Predictions for “Darkest Night” by Irismist

Irismist makes some predictions for Darkest Night, pre-release. Spoilers ahead!

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Okay! Howdy everyone! I’m Irismist, and I’m back with another article 😀 As of me writing this, my previous article on Moth Flight hasn’t been published yet, but hopefully, by now, I will have and readers have enjoyed it. Now to my predictions. These are mostly based on my opinions, so this article is pretty biased. Also, read the “Extra, Extra” for the latest updates on my crazy family and the new ways they have decided to (fondly) tease me about my Warriors obsession. Also, most of my predictions are pretty dark (not good) , and this leads to the reasoning that the book will be dark, which leads to the reasoning that it is called “Darkest Night”, get it? 😉
1. Mistystar, as everyone (should) know, is very old. Prediction one is that Mitsystar will loose her last life, leaving Riverclan in the hands of Reedwhisker, who is not (yet) fit to lead (in my opinion) after the fights with the rouges and being in their camp.
2. Following prediction one, Riverclan will fall into a time of despair, and possibly break up and become rouges. This is a prediction that I really don’t want to happen. Riverclan has never been my favorite, probably my third favorite of the five clans, but the clans can’t survive with only four (now that Skyclan moved in) clans.
3. I don’t know Harespring that well, and I take that as a sign that his leadership will be unstable. Normally, by the time a cat becomes a leader, you know a lot of (normally good) things about them.
For example, we all knew who Onestar was when he became leader, and we all liked him as a friend of Firestar’s. He completely changed after that, and not as many people liked him ,but that’s off this topic. Another example is Mistystar. No one in Fandom doubted her ability to lead the clan when she became leader, did they? Or Blackstar, even though not many of us liked him for being a follower of Tigerstar, we still knew who he was when he became leader.
As for Harespring (or Harestar as of Tigerheart’s shadow),I personally don’t have much of an opinion of him since I hardly know him.
3. Twigpaw is going to faced with hard decision of her beloved Alderheart, or her long-lost, long-looked-for father, Hawkwing. She will eventually choose her father, and this will send Alderheart into a deep depression, and then there will be lots of drama. 😛
4. Tigerstar! Welcome back to the forest bud! Now, what’s going to happen to you, your kits, your mate, and the rest of Shadowclan?! Will you be rejected by your former clanmates for mating with Dovewing? Will Shadowclan end in ruin? Will the whole forest of clans collapse around you (that’s kind of what I’ve been hinting at the entire article)?! Only time, and book 4, will tell.
5. As a result of Twigpaw leaving, Alderheart will move to Skyclan and become their medicine cat. Yay Skyclan!
6. This is a seriously big wish, and honestly not really a prediction, but I hope that Needletail is actually alive and living outside the clans as a rouge, only to be found by Violetpaw on a patrol. I used to hate Needletail, I was being a big Hollyleaf (because I was constantly scolding in my head for breaking the code, get it?), but after the whole inner experience with the Kin and how she converted at the end really converted me into a Needletail fan. But then Darktail had to ruin everything ):
7. The forest collapses! Mwa ha ha ha… Just Kidding! That would be so horrible that I wouldn’t even mention the possibility. Wait! I just did!
Now, you might be thinking that I don’t actually like Warriors after reading that, but the truth is, I do! It’s just that after the events of Shattered Sky and the ruin it left the forest in, I can’t help but make dark predictions. Hopefully, I’ll be able to write happier predictions next time. 😀
**Extra, Extra**
While we were in the car this evening, my brother declared his warrior name. Meatypaw.
Seriously! That is just wrong!” I say, grimacing.
“Yeah,” My mom says “And I’m Thickbicepspawfluffybraingoochypoofballyripplekittycat.” Yep. And I’m a mouse.
“Meatballkit!” I ingore
“Burgerface” I gag
“MeatyBurgerKingLavendermist” Well, at least my mom kinda put together the Lavender and the mist.
“Pawpaw!” Wait what?! Who names their kit Pawkit, if they know it will become Pawpaw?!
Well, that’s the only part of the conversation I remember, so until next time, Live, love, and be a Warrior cat!

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  • Embix edit: Spoilers for AVoS!

    I like this but sorry I bought the forth book for vision of shadows and Needletail is dead cough sorry but she is still in the story and a important part of it I’m not telling u any thing else mwahaha lol

  • Another thing about Harestar you might not have known: he trained in the Dark Forest. I don’t remember if he actually liked what they were doing or not, bu the seemed to be a pretty good cat I guess.

  • We do know a bit about Harestar – he was a DF trainee, but he was like Birchfall – thinking they were getting harmless warrior training.

    Have fun reading the book, if you haven’t done so yet! Only 3 is partly true, though.

  • Alderheart does not go in to depression
    SPOILER ALERT (Don’t read this if you want to avoid spoilers)
    They find Frecklewish and Alderheart does NOT become their medicine cat and Twigpaw does choose her farther but she comes back to ThunderClan with someone else (not telling you who to avoid any other spoilers)

  • Having already read Darkest Night, some of these predictions, well, made me feel [SPOILER]. Good analysis, by the way!
    To be blunt, my feelings on this arc are…mixed. I liked SkyClan, and it is my favourite Clan (after RiverClan,) but bringing them back felt…off. The ending to the Super Edition about SkyClan (I forget what it’s called, SkyClan’s something-or-other) had a satisfying ending, and in my opinion, SkyClan should have been left at that. Maybe mentioned once or twice, but that’s it. I agree with the point about Harestar, as he’s a leader we know next to nothing about. For every other new leader in the books, they were featured in one way or another, and had more personality than a cardboard box, but Harestar just feels like they picked a WindClan cat at random, and nominated him to leader. And as for the rogues literally destroying ShadowClan, I disliked that entire plot. We’ve seen the clans (*cough* ShadowClan *cough*) be taken over by strangers (TigerClan, Sol, etc.) and at this point, it just feels cliche, doubled by the fact that it’s ShadowClan faced by ruin, and having to be saved by ThunderClan, the Deus-Ex-Machina of the forest/lake. Combine that with WindClan being anti-social (again,) and this series just seems to be a combination of all the problems of all the other series in one. That said, I will read it, because I’m a sucker for all the Warriors books, but I’m going to be content when this is all over and the Clans can return to some sense of normalcy. Maybe the next arc can have ThunderClan be in trouble and have to be saved, for once.

  • lol, I just realized that his article had been posted a week ago and I didn’t realize until today 😛