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Browniewitch discusses what Graystripe as deputy and other possible alternatives.

Art by Horyz

Hey everybody! Brownie here with my third article. I’m here to discuss Graystripe as a deputy.

Graystripe’s a great warrior. He’s cool and funny. But I don’t think he should have been deputy. He fell in love with a cat from another clan and had kits with them and left his clan to join her. Even though he switched back, he was there. I know he’s loyal to Thunderclan, but still. He now has friends in Riverclan. What if he couldn’t fight Riverclan because of this. Isn’t that what always happens? And then Whitestorm sais Graystripe should be deputy. I trust him, sure, but he’s not a leader! And Firestar may have made him deputy, but that was in the thick of battle! Sandstorm and dustpelt agreed, but I don’t. And I know that the other cats respect him, but do bthey trust his loyalty? And I think that Firestar showed favoritism. He chose his best friend to be deputy. We see favoritism in this way enough as it is. No wonder he made his daughter’s mate deputy! And his daughter medicine cat! He shows favoritism. I don’t like this. Not at all.

Let’s now think about some other deputy possibilities…

My favorite…
I think Dustpelt as a deputy would have been great. It would show that Firestar does not sow favoritism as much, since they used to be enemies, also, Dustpelt showed himself to be really reliable and also showed earlier that he wanted to kind of mend things between them. He also turned down Tigerclaw. That took guts. And he has an apprentice. Don’t know if that counts, but it should.

I wish she could have been deputy, but she hadn’t been given an apprentice. I think Firestar might have made her deputy if he could. However this still shows favoritism, seeing as she’s his mate.

So she’s grumpy, but she’s also brave. She’s had a least one apprentice. She is also a pretty good hunter, and good at giving orders.

The very best possible way this eputy problem could have turned out?
Whitestorm doesn’t die. Remains the amazing, awesome cat he is as deputy. The clan is strong with someone like him. The end.

However, I admit there are some good things about Graystripe being deputy. It does up his confidence.

But think about it. After Graystripe was taken, Firestar was full of grief and wouldn’t appoint a deputy. He probably wouldn’t have done that with anyone else, except maybe Sandstorm. So it would have been better.

And to think about the things he does as deputy, the only notable thing is get taken by twolegs. So either he’d dtill do it but not as deputy, making it less hard and not forcing Firestar to appoint a new deputy, or the other deputy would do it, which is not as bad as losing Graystripe.

Thank you everyone! I hope you liked this!

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  • I think that Firestar chose Graystripe because that’s the cat that he trusts the most. Of course, he trusted every cat in his clan, but Firestar knew that he could trust Graystripe with his life. But I agree I would have love Dustpelt as deputy!

  • I don’t think he really showed favoritism when having Leafpool be Medicine cat because he didn’t really get that big a say in it. It was a good article!

  • I don’t think its favoritism if they are the best cat for the job. The most qualified cat should get the position and if that cat is related to Firestar, oh well. That isn’t always favoritism, that’s putting the Clan first. Graystripe also proved himself to be a good leader while Firestar was away and in the Secrets of the Clans/Code of the Clans (can’t remember which one.) where he is leading the Clan. Firestar also doesn’t ‘pick’ medicine cats. They are determined by StarClan and the medicine cat not to mention that the cat has to be interested. Leafpool obviously was. Brambleclaw was also chosen by StarClan to be the next deputy and Firestar was very reluctant when choosing him. I don’t think Firestar ever meant show favoritism, he just wants to get the best cats for the job in his opinion.

  • It’s a geat article, and I’m now imagining what would happen if Mousefur was really the deputy or even leader 😹! But I don’t think Firestar CHOSE Leafpool to be the medician cat at all. It’s because cats usually choose to be a medician cat by their own will, and usually a leader can’t force a cat to be the medician cat unless there’s a sign from Starclan (I know Puddleshine needs to be excluded in this case 😜).

  • I agree with B-Fire (and Cheetah)! But great article, Witch/Wolfrose (I think that’s your name)! I do agree though that Graystripe should not have become deputy and should have stayed as he was as what happened in the book.

  • Great article! However, I do think Graystripe deserved to be deputy. It’s not his fault that he fell in love with a cat from another Clan (Tbh, I like those ships the best 😛 ), and he went to RiverClan because he felt that the true way to honor Silverstream’s memory was for her kits to be raised in RiverClan. But ThunderClan was his true home, and he returned and remained loyal to ThunderClan for the rest of his life. Plus, Firestar and Graystripe worked great together, and Graystripe did take charge in situations.

    Plus, I don’t see how Firestar shows favoritism. Whitestorm told him to pick Graystripe before he died, and Firestar chose Brambleclaw to be deputy because StarClan sent Leafpool a dream telling him to chose Brambleclaw, and she told him about it.

  • I agree with B-Fire. I don’t think it was favoritism at all, it was just chance. Graystripe was a great leader when Firestar couldn’t be there and StarClan sent Firestar a message about Brambleclaw. Also, you don’t pick medicine cats! They aspire to be one!

    Anyways, Dustpelt would be an interesting but not as good as Graystripe deputy. Sandstorm might be okay, but I think that her leadership skills aren’t the best. She seems more like a supportive mate and mother and a lead warrior, just not a leader. Mousefur was too hostile to outsiders, even though she was a good cat.

  • I would’ve loved to see a Mousestar! Heck, she even called her own clan meeting! In Sunset if I’m not mistaken.

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