What if Cinderpelt became a warrior? by Sparktooth

Sparktooth wonders what would’ve happened to Cinderpelt if she was able to become a warrior.

Art by RenAstraea

Hi bloggers! Sparktooth proudly presents a another new article! Cinderpelt is one of my favorite characters, and I remember when she hurt her leg badly and had to become a medicine cat. But what if…just if…she had become a warrior? So for this one I’m going to be debating what would’ve happened if Cinderpelt was able to become a warrior through two different timelines.

First off, if Cinderpelt hadn’t gotten hurt on the Thunderpath, she probably wouldn’t be Cinderpelt, but Cinderheart. StarClan had her live in Cinderheart’s body for a while so Cinderpelt would be able to become a warrior. (I think that’s how it went, I haven’t read it in a while). But I’m going to be calling her Cinderpelt in this article.

Anyway, if Cinderpelt had stayed in camp like Fireheart(star) had ordered her to, Bluestar would’ve most likely fallen for the trap instead. This would change the story timeline drastically. If I remember correctly, she was at her final life around this time. So the monster most likely would’ve killed her, or at the very least make her have an accident like Cinderpelt’s. Either way Tigerclaw would become leader over this. Fireheart would probably have been driven into exile or killed. Many ThunderClan warriors who stood up to him would most likely end up the same way. Cinderpelt, or in this case, Cinderheart, I guess, would certainly have stood up to him. She was always very brave and a good fighter despite her injured leg, like when she attacked Squirrelpaw(flight) in the medicine den because she thought she was an intruder. Especially when she died fighting the badger to save Sorreltail and her newly born kits. So imagine what she would have been like without her injury. Tigerclaw, now called Tigerstar, might have had trouble with her. Would being the leader of ThunderClan have helped him better while he was creating is version of TigerClan? Maybe it’s sort of a good thing Cinderpaw(pelt) was the one to fall for his trap.

However, if the monster hit her but didn’t injure her leg permanently, that would make things a little different. She would be a great fighter and that would help the Clan a lot, and probably even could’ve had kits! Erin Hunter said Cinderpelt was in love with Firestar, and never stopped loving him. But what about Firestar’s feelings? I’m pretty sure from reading in his point of view a lot that he only thought of her as a great friend. Plus, what about Sandstorm? Firestar fell in love with her. That’s a topic for another time. Anyway I’m sure ThunderClan would be great with another young, energetic warrior among them. But there are other things to remember, too.

Who would Yellowfang have trained to become a medicine cat?
None of the other cats really suit the position well. I guess you could argue Cinderpelt didn’t fit in perfectly, either. Now, don’t get me wrong, Cinderpelt was a great medicine cat. She was a skilled healer and had a talent for keeping her patients calm and relaxed while she treated them. But she was never destined to become a medicine cat. It states in Cats of the Clans that even StarClan was stunned when Cinderpaw was hit on the Thunderpath. So Cinderpelt couldn’t read signs from StarClan the best. Like when she received the prophecy: ‘Fire and Tiger together,’ she thought it meant Brambleclaw(star) and Squirrelflight were going to destroy ThunderClan.

Who would’ve healed Littlecloud and Whitethroat when they came begging to ThunderClan to help them?
Nobody. They would’ve both died. Cinderpelt went behind her leader’s orders to help them overcome the illness, even with the risk of contracting it herself. This act inspires Littlecloud to follow Cinderpelt and become a medicine cat. So who would’ve become the next medicine cat for ShadowClan?

Would Yellowfang have even died in the fire?
Probably not. Cinderpelt volunteered first when she had her injured leg to begin with. Fireheart would probably have let her come with him. I guess the better question to ask is would Cinderpelt have died in the fire instead of Yellowfang? Cinderpelt was younger and stronger, so she probably could’ve managed to drag Halftail’s body out. If not, well…we all know how that would end up.

Would Cinderheart have existed later in the series?
If Cinderpelt became a warrior before, then no. Lionblaze would have to find a different mate, I’m afraid.

I’m going to end this article here. There are plenty of other things to consider, these are just the ones I decided to include. Are there other reasons you can think of? Would you have preferred for her to become a warrior or have it stay the same and Cinderpelt was a medicine cat? Until next time! 😀

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  • Great article!! 🙂 but i don’t think that Bluestar would get hit by the monster becuase she would have known that the burt ash tree was close to the thunderpath, like Fireheart (star). But I really like this article!

  • Honestly, I really agree with this! So many things would be different in the Warriors series if Cinderpelt hadn’t been injured. I’d like to consider that {maybe} Lionblaze would actually end up going against the Warrior Code and have Kits with Heatherpaw/Tail.

    • I think Cinderpelts warrior name should of been Cinderfeather because she is like a feather, floating in the sky and falling down but always getting back up. 🌺🌷

  • I think maybe Cinderheart would have been born, just not with another spirit. It’s just Cinderpelt and Cinderheart, the two souls sharing one body. Cinderpelt just entered Cinderkit, in my head.

    Anyway, so many things would’ve been different if Cinderpaw wasn’t hit.
    I mostly focused on arguing that Fire x Sand WOULD’VE happened, I didn’t think about Littlecloud, Whitethroat(though he died soon), Yellowfang’s successor, Leafpool, even Jayfeather and Alderheart, Tigerstar, Bluestar, etc.

    Great article!

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