Defending Spottedleaf Part Two – Two Lives by Sky

Sky returns with a second part to their defense of Spottedleaf.

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

Many of you may have seen my previous Spottedleaf article, called “Defending Spottedleaf, by Sky.” Well I’m back with new thoughts and evidence, as well as plans to back up some of my previous points.

Some think of her as a stalker who couldn’t let go. Others think that if she didn’t visit Firestar’s dreams, he’d forget about her. Some say that she was a creepy old hag who sought young cats.

But this isn’t true!

Spottedleaf was a brace, spirited medicine cat with a great connection with StarClan. She received the prophecy about Firestar. Obviously, when Rusty came, she was intruiged, and even more so when Bluestar named him FIREpaw.

Now, imagine that you are the healer of your country and you received a message from the stars about this cat who will save your country, and then a cat comes whom you and your leader both think are the cat of that message.

Obviously, you’re excited, right? Perhaps you would, persay, feel some guardianship towards him?

And that’s how Spottedleaf felt. Slowly, the more she observed his actions and got to know him, she fell in love. And now you’re like, “NO I HATE THIS STOP IT. THIS IS AGAINST THE CODE!!!!” But so are many other couples that you probably ship. And if not, then imagine that you were a healer of the country, unable to love. And the you meet this person. You two fall in love with each other. What do you do? And how would you feel if people said, “Haha that’s against the law I hate you two being together.” I myself wouldn’t care.

Well, Spottedleaf was more loyal to the code than many, if you think about it, instead of jumping on him and becoming mates with him, she held back. She knew that he had a duty to StarClan, as did he. Unlike many cats, who were all go with the flow if love, she held back! That alone shows that she was not a creepy old hag who wanted to jump on younger cats.

And then she DIES. Mastermind Erins had planned this from the start. Spottedleaf was nothing but a great medicine cat who had dreams and saw the vision of Firestar. Cheap drama is an added bonus – Firepaw’s reaction was heartbreaking.

Okay, let’s move on to the most-discussed upon period of her existence.

Her life in StarClan.

Debater number one says that she was a stalker.

I say that it’s such an overused debating point that isn’t true!

Imagine that you were in love with this person. You were about to get engaged when someone kills you.

Many people in the fandom just want Spottedleaf to push away her feelings and live like a normal StarClan cat. It’s sort of funny.

Now, go back into that imaginary state – you are in the afterlife, and you see that your former love is in great danger and such. Do you sit back and take a nap? Or do you help him the only way you can – in dreams?

Seriously, how is trying to help and care stalking?

Debater number two says that she made FireXSand weird.

That’s not her problem if Sandstorm wants to throw a hissy and whiny fight and get on that “pity me” attitude. All Spottedleaf wanted to do was help and guide Firestar, and it isn’t hard to see why she goes into his dreams. Plus, is Firestar not allowed to have two loves? Slate took Turtle Tail a lot better than Sandstorm took Spottedleaf. And Turtle Tail visited Gray Wing’s dreams – perhaps not as frequently, but that’s because there wasn’t as much danger in his life then.

Is Spottedleaf supposed to stop loving Firestar? That’s not really possible for her. Imagine that your were her. Seriously, just try pushing away the feelings and taking a nap while your love faces terrible dangers and threats. And honestly, I think of Spottedleaf as an honest cat, and she was being honest when she told Firestar that she sometimes wishes things were different (in Firestar’s Quest). Wouldn’t you? Like Shadowstar said, “Every cat is driven by either greed or fear.” We are all greedy, just a bit. Why else would the richest buy big, expensive houses and the best cars? Even Spottedleaf, no matter how kind, stil wished that she could be with Firestar. I mean, list even one cat who wasn’t greedy AT ALL. I’m greedy and you’re greedy.

Debater number three wants to know what all my blabber about her not being a stalker means if half of the fandom hates her because Firestar was one-two generations younger than her.

Like I said in my last article…

Brackenfur and Sorreltail were about three years apart. Three. Years. Yeah.

I still love this couple, they were a good, loving couple and not forbidden. But age doesn’t really matter with cats. Seriously, it doesn’t. If you ship BrackenXSorrel and hate Spottedleaf, I recommend that you not use the “she was too old!” excuse.

That’ll wrap it up for this article! You are welcome to comment your opinion below.

Thanks for reading!


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August 16, 2020 9:17 am


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