Warriors Movie: Which scenes will be featured by Purpleshade

Purpleshade makes some predictions about the Warriors Movie.

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This is my first article! Spoiler alert for Into the Wild. (P.S. I’m on my IPod so this is really short)

Today, I’m going to talk about the new warriors movie. For those of you who don’t know, Harry Potter producer Heymen has decided to create an article with a Chinese company. What scenes are going to be shown?

There is a 99.9% chance that this is going to be an animated movie. Ask yourself this question. What will they remove? No animated movie has too many deaths or injures.

Yikes, all of us who have read the whole series knows about the crippled cats and deaths in the series. Rusty is almost immediately attacked once he gets into the forest. The fight with Graypaw(stripe) is likely still going to happen. People make the most money out of interesting beginnings. Not removed.

The fight with Longtail has an even chance of surviving. Rusty is choked and his collar falls off. This is a key important part of the series. And he is renamed Firepaw. But, a cartoon featuring a choking cat. I don’t know if this is gonna be there. His collar might fall off in its own. Maybe removed because this part is important.

Ravenpaw reporting that Redtail is dead while bleeding out on the ground. Also, he practically passes out. No parent wants their child to see a bleeding apprentice pass out after reporting a death. Removed for basically a kitten passing out of injures.

Tigerclaw comes in not soon after Ravenpaw and declares that the deputy, Redtail, has just died and he had taken Oakheart’s life. The deputy of Riverclan! (Seriously, has he no logic?) We all know who actually killed Redtail. This might not be featured either. As far as we know is that a cat has already been killed and Tigerclaw has just taken a life. Scene or no scene? Likely not if the audience is little kids. Parents get mad about these things. Removed because of the craziness and violence.

Maybe Redtail’s death might be removed altogether. Perhaps Lionheart will be the current deputy. Plus, movies can’t feature everything.

The guiding around part isn’t very eventful. Yellowfang’s fight with the newly named Firepaw is.

So he is hunting and starts battling an old homeless she-cat. She begs him to finish her off and he gets her food and eats some himself. Bluestar comes and Yellowfang and Firepaw are put back in camp. Firepaw is assigned to take care of Yellowfang. Battling an elder? Maybe not if the Ravenpaw or Tigerclaw scene is shown. Perhaps maybe this scene will be removed .

Goodbye! Hope you enjoyed my article! -Purpleshade

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  • Great article! 😀 Here’s my thoughts:

    I’ve seen a lot of PG movies that have animated characters fighting. It’s really easy to just not show the blood, and you can imply that a character has been killed with out showing it. The book series is a series targeted towards the ages 10-14 anyway, meaning that the movie will probably be targeted towards those ages too. I don’t think they will take any of the fighting scenes out just because it might be scary for young children. My Little Pony has a lot of fighting scenes in it, they’re just not super gory.

  • Thanks you all for all the nice comments on my article! It means the world to me. I mean like, look at other movies where they change the whole thing (Percy Jackson). They certainly had no problem with that.

  • There are plenty animated shows and movies that have some content not suitable for kids. So Warriors having a PG-13 rating would not be the end of the world. I hope I speak for all of us saying that if Warriors became a sun-shiny, sing-along happy Disney movie, it would take everything that makes Warriors great and ruin it! Many people think because cats are the main characters, instantly they think it’s for little kids. So I feel like the Warriors movie should keep all the intense/fighting scenes, and aim the movie for teens. I don’t know about you guys, but the more intense any movie is, the more I LOVE it! 😛 Great article!

  • I agree. I would be heart broken if they took out all the important things for the little kids, I mean like, mostly tweens and teens read these books. And yes, we all LOVE bloody scenes, death, and suffering of others, whether we admit it or not! I’m not saying we are fox-hearts, but this IS what these books are about, and do I enjoy it! Lol! I hope it is not too animated, I mean, like Dora the explorer animated kind, I like the book covers of Vision Of Shadows books and I hope they make it look like that. Who knows?

  • Like others on here said it would be weird if they made it too kid friendly. Ravenpaw coming in collapsing and Redtail’s death is important to the mystery that Firepaw needs to solve later on. Also I know that if it does show a pg or pg-13 rating parents with small children are less likely to come. The youngest kids that would come might be 10 years maybe 9. I like how you did a Warriors Movie article tho. 😉

  • I don’t think there will be a Warriors movie. Even if there is I don’t think Retail’s death will be taken out because of little kids. I started reading them when I was 7. I started reading a year ago and read like 10 twelves already.

  • I honestly want everything included. Maybe it could be for older audiences. Even if it is I’m pretty sure peeps for are able to watch but younger would watch it one way or another. YAYAYAYAY WARRIORS