Top Ten Least Favourite Warrior Cats by Lightningpaw

Lightningpaw lists their top leastfavourite characters from the series.

Art by Vialir

Hello BlogClan! This is Lightningpaw with my second article! Today I’ll be counting down my top ten least favourite warriors, the ones I found most boring or annoying or ones I just didn’t like. Of course this is all my own opinion and it’s fine if you disagree. Spoilers for pretty much all the series and some super editions ahead, including Tigerheart’s Shadow. Also at the time of writing Crowfeather’s Trial and Darkest Night have not come out, so if they prove my points wrong that’s why. Ok, enough babbling, let’s get into the list.

10. Stoneteller (NP-OotS)
For Stoneteller, I don’t really dislike him but I just found him nonsensical. He just didn’t seem to make good decisions and went a bit crazy near the end. First of all he banishes Stormfur and Brook, after he took Stormfur’s advice. He took Stormfur’s advice!! He made the decision to fight the intruders! And yet he still banishes Stormfur when it goes wrong. Then in PoT, he decides, hey, let’s send the Clan cats away for trying to help. He does go back on that, but he’s still not happy. Not to mention the whole I won’t chose a successor thing in OotS. He almost destroyed the Tribe by being selfish.

9. Silverstream
Okay. So just so you know, I really don’t like cats who have forbidden relationships, and Silerstream is one of those cats. As well as the fact she has cliche love at first sight with Greystripe, she is so cocky, saying ooh, I’m the daughter of a leader I do what I like! No you can’t Silverstream, you shouldn’t break the code!(Call me Hollyleaf). She just acts like a little spoiled brat all the time.

Forbidden love number 2. She shows pretty much no love for Firestar while she’s alive, but when she’s in StarClan she suddenly goes gaga for him? In my opinion she really spoiled Fire x Sand by just existing, which in my opinion is a good , well developed ship. She seems so transparent, really only existing as a character to represent StarClan at first and to be Firestar’s first love. Spottedleaf’s Heart did flesh her out a bit though, so that’s why she isn’t lower on the list.

7.Star Flower.
We are now getting into the cats I really don’t like.Star Flower is just in my mind, a deceptive scarlet she-cat. She completely used Thunder in a completely disgraceful manner, and what for? For her murdering controlling father. She also strained the friendship between Thunder and Lightning Tail, which is one of my favourite duos, and when she was at their mercy she begs she actually loved Thunder, only to go off with Clear Sky later. She did make up for it by being a loyal mate for Clear Sky, but she didn’t fully redeem herself.

6. Crowfeather
Crowfeather is just a complete mouse brain. I think the thing that most annoys me is that he has three mates. Three mates!! Two of which broke the code. And none of them except possibly Feathertail were good ships. I have to admit, asking to take her name as a warrior was really sweet. But straight after that, he suddenly goes completely gaga for Leafpool out of the blue! Why?? And then after they run off together, and come back, he does a Star Flower and uses Nightcloud as a reputation repair girl! He’s not really that likeable as a character either, being so grumpy and annoying for no reason. Whatever he says, he doesn’t love Breezepelt, even praising Lionblaze instead of him. Okay, they’re both his sons, but I don’t think he knew that at the time.

5. Billystorm
He’s just annoying. He gets completely in Leafstar’s face, distracting her when she has to focus on leading SkyClan, and makes her feel bad for not paying attention to him. Despite all this, he only leaves his housefolk for her when she kicks him out of the Clan. And why does she kick him out? Because he tries to tempt their kits to become kittypets. He doesn’t deserve a warrior name. I’m with Sharpclaw- he’s a kitty warrior!

Heatherstar is here by a mere technicality. I dont mind her overall character, but she stopped Tallstar from being a tunneller. I really liked WindClan’s tunnellers, but she ruined it completely, and broke Tallstar’s heart and mine.

And the winner of the worst parenting award is ….. Rainflower! At first, she lavishes all her attention on Crookedstar because he’s her ‘ handsome little warrior’. Then as soon as he breaks his jaw, he is nothing to her. That’s just cruel, to eternally punish your kit for one mistake. She changes his name without even asking if he minds, and Oakheart is now her little handsome warrior. Crookedstar needed her support after breaking his jaw, not rejection. It’s no wonder he accepted training from Mapleshade, he thought she believed in him. Rainflower should have rotted forever in the Dark Forest, and Crookedstar should have kept his old name. Stormstar! Stormstar!

Okay. I need to calm and not rant. Let’s see. First of all, she runs off with Crowfeather, completely breaking the warrior and medicine cat codes,and abandoning her Clan when the most needed her. As a result of this, she ends up having kits. Instead of doing the right thing and just admitting to her Clan she was having kits, she decides to lie to all her Clanmates, and use Squirrelflight to make sure no one realises the kits are hers. Then, she and Squirrelflight decide to lie to the kits as well! I forgive Squirrelflight because she has done enough redeem herself but Leafpool hasn’t. Even when the kits find out she’s their mother , she refuses to tell them who their father is!! Dark Forest for you Leafpool!!

Honourable Mentions

Right, Dovewing has so many faults we’d better start at the beginning. So she finds out about her powers, and whines about it. You have superpowers! Oh, how terrible! Then she goes on the quest, and is too blind to see she makes Ivypool annoyed by being so eager to visit Sedgewhisker and Whitetail, which she shouldn’t do anyway, and drags Ivypool into the mix. Another thing; she hasn’t told Ivypool about her powers. Okay, so Lionblaze said tell no-one, but couldn’t she see how understandably jealous she was making Ivypool? If she’d told her, everything would be fine, since Ivypool wouldn’t have told anyone else. It was Dovewing who caused the battle between ShadowClan and ThunderClan, not Ivypool. On to the meetings with Tigerstar(Tigerheart). She betrayed her Clan!! It was exactly the same as the Spottedleaf thing, she kept remembering his sweet breath! Then, she gets with Bumblestripe after Tigerstar betrays her for his Clan. I’m a Bumble x Dove shipper, but that won’t happen now. But then she just floats back to Tigerstar, playing about with Bumblestripe like Star Flower with Thunder! After the battle with the Dark Forest, the Three lost their powers. Jayfeather and Lionblaze were understandably upset, but Dovewing was traumatised. AND YET SHE SAID AT FIRST SHE DIDN’T WANT POWERS!!!!!WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU DOVEWING!!! Okay, on to the events of Tigerheart’s Shadow. She decides to have her kits far far away. Why?? I know she had the dream, but still! Then when they return, it looks like she’s chosen ShadowClan. YOU DISLOYAL TRAITOR DOVEIDIOT HOW DARE YOU BETREAY YOUR CLAN AND IVYPOOL!!!!

Sorry about that. Thanks for reading, and have a great day. Lightningpaw out!

  51 Replies to “Top Ten Least Favourite Warrior Cats by Lightningpaw”

  1. Duststorm
    January 17, 2018 at 6:51 pm

    Rainflower is probably the only character that I might agree on, out of all of these I probably like Dovewing the best (sorry).

    TwigxFin Forever...

  2. Snowdappple (Adventurer at Heart)
    January 18, 2018 at 4:00 pm

    My least fav. warrior cat has to be Daisy and her fam. I mean Daisy was in love with Smoky and even had kits with him and then to protect her kits she goes off and joins Thunderclan?! I mean.. Hello! Take your mate with you! If he loves you enough he would go with you! And then she goes and mates with Spiderleg and has kits with him! I mean… Itś just crazy…

    • "Adopt An Orphan Fox" (Foxie)
      January 20, 2018 at 6:39 am

      That’s not true! Daisy left Smoky because she realized he didn’t care for her anymore (or at all. He loves Floss more……) and since joining a Clan was open, she decided to take it. It says so in the books (I think. It’s somewhere….). Now for Spiderleg…..well idk about that. But I think at one point he does care about her. Idk I think it says in Bramblestar’s Storm or something that they’re trying to rekindle their relationship but I have no idea. 😛 I thought I’d hate Daisy too, but I don’t. She’s a great cat and is a fierce defender of the nursery along with Ferncloud (RIP! 🙁).

      But that’s just my opinion. 🙂 I’m not changing anyone’s minds, I’m just stating facts and some opinion in between.

      What an awkward situation

    • Jayfrost
      January 23, 2018 at 3:45 pm

      It’s not her fault he didn’t go with her. He was offered a place in ThunderClsn by Brambleclaw and refused it. Of course protecting her kits mattered more to her than her mate not coming with her of her own free will. And what’s wrong with her taking another mate after Smoky and her parted ways? They weren’t mates anymore, so it’s not like she was cheating on him, plenty of people get remarried after a divorce.

      BlogTeam Administrator

  3. January 20, 2018 at 10:52 am

    In my opinion, I don’t think Silverstream was ever a little spoiled brat. Her father just loved her as she was the only kit he had left, but he never treated her differently. She found love, but it just happened to be with a cat from another Clan. I think that it was determination and loyalty to Greystripe that made her continue their relationship, not the idea that she could just get away with anything – she knew it was risky. And besides, she was a good cat. She helped Fireheart whenever she could even though she didn’t understand what he was doing, she was a great defender of her Clan as we saw in the battle and she was very loyal to Greystripe. She could never have known that their relationship would end so tragically, and that every cat would know about them – she could have kept up the secret for the rest of her life, raising Feathertail and Stormfur herself. I honestly can’t see why people don’t like her.

    Also Dovewing was whiny about her powers because she never asked to be a savior of all the Clans, never wanted her responsibility, and most of all, couldn’t even talk about it with her most beloved sister. It must have broke her heart to see Ivypool drifting away from her and she could do nothing to stop it: it was her duty to keep the secret of her powers. The other two cats were much older and much more experienced cats – she was just a young apprentice and it must have been very daunting. Same as Silverstream, she just found love and couldn’t help that it was with a cat from another Clan. I like Tigerheart, though I haven’t read Tigerheart’s Shadow yet 🙂 And when she lost her powers…well she had been with them her whole life, even before she knew about the prophecy, and having them taken away from her must have been terrifying, especially because Lionblaze and Jayfeather only developed their powers later and they were coping fine. Imagine you were going to be an Olympic Runner, and then you had a car crash or something, and you didn’t have your legs anymore? It would be so hard to get on with life again after having your dreams shattered, and the norm is suddenly so much harder than what it was like before. Dovewing just wanted to be a great warrior for her Clan, and then she had to deal with the prophecy, and then her special senses were cut away. Plus this happened right after the Great Battle, when she was feeling miserable about all the cats that died. It must have been very difficult to get back onto life, especially as she had never had just a normal life in the first place.

    However I agree with Stoneteller, Spottedleaf, Star Flower and Rainflower. Nice article!

    Be you, everyone else is taken

    • Silverstar
      November 28, 2019 at 2:36 am

      I love silverstream,but i kind of have to agree,she is a little cocky

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