LionClan was named after Lionheart?! by Sparktooth

Sparktooth explores the possible connection between LionClan and Lioheart.

Art by PureSpiritFlower

What is up there, bloggers? Sparktooth has returned! I was reading a passage of Into the Wild, and I came across a couple paragraphs that made me pause for a second.

“‘Why can’t the Clans work together and share their hunting grounds, instead of fighting each other?’ Firepaw suggested boldly. Shocked silence greeted his words. Tigerclaw was the first to reply. ‘That is treacherous thinking, kittypet,’ he snapped. ‘Don’t be too fierce, Tigerclaw,’ warned Lionheart. ‘The ways of the Clans are new to this apprentice.’ He looked at Firepaw. ‘You speak from your heart, young Firepaw. This will make you a stronger warrior one day.’ Tigerclaw growled, ‘Or it’ll make him give in to kittypet weakness right at the moment of the attack.’” —Into the Wild, pg. 60.

I know a lot of you guys probably just scratched your head, confused. But here’s why this paragraph stood out to me. I was also looking at The Darkest Hour, and I realized there was a connection between that paragraph, Lionheart, and an important event in The Darkest Hour.

That passage from Into the Wild is very ironic. Tigerclaw, who is the most offended by Firepaw’s comment, tries again and again to make all four Clans one big Clan. When he created his version of TigerClan, he manipulated Leopardstar into thinking she was doing the right thing for her Clan and the forest by joining forces with him. Tigerstar then proceeds to show how much power he has, by giving all the ShadowClan cats important roles, claiming RiverClan are too soft. Firestar and Tallstar see this happening and refuse to join forces with him. It’s funny how when Firestar was an apprentice he suggested all the Clans join forces and Tigerclaw is disgusted by the idea, and later when they’re both leaders it’s the other way around.

Lionheart was the one who told Firepaw that speaking from his heart would make him stronger one day. When Firestar and Tallstar join forces to defeat TigerClan, they call themselves LionClan. Firestar knew in his heart that partnering up with WindClan would make them stronger in battle. When Tigerstar is killed by Scourge and the four Clans have to come together to defeat him and BloodClan; They are all four still called LionClan.

Not to mention, it takes a lot of courage to lead your Clan into battle, let alone all four. When Firestar received his nine lives from StarClan, Lionheart gave him courage, in hope he would use it well to defend his Clan. When Lionheart approaches Fireheart to give him the life, Fireheart was in awe of how he looked in the ranks of StarClan, and was reminded of how he looked up to the former deputy as an apprentice. He obviously saw Lionheart as some kind of role model.
So when Firestar lead the Clans into battle, he would fight until his last breath, like how Lionheart kept fighting in the battle with Shadowclan before he died. I know it never mentions in the books about him thinking of that, but I can’t help but wonder if that did happen. Maybe it’s just a coincidence that it was called LionClan, because lions are kind of known to be majestic, strong felines. However, I honestly think it was planned…somehow XD.

So that’s the end of this article. Did you ever even consider the fact LionClan was named after Lionheart? Were you surprised? Comment below if you think it was planned or not. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you read my next article! Peace! 😀

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