kits must stay in the nursery. So point one for the clans!

Organized religion means they need to have a belief in a higher being/s. So Starclan! Starclan is the deliverer of prophecies and most all of the cats believe they exist. They also have some rules to follow which amount to be good or well send you too the Dark Forest, Also don’t be upset if you have a world changing injury or we send you there as well. Attempted murder on 4 cats? So long as you were only in love, you can come in!

Job Specialization and Social classes. You can make an argument that the clans do have some job specialization, though for the most part every cat does hunting and fighting. However, they do have a basic understanding of medicine and deputies are higher then normal warriors. So depending on what you define as the point where they have job sepcialization, then yes the do. Social Classes seem to be based on respect, which still works! Look at the Japanese for instance, a peasant gains more respect the a trader as the work harder.

Arts acrchetecture and infrastructure are where the clan need to work harder, it basically means can they take time off and build new things, like roads. Warriors cats don’t seem to ever have time for dancing and singing, or carving. They do have some archetecture as they built the camps by themselves. But they don’t have anything there for the good of the common cat! Sorry clans, better watch out! Give me Liberty or Give me DEATH!!

Writing… The clans seem to lack. They have basic counting, but no real writing yet. This is where I’m going to have to draw the line. Clans, make a writing system and you are a civilization without fire, but unfortunately until then, you will have to wait.

So, in conclusion the clans aren’t a civilization yet, but watch out Twolegs, they are getting close! Thank you and don’t die!

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  • Great article.Imagine if the clans could write. ShadowClan would be writing notes to other cats different Clans say get over here already and fight. Or StarClan and the Dark Forest. Would be useful for the Clans if kittypets wanted to cross the border. They would draw a hissy cat and write get out or we’ll eat you!

  • My real life friends and I came up with another type of “Warriors”, which is kind of a civilization, but they don’t believe in anything. Also, MysticClan has 4 leaders (Mysti, Angel, Runningstar, Flamestar),1 deputy (Callista), and 1 medicine cat (River). LavaClan has 1 leader (Flameclaw), 1 deputy (Skerralfight), and 1 Medicine cat (Holly Shadows). KitClan has 2 leaders (Ash, Asher), 3 deputies (Rose, Nova, Squirrel), and 2 medicine cats (Misty and Curly). They can have any name they want, even going as far as Ya, Yeet, Yeet Paw, Edgy Paw, and Yeetus. Yes, they have the two things that the actual Warriors lack, and KitClan has time to attack LavaClan and MysticClan because why not (No reason at all, just why not?). Also, some of them have clothing, and Squirrel has a jetpack.

    Also “iF yOU gET mAD aT a lifE chAngIng iNJuRY, thEn wE wiLL sEnd yOU tO thE dAnk fOrEst”, but “iF yOU aTTeMPTeD mUrdEr oN thrEE cAts bUt yOU lOvEd tOO mUch thEn yOU aRE aLLoWeD iN stArstArclAn” – Yellowfang