Leafpool: The Complete Guide by Sorrelpaw

Sorrelpaw takes a look at Leafpool’s character throughout the series.

Art by TheMoonfall

H e l l o  a g a i n !!! I am Sorzii. In this article we shall take a look at LEAFPOOL and whether she’s a good cat or not. Whew, I haven’t done these in a while!

The method of character analyzation in this article follows what I call the “OMEGA” Character Analysis. O= Others’ Opinions, M= Meant To Be, E= Essence, G= Guide, A= Argument. OMEGA. It’s not a real part of english essay writing, though, I think. I kind of made it up when I first did my analysis of Mapleshade…

We’ll start with O, a look at others’ opinions. Looking at what I see on many discussion forums and what I get from my friends, it seems that there are three main ideas on Leafpool:
1. She isn’t bad, but she is like a Mary-Sue.
2. She’s epic and marvelous.
3. She is a necessary character for the plot; I do not have any particular opinions about her.
Mainly these three. Especially the Mary-Sue one. I’ve seen that one around quite a lot, and two out of five of my friends said so.

Moving on to what she is meant to be. What did the Erins think when they created the character of Leafpool? My GUESS is that they meant for her to be an important part of the story, vital to the plot of the Three and Hollyleaf’s escape. They did NOT, however, intend for her to be regarded as a Mary-Sue! At least I’m QUITE sure.

Onto E, Essence. By essence, I mean the natural type of ‘aura’ that goes with the character. (Of course, I could’ve used ‘A’ for aura instead of E for essence, but it would turn out as OMAGA which seems a bit, well, weird.) Leafpool in general is a calm, usually composed character. She has a good memory for herbs. This is probably the reasoning behind why readers think she is Mary-Sue: because of her composed manner and her good sense for herbs.

For the Guide, I will provide you with a short and brief overview of Leafpool’s life. Leafpool was born to Sandstorm and Firestar. She trained as Cinderpelt’s apprentice to become medicat, and had a natural instinct to StarClan’s signs and omens. She witnessed her sister Squirrelpaw leave on the journey to find Midnight, and after they returned set out with the others on the Great Journey.

At her new territory, she found the Moonpool. Cinderpelt took this to be sign that StarClan approved of Leafpool’s abilities, and gave her her full name. She did well as a medicat until Crowfeather revealed that he loved her, after which she became less gentle, and met with Crowfeather. Later she went off with him, but returned when Midnight came to warn the Clans about the invading badgers. She returned to her Clan and witnessed Cinderpelt’s death. She resolved to dedicate herself fully to being a medicat and not meet Crowfeather again in secret. Then she discovered she was expecting his kits, and after she gave birth to them in the hollow tree Squirrelflight brought them back to camp and lied saying they were her kits.

Leafpool mentored her son Jaypaw, and later on Jaypaw became Jayfeather, part of the three, Hollyleaf revealed the secret of the littermates’ birth and announced that Leafpool broke the Code at a Gathering, which caused Leafpool to become a warrior. Afterwards, she became a medicat again just before the great battle with the DF.

I shall go no further than this, for the above are the only information that is useful.

I now present the final A, Argument. Our question is: was Leafpool a good cat? And the definite answer is, yes.

I shall destroy first the weapon of accusing Leafpool of being Mary-Sue. Because she was not a Mary-Sue. During the time she loved Crowfeather, she became irritated and not as gentle as before. Squirrelflight observed this. Ask yourselves, “Why did Leafpool’s temper become so bad?”

One answer is that she fell under the hone of love. She was unable to resist the new feeling, and as a result became increasingly short tempered. This falls far from the perfection standards that mark a typical Mary-Sue.

Leafpool is a good cat, I say. But she deserted her Clan for a cat, you respond.

Yes, to be technical, she did desert a Clan for a cat. she deserted ThunderClan for Crowfeather. But she was not 100% certain. As aforementioned, she fell for the hone of love. She was not completely sure, as a matter of fact she hesitated quite a bit before leaving with Crowfeather. And when Midnight gave her warning, Leafpool was quick to turn back to her Clan.

Another point of extreme argument is that it was HER fault that Lionblaze, Jayfeather and Hollyleaf got the fates they did. HER fault that Hollyleaf nearly died in the tunnel. HER fault that Lionblaze and Jayfeather were part of the Three. Her fault, her fault, her fault!!

I don’t deny it. I really don’t. It WAS her fault, all of it, but she knew it too, and she regretted it, tried to mend it. She served her best as a warrior, never sulking or cursing Hollyleaf for practically stripping her of her rank. She apologized profusely, and defended Squirrelflight saying that it was her own fault not Squirrelflight’s.

She was a good cat. That is my point, And let that be the final words you see in this OMEGA Character Analysis (aka Sorzi’s English Lecture on OMEGA essays) 😛

XD Hopefully you did indeed enjoy that article. Quite some effort was put into it, you see. And remember to thank me for offering a free English Writing Lecture, too, if you enjoyed it 😉 Aaanyway, bye! And enjoy your day. Or night. 再会!(That’s goodbye, see you next time in Chinese)

She was a good cat.


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  • I loved your article! About the thing of the Three being Leafpool’s fault: Either way, there would have been three cats with powers. The prophecy was known way before those particular three were born. Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight were really good parents to Hollyleaf, Lionblaze and Jayfeather. The three could have been just some other random cats that were kin of Firestar’s kin, so they might not have turned out at well if they weren’t Leafpool’s kits, but they were good cats in the end anyway. (and yes, I know Hollyleaf murdered a cat. What’s your point?)

  • I don’t really understand on two things as to why people dislike her.

    People always act as if the crime was running away from her Clan. But why, Leafpool fans and haters alike, do you argue so much in the perspective that going away was a bad thing? In case you’re not catching on, here’s an example. Say that I was a typical Leafpool lover(I like Leafpool, but I have odd beliefs). Someone would say something bad about her relating to her running from the Clans, and I’d say something along the lines of, “Well she wasn’t 100% certain and eventually returned.” This makes it sound as if running away was terrible and inhuman – or should I say, incatman – while going back was very good, something that ticks me off a bit. Was it necessarily bad that she really did follow her heart? And do you honestly think Leafpool would have been happy pulling a Bluestar – forced to live every day of her life imagining what it might have been like if she had followed her love? She tested the waters in both and found where she preferred to be. But it was not a crime to run away, so why act as if going back to the Clans was the reason of celebration?

    Now, for the second thing that bothers me – did Leafpool know about the prophecy? Did she know that her or Squirrelflight’s kits would be involved? No, no, no. So why, why, why, should she be blamed? Can any cat control who they’re born to? No. So are you saying that Leafpool and Squirrelflight shouldn’t have had kits simply because of a PROPHECY THEY DIDNT KNOW ABOUT? Plus, I know that Squirrelflight would have had kits eventually and things would have played out. What people are saying if they think that Leafpool shouldn’t have birthed them because they’d be part of a prophecy is totally… I can’t find the word, but it’s something akin to unrealistic and unfair. Is Squirrelflight supposed to hold back just because fate made her the daughter of Firestar?

    Now, if what you’re saying is that Leafpool shouldn’t have had kits and then made others pay, that’s more understandable. However, what was she supposed to do to prevent it? Did they have pregnancy blocking things? No. She wanted to test the waters and try out life with the tom she loved, and she never even asked for kits.

    Also, I like this OMEGA style!

    • Well, what Leafpool did was against the warrior and medicine cat codes, so it could be considered a crime.

      • But lots and lots and lots of cats have committed crimes in that sense. Like Firestar, for example. He committed a lot of crimes, and people still like him.

      • You have good logic there, but plenty of other medicine cats have done that before. In fact, I personally want the med cat code to be changed. Anywho, I personally think that her coming back to Clans was a crime as well – but to HER emotions.

    • Graystripe broke the same warrior code too! So did Bluestar (I’m not trying to get you hate on Bluestar, she is my fav character) and then Dovewing, and Fallowtail, and Onestar, and Yellowfang, and a lot more cats. Leafpool is not the first cat to EVER break that rule! Gosh

  • Great article, Sorzi! I honestly have mixed feelings for Leafpool so I really don’t know what to say. I actually agree with both sides of the argument and agree with both the lovers and haters. Everyone makes mistakes. But everyone should know that there are consequences. Yep! Agree with everyone! 😛 Nice job!

  • I like this new OMEGA style! I don’t really fit in with one of the three main opinions, as I actually kind of hate Leafpool for lying to her kits. They had a right to know, and Leafpool didn’t tell them so she could ‘keep her place in the Clan’ .

    • Really? I think that it was STARCLAN who planted the whole idea into her brain and STARCLAN who convinced Squirrelflight. Why hate her when you should hate StarClan?

    • Leafpool wasn’t being very selfish at all. Her clan needed her at the time! If she stopped being a medicine cat then Thunderclan would be left with no medicine cat, and THAT would have been selfish.

  • Wow! That was a great article! I don’t really understand why people hate Leafpool, because I think she was one of the most cleverly written and complex characters the Erins created. But Sky said it all for me 😛

    Btw, I LOVE your OMEGA style! You should start a series where you analyze characters using OMEGA. Keep up the great work!

    • Heehee. Glad we agree on something. Thinking about it, she was quite a complex character, eh? Maybe that’s why she’s near never a most hated or most loved character, just floating in the middle.

  • Leafpool has always been my favorite character (I started the series with Midnight), and I loved this article!!! (btw, OMEGA is such a cool writing style!!!) 😀

  • I got rlly angry at Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze critizing Leafpool in the books, lol. I really like her, and don’t think it’s her fault at all. Like gosh! No one can help falling in love. I honestly think that having a mate and kits as a medicine cat shouldn’t be a rule, along with the no having kits with other clan cats rule, bc so many cats break them that it’s not really a rule anymore

  • So, I agree with most of your points. I utterly adored Leafpaw and was excited to see what she would become. After she became Leafpool however, I didn’t like her nearly as much and grew to extremely dislike her personality as a character, she wasn’t the apprentice I had fallen in love with.

    In short, I love Leafpaw but Leafpool, not so much