If warriors were real by Tacoshell

Tacoshell wonders what would the Clans be like if they were real.

Editor unknown (Official art by Wayne McLoughlin)

Hi guys! Tacoshell is here and I am explaining if warriors are real. This is my first article, yay!!
First of all, wild cats are living in my backyard forest, but they don’t live in groups. They fight each other and are completely wild.
Second, everything will be madness. Cats will fight a lot, waking a lot of people up.
Third, they won’t have Names like Dustpelt, they will have more like Dust for a name.
Fourth, there are a lot of cats who love fish, and they might fight over food that ThunderClan and WindClan will HATE.
Fifth, what about territory? It will be absolute days walking to find a temporary place.
Sixth, most cats would probably be house cats!!
Seventh, if it is in our yard(human yard) dogs and cats could chase the “wild cats” off. And, if there is a dog fight, it could be pugs or poodles lightly scratching the “wild cats” and could just be light, and no kills. That is not warrior like. Not a poodle fighting a cat, not killing it.
Eighth, (Wow I spelled it right) you don’t have much medicine plants out in the wild forest, so how would you treat cats? There is absolutely no way to heal them without medicine (herbs).
Ninth, What about the dark forest(Forest of no stars)? I’m…I’m…. I’m… I can’t say my feelings. Evil cats? Evil KITTYPETS? That is totally not warriors.
Tenth(Wow tenth um…) Stray cats probably can’t live in the forest. They will probably move into two leg place (the city). Warriors never, ever, EVER set paw in two leg place.
Eleventh, What will they eat? There are many choices. Fish, mouse, vole, squirrel, thrush, pigeon, rat, kittypet food or two leg food. There is many choices.
Twelveth, well how will they stay warm? Steal blankets? Lay down on leaves and get comfy? Moss? Ferns? Feathers? Reeds?
Well, by now, I can tell really good that the “wild cats” will just give up on being wild and go to a random two leg with kittypet smell on the two leg and act really kind, or they will just jump into a random blue 2009 ford pickup truck and jump off at the nearest petsmart.
Well, I got to take my pet poodle out of her plant, so long guys!!
Taco out.

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