Petalnose x Rainfur: The Most Underrated Ship Ever by Sparktooth

Sparktooth takes a look at a less-known relationship in the series.

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Hello there, bloggers! Sparktooth is here once again! 😉 . So I was looking at a part in Firestar’s Quest because I wanted to write an article about one of the most underrated couples ever in Warriors. While looking through it, I found the perfect couple: Petalnose and Rainfur!

For those of you who haven’t read Firestar’s Quest, here’s a little information about the two cats:

Petalnose is a very pale gray she-cat with blue eyes. She was originally a kittypet known as Petal, but when Firestar and Sandstorm came to the gorge to recruit new members for the newly rebuilt SkyClan, she decided to join. Petalnose is also the mother of Mintfur and Sagewhisker.

Rainfur is a gray cat with darker flecks and blue eyes. He lived as a loner in a woods near the gorge and his exploring one day lead to him meeting Petal(nose). He is the father of Mintfur and Sagewhisker too (obviously XD).

So I’m basically going to be telling this couple’s story of how they met, fell in love, etc. This is supposed to bring more attention and possibly shippers for this couple. So read their story, and see how think of them based on what I’ve told you. Their entire story is from Firestar’s Quest so I’m just going to be summing it all up from that book. Let’s get into it!

When Petalnose lived as a kittypet, the twoleg that was supposed to care for her was a cruel old male who terrorized her. Petal would sneak out of her nest at times and that was how she met Rainfur. Rainfur realized how the twoleg was treating her and brought her extra fresh-kill every time they met due to she was never given a proper meal by the twoleg. After moons of meeting together they fell in love. When Petal realized she was expecting kits she was unable to leave the nest, so Rainfur had to visit her only when the twoleg wasn’t around.

When Firestar came to the gorge, both Rainfur and Petal were uninterested in joining at first. Then one day when Rainfur went to visit her, he suddenly realized that she and her kits were not in good health…they were dying! He runs to the SkyClan cats and begs for their help to get Petalnose and the two kits out of the twoleg’s nest. They agree and come up with a plan to distract the twoleg and sneak her out. When they arrive at the camp in the gorge Petal stays in the nursery with her kits while she recovers. Rainfur always made sure the check in and catch more fresh-kill so she and the kits would get stronger. When the rats began to start attacking them, Rainfur was concerned about if Petal and the kits would be attacked if they were ambushed in the gorge.
After a while of being in SkyClan, Petal and Rainfur realize and honor of being in a Clan and decide to become warriors! Then Petal receives her name: Petalnose.

In the battle of the rats, Petalnose stays behind to guard her kits in case the rats decide to lead a second attack on the camp while they’re gone. Rainfur is one of the cats who goes into battle alongside his Clanmates. He gallantly died like a true warrior, trapped under a massive amount of rats. His death was really sad, not to mention Firestar lost one of his lives in an attempt to save him. Poor Petalnose was devastated at the news when they returned. Rainfur still watched over her, though. When Firestar went with Leafdapple(star) for her to receive her nine lives, Rainfur is one of the cats who gives her a life. When he is finished, he then asked Firestar if Petalnose and kits were happy. This shows he still wants her to be okay, and will be waiting for when she joins. THE FEELS!

I personally find these two to be really sweet, and also one of my major reasons why this ship needs more attention. Even if you haven’t read Firestar’s Quest, what is your opinion on them based on what you read? Are these two now one of your new favorite couples, or do you like them more now? Thank you all so much for reading, and I hope to see you next time!

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  • I haven’t read Firestar’s Quest in a long while, but I’d agree with you on this one. I remember Rainfur himself was a very likable character in that SE, and like you mentioned, he had a sad, unfortunate death. Thinking about it, if he’d survived, he very well could have been a fitting leader or deputy for the newly resurrected SkyClan. Outside of Leafstar, of course.

  • I did not know what underrated meant, I thought it meant the worst ship ever. So I was pretty much surprised with all the nice comments in the article.
    Moral of the story: Underrated means underestimate the extent, value, or importance of (someone or something) according to google and this article. 😉

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